Season 3: "Super Strong Warner Siblings / Nutcracker Slappy / Wakko's New Gookie / A Quake, a Quake!" She is also the most overtly aggressive.
Wakko seizes his chance to head to the star, and Yakko falls behind, trying to convince Dot that she can make it. King Salazar finds out about the star, orders Taxman Plotz to stop the Warners from reaching the star alive, and orders his troops to head to the star first and secure it.

(cameos, Yakko and Dot only) All three Warners have been hinted to have been of royal heritage, but this is the only real evidence of it.

He follows in Yakko's footsteps by singing all the fifty US states and their capitals, in "Wakko's America".

Animaniacs Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. in some episodes.

He is the tallest of the three, the same height as Bugs Bunny, and wears khaki pants up to his waist with a large belt. All of the major characters' wishes (except for the mime's) have come true after Wakko's Wish. Animaniacs: Wakko's Wish (known as just Wakko's Wish) is a direct-to-video movie that stars the cast of Animaniacs in a fantasy setting. Defeated a dragon. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the show, the siblings often appear in other characters' skits, usually chased by Ralph the security guard; most other characters are confined to their own segments.

In the town of Acme Falls within the kingdom of Warnerstock, all the Animaniacs characters (and a mime) live happily together.
Pronounced every country and every word in the English Language.

While not exactly dumb, they don't really think. After that, Dot and Yakko arrive to find out what happened.

Yakko, Wakko and Dot

Yakko: chatterbox, protector, wise, responsible, courageous, friendly, lactose intolerant.Wakko: sweet, kind, loving, polite, talented, sagacious, sweet tooth, physical, silly.Dot: cute, outgoing, highly intelligent, obstinate, rude, vain, emotional, confident, selfish. Boys: "Helloooooooo Nurse! AnimaniacsCrazy PaintAnimaniacs Game PackAnimaniacs: Ten Pin AlleyAnimaniacs: A Gigantic AdventureAnimaniacs: The Great Edgar HuntAnimaniacs: Lights, Camera, Action! (a play on the hot chocolate brand). Out of the three Warners, Yakko is the leader, taking charge of most situations, and Wakko and Dot look up to him.

He knows his limits and, while he will tease some people, he knows what to say and when to employ diplomatic charm to calm them down - or at least try to.

Each other

However, because wishes have to granted in person, Wakko needs to seek out and touch the star. Then, Pip leaves, reminding Wakko to never give up hope.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Video games Dot Warner (voiced by Tress MacNeille) is a cartoon character from the Warner Bros. animated television series Animaniacs.Alongside her brothers Yakko and Wakko, she is one of the main characters of the show.. About Dot . Dot is of the same species as her older brothers.

She is easily miffed at her brothers' reactions around females; afterwards she often says, "Boys: go fig."

According to the song "Hello Nurse" he is 7 years old; this was the only reference ever made to their age, and was not considered canonical by the writers. Yakko (the oldest child) is a wise-cracking smart-aleck and usually acts as the leader of the trio; Wakko (the middle child) has a Liverpool accent, a huge appetite and a gag bag filled with tricks, and Dot (the youngest child) is cute and sassy. In one episode, she throws a bomb at Yakko and Wakko for calling her that. Allies

Her full name is "Princess Angelina Contessa Louisa Francesca Banana Fanna Bo Besca III" (a reference to Pippi Longstocking's long real name, "Pippilotta Delicatessa Windowshade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Longstocking"), which is the reason why some fans call her "Princess Dot" for short, as revealed in Wakko's Wish.

Wakko's Wish Dot is of the same species as her older brothers. The Warners hint that the wishing process isn’t as simple as the king thinks in a desperate bluff. (Her last name is Warner, but is not added to her full name.

She loves her brothers dearly, but their behavior (notably around women) often annoys her. The Hospital finds Yakko, Wakko and Dot's birth certificates, and reveals they were indeed the heirs to the throne. The moral of the story is "Just cheer up and never ever give up hope. He is the only one of the three that wears a shirt and has a red hat, which he keeps on even when he does another costume. ", Animaniacs Wiki has a collection of images related to Wakko's Wish. Rob Paulsen (Yakko Warner)Jess Harnell (Wakko Warner)Tress MacNeille (Dot Warner)Maurice LaMarche (Wakko's belches) The story involves Dot's birth, her parents being king and queen who had two sons, but wanted a daughter as well.

For the first time, Dot is revealed to be an actual princess. Feature films American After Dot is put to sleep, and Yakko turns in for the night, Wakko looks up at the sky and makes a wish on the Wishing Star, hoping for a miracle. His cap is his trademark; when the Warners wear costumes, Wakko will usually keep his cap on, which holds Elvis Presley hiding in the cap's hammerspace. It was released on DVD on October 7, 2014. ""and the warner sister""Call me Dottie and you will die" Likes They then boot Salazar out of their palace (literally) where he’s attacked by his own dogs as punishment. Story by Tom RueggerWritten by Tom Ruegger, Nick DuBois, Earl Kress, Kevin Hopps, Charles M. Howell IV and Randy RogelDirected by Liz Holzman, Rusty Mills and Tom Ruegger. Yakko: chatterbox, protector, wise, responsible, courageous, friendly, lactose intolerant.

Personality The Warners were intended to be ducks, but they were changed into unknown animals. The Warners Yakko, Wakko, and Dot were canned cartoon characters made by Warner bros. Because 1. they cause chaos in the Warner lot and 2. there movies were above weird, they were locked away in the iconic water tower, only for them to escape about a decade later.

She is arguably the cutest one; she even sings a whole song about how cute she is in the episode "I'm Cute". She also seems to have a sense of humor much like her brother Yakko. He orders the Warners executed, but Dot uses her cuteness to get the guards to let them go.

The AnimaniacsThe Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister However, she's been called Dottie a few times and the source remains unharmed, but this is not always true. Relatives Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The movie ends showing how the Warners use their new-found royal authorities to grant the citizens of Acme Falls (except for the Mime) their wishes.

Then, Dot reveals that she had been faking it the whole time to buy time for Wakko, who then wishes for two ha'pennies.

Their last name "Warner" is named after the real-life studio's "Warner Brothers". Escaped the Water tower multipull times, each time more chaotic.

Extremely cute and thoroughly aware of it, Dot is very confident, but a bit vain and selfish at times.

Other names Wakko is arguably the most animalistic of the trio, as several segments have him behaving like a dog - walking on all fours, doing tricks for treats, etc. Each other, Pinky, The Brain, Slappy and Skippy Squirrel. Dot then seemingly dies, causing the people of Acme Falls to cry in sorrow, along with some of the royal army, who become furious at King Salazar for his cold-hearted nature.


He is the 'guardian' of the trio, or the parental figure, as he seems to take charge in many situations, and acts generally in a father-manner towards his siblings. He then has the townspeople (including Plotz) captured and locked up so that the King can make his wish.

Almost every major and many minor characters from the series appear.

Often his siblings use variations of "faboo", as in calling a male antagonist "Dadoo" to annoy them. Like his siblings, he also has short black fur covering most of his body and white fur over his face, cheeks and eyebrows. They also add some kind of title to "Helloooo Nurse!" Television programs He returns a year later with a solitary ha'penny, which is more than enough to buy him anything he wants. (Don't ask). Can do "Yanky doodle dandy" in armpit farts.

The cave of your worst nightmares features. He often carries a "Gag Bag", from which he can produce objects as needed, and also uses a large mallet when situations call for it. He is the same species as the other Warners and is a little taller than Dot, but he is the same height as Buster Bunny. ), Yakko is intelligent and well-read. However, when the need arises, he is loyal and protective. Before the credits, everyone spins the Wheel of Morality. Whenever they spot her or another attractive woman (or Minerva Mink), they react in an exaggerated manner (for example, howling like wolves) and shouting "Hell-O-o, Nurse!" The show usually follows these characters' zany skits, and usually portrays them to have low intelligence. Her voice is like that of Babs Bunny (also voiced by MacNeille) and later Fang on Dave the Barbarian, but with a younger, sweeter tone to match with her apparent age as the youngest sibling. The King captures the Warners and tortures them with "The cave of your worst nightmares", which features many Animaniacs antagonists (such as Baloney the Dinosaur).

Background information Yakko is the oldest of his siblings, though his age is never revealed in the show (according to Tom Ruegger, Yakko is 14).

His musical abilities, penchant for physical comedy, and usual quiet attitude seem to reference Harpo Marx. Direct-to-video film: Wakko's Wish Yakko Warner By cranking his tail, he can streach his head. They were drawn in the "Warners Studio" supposedly their age from Yakko to Dot, oldest-to-youngest are labeled in age by who was drawn first, middle, and last; at least because the theme intro shows Yakko being drawn first, Wakko middle, and Dot last. When Wakko tells them they'll never believe what just happened, Yakko responds "Try us. He speaks with a Scouse accent that Harnell explicitly modeled after Ringo Starr (initially Harnell created a John Lennon-esque voice for Wakko until he saw that the character was short, so he just raised the pitch).

Also, as explained in the Wakko's Wish, it has been discovered that Dot was born from a beautiful flower in a garden on the first day of spring.

Yakko, as his name implies, is the most talkative and quick-witted of the Warner siblings.

However, this "cutie mark" only appeared in the movie.

Warner Bros. Entertainment Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Source, Buttons , Mindy, Rita, Runt, Bobby, Squit, Pesto, Hello Nurse. Season 5: "Back in Style / Bones in the Body" • "It / Dot- The Macadamia Nut / Bully for Skippy" • "Cute First (Ask Questions Later) / Acquaintances / Here Comes Attila / Boo Wonder" • "Hooray for North Hollywood" • "The Carpool / The Sunshine Squirrels" • "The Christmas Tree / Punchline (Part I) / Prom Night / Punchline (Part II)" • "Magic Time / The Brain's Apprentice" • "Birds on a Wire / The Scoring Session / The Animaniacs Suite". Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, the "Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister)", were the main characters of Animaniacs, voiced by Rob Paulsen, Jess Harnell, and Tress MacNeille.

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