The racing transmission was mounted to the rear of the longitudinal engine, moving the rear differential and wheels aft. In 2004, Sports Car International named this car number two on the list of Top Sports Cars of the 1980s, behind its German rival the Porsche 959. This gave the GTO an equivalent engine capacity of 3,997 cc (4.0 L; 243.9 cu in), just under the Group B limit of 4.0 litres. ( Log Out /  Fortunately Ferrari could count on customers who were loyal when it came to spending more if they could access performance and style that was unmatched, so the unplanned deviation from the original cost targets did not necessarily prove an issue. The pieces fit easily and it looks pretty tidy. Like any Ferrari car, the low production numbers for the GTO were intended to give an exclusive product for the enthusiast buyer. The lid is a bit of a mess, however, as you have to cut it out and then add four tabs to hold it in place. They say never to drive your heroes and I can happily say that doesn’t apply for building em.

The original red I used – I believe – was just a Testors “red” and it was NOT a good paint job at all. The Evoluzione, introduced in 1986, was built to race in Group B but when that series was cancelled the project was also shelved as it was not fit for any other racing series. Change ), X-RAY: 2009 Aston Martin DBS 1/25, Tamiya. ( Log Out /  Ferrari built six (five production models and one prototype)[14] 288 GTO Evoluzione models with more aggressive and aerodynamic body styling and increased power.

The twin-intercooled V-8 looks like something out of a sci-fi movie and is nicely detailed. This was necessary to make room for the twin turbochargers and intercoolers. The car used water-cooled IHI turbochargers from japan compared to the KKK turbochargers used in Formula 1 due to the better materials and aerodynamic internal designs which allowed faster transient response. Not all tires will do this, but these did for some reason, so beware. The GTO Evoluzione included all the necessary modifications (bodywork, chassis, safety systems) to comply with the FIA regulations which permitted 20 cars per year to be specifically built for rally or track racing. In 1984, there was NOTHING on the road faster. Materazzi felt that with the latest road speed limits and stricter fines, it was increasingly hard for clients to really prove the potential of cars with a high performance. A Motor Trend article during the same time span ran the car to 60 in 5.0 seconds, and through the quarter in a blazing 13.2 seconds. Although the production car test team - headed by Dario Benuzzi - did not include any of the Formula 1 drivers, Michele Alboreto occasionally had involvement in giving feedback on cars such as the 288 GTO, and later the 328 Turbo and F40. The 288 GTO had started out as a modified version of the 308/328 to hold down costs and to build the car quickly, but little of the 308/328 was left when the 288 GTO was finished. There are enough parts to make anyone happy and it all fits very easily to the chassis. The arrangement also let the GTO use a more conventional race-car engine/transmission layout for such things as quick gear-ratio changes for various tracks. The Ferrari GTO (often referred to as Ferrari 288 GTO)(Type F114) is an exotic homologation of the Ferrari 308 GTB produced from 1984 to 1987 in Ferrari's Maranello factory, designated GT for Gran Turismo and O for Omologata (homologated in Italian). It would seem Testors could’ve done a better job getting it in place, but when it’s done, it looks damn good anyways. The 288 GTO Evoluzione is powered by an upgraded version of the 2.9 L V8 used in the normal 288 GTO that has twin-turbochargers and produces 650 hp (485 kW; 659 PS) at 7,800 rpm. [3], Contrary to what is reported historically in the press, the Ferrari GTO was not immediately born to compete in the new 1982 Group B Circuit Race series; Enzo Ferrari did not have overall control of the Road Car division, which was at the time managed by the General Director Eugenio Alzati and the FIAT MD (CEO) Vittorio Ghidella. Due to multiple deaths and the inherent danger involved with group B rally racing, the Group B Circuit series was suspended at the end of 1986. The "288" refers to the GTO's 2.8 litre DOHC 4 valves per cylinder V8 engine as it used a de-bored by 1 mm (0.04 in) with IHI twin-turbochargers, Behr air-to-air intercoolers, Weber-Marelli fuel injection and a compression ratio of 7.6:1. IHI had bought patents from Swiss manufacturer Brown Boveri (Baden) that had supplied Ferrari with the Comprex systems.[8]. Now, I’ll say that there are quite a few cars today that will butcher that, but back in ’84, there wasn’t much that would be quicker… and nothing that would out-last it. These two above I’ve NOT done or even seen in person. I kept a LOT of the other car, but the body’s detail is where I improved – using tape to do the black grove through the middle of the car and took more time throughout. Many styling and mechanical elements from the Evoluzione influenced the soon to follow F40. With a top speed of 190 miles per hour, the GTO was an amazing leap from the 308/328 regime. The paint seemed to not cover the red molded plastic for some reason and it looked very flat. Steel was used just for the doors because major body panels were made from molded fiberglass. This is a honey of a kit and doesn’t have the typical fit/finish issues that some exotics have. The instrumentation is a bit on the light side, but looks very accurate. Ferrari also jokingly suggested that Materazzi work on the 268 engine destined for the Lancia LC2 Group C racing car, due to similarities in displacement and mechanical parts. All GTO Evo cars came in red colour. Well.., no. When Materazzi showed confidence that 400 bhp could be reliably extracted from 3000cc (133 bhp/litre), Ferrari placed his trust in him on condition that it would deliver as promised. In 1983 Mr Ferrari noted from discussions with close friends and clients that the road car sales were falling due to stronger competition from rival car makers and what he described as the "excessive gentrification" of the Ferrari model lineup. My absolute favorite car ON THE PLANET.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. It has a weight of around 940 kg (2,072 lb) and can reach a top speed of 225 mph (362 km/h). What remained was a true tribute to the car’s glory. All GTO style panels are high quality, lightweight fiberglass to increase the speed and overall performance and handling of your car. For the 1962–63 GT racing car, see, "We sit down with the man who engineered the Ferrari F40 and 288 GTO", "In 1987, The World's Fastest Cars Couldn't Catch A 211-mph Twin-Turbo Ruf", "One of Five - The Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione at the Quail", "Too Fast to Race – Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione", "Ferrari 288 GTO Part 2: 288 GTO Evoluzione", " Legends: Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione", "Niki Lauda, Enzo Ferrari, and the Last 288 GTO",, Rear mid-engine, rear-wheel-drive vehicles, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 400 PS (294 kW; 395 bhp) and 496 N⋅m (366 lbf⋅ft) of, This page was last edited on 13 September 2020, at 19:19. I was floored with its look, its speed and its name. All six are thought to still be in existence with one owned by the Factory on display in the engine manufacturing facility in Maranello and another suspected to have been used as a prototype during the development of the F40. The only “fix” I did with the whole car were the exhaust tips. Ferrari asked what was his proposal, to which he suggested returning to racing in the GT class, something which had been interrupted after the 512 BB LM. The 288 GTO Evoluzione is powered by an upgraded version of the 2.9 L V8 used in the normal 288 GTO that has twin-turbochargers and produces 650 hp (485 kW; 659 PS) at 7,800 rpm. The Tamiya Italian Red came out just fabulously. The number of GTO's produced did indeed fit in the minimum requirement of 200 required by the FIA and in fact the factory produced 70 more plus a couple extra to please the Agnelli family, an F1 driver or anybody else who the Commendatore predicted might insist on a last minute purchase option. The GTO also had wider body panels than the 308's because they had to cover much larger Goodyear tires mounted on racing wheels. CAR BACKGROUND :: Well, here we are. It took the best of the 308 and made it more… more everything. The car was more than just specs, however.

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