Before the advent of medical healthcare and antenatal appointments, women relied on traditional birthing mothers to birth their children. 1994, 25 (6 Pt 1): 353-361. The 2008 Annual health Report on the Municipality showed rather low performance on maternal health indicators [33]. 10.1093/hwj/38.1.23. She is also said to possess mystical powers which she employs in the event of complications during the birthing process. Perceived physical and spiritual threats drive commonly expressed pregnancy-related fear among pregnant women and their use of conventional healthcare, together with alternative psychosocial, spiritual and herbal therapies. Although previous studies found women exhibiting similar fears about their baby’s wellbeing, childbirth, and hospitalization [19, 34, 35], this study shows fears may be augmented by the wide range of socio-cultural beliefs about threats associated with early disclosure, sorcery, and witchcraft. All of the FGDs and some IDIs were conducted at convenient spaces within public healthcare facilities. Your email address will not be published. And, while these may range from less severe symptoms, such as low birth-weight, to more serious like disease or drug and alcohol related afflictions, the data is alarming. This paper seeks to examine beliefs, knowledge and perceptions about pregnancy and delivery and care-seeking behavior among pregnant women in urban Accra, Ghana.

Despite these elaborate indications of pregnancy-related fear, few participants who received facility-based antenatal care during their current pregnancy said they could overcome fear through regular antenatal attendance and also assurance from previous positive maternity experiences. The possibility that alternative care providers can initiate facility-based care visits by pregnant women offers a unique opportunity for strengthening collaboration among conventional and non-conventional care providers. Unique patterns in non-orthodox care-seeking were evident in accounts from TBA clients and alternative pregnancy care providers including herbalist, TBA, and spiritualist. Secondly, pregnant women seek psychosocial support to help manage pregnancy-related fear and anxiety. diversity every day. This claim below particularly shows some challenges in keeping up with traditional beliefs within urban settings: “For me you can go everywhere. And it all starts with effective patient-doctor communication. Usually, faith healing requires specific actions, some of which might not necessarily encourage use of health facilities [18, 27].

That works only when someone wants to be treated the same way as you. Many pregnant women seek care from different sources aside the formal health sector.

Evidence from this study shows care-seeking behavior of pregnant women is largely mediated by socio-cultural influences that shape individual perceptions of threats to pregnancy. Providers’ impatience, long waiting time, insufficient time with provider and unfriendly attitude of staff were noted as key reasons why some participants would change providers: “Some get discouraged when the nurses do not give them the “proper care” that they need, so they stop coming” (Focus group participant, ANC client, Madina), “I first delivered at Legon hospital but I did not like their attitude so I delivered my second child at Ridge Hospital and later because of distance I went to Achimota because it was close to me.” (Focus group participant, CWC Client, Madina). Also a recent study in Ethiopia found as high as 71% of women received antenatal care from a health professional, yet only 16% of deliveries were assisted by health professionals [30]. At the beginning of the Millennium, maternal mortality ratio for sub-Saharan Africa alone was estimated to be nearly 50 times higher than what was reported by industrialized countries [2]. 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2007.04532.x. Additionally, doctors should provide and advocate for improved access to care. It was observed that antenatal clients expressed similar cultural beliefs and fears, therefore combined use of facility-based services and alternative services during pregnancy, but severally delivered at the health facility. Article  The purpose of the study was to examine social and cultural influences on obstetric and neonatal complications. However, without simultaneously dealing with the deep-rooted norms that are adversely affecting perinatal health, it is likely that cultural societies will continue to turn a blind eye to women’s health.

Omenyo C: Pentecost outside Pentecostalism: a study of the development of charismatic renewal in the mainline churches in Ghana. However, if your institution begins to see more expectant mothers from other cultures, you’ll find that your standard practices may not meet the cultural expectations of these mothers and their families. Int J Qual Health Care. 2004, 13 (2): 277-301. However, a skilled attendant is present at approximately half (55%) of all deliveries [9], with 20% and 9% assisted by trained Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA), and untrained Traditional Birth Attendants, respectively. This offers important opportunities to encourage women to deliver with a skilled attendant in a health facility. Google Scholar. Regardless, skilled obstetric care during delivery has been identified as one of the most important ways to address maternal mortality, and in sub-Saharan Africa, this is often achieved by encouraging deliveries in healthcare facilities [44, 45]. Beyond confirming this established difference in services, our study also suggests that availability of public health facilities within urban settings do not necessarily ensure use. To ensure the appropriate use of maternity care, women must be educated to appreciate facility-based maternity care as a total package. Proper medical attention can reduce risk of infection and increase timeliness of effective intervention [9, 45]. The risk is that the birthing expert has no information on the medical history of the pregnant woman. 10.1111/j.1728-4465.2005.00040.x.

The woman lost her life to hemorrhaging after delivery. However, mechanisms through which such needs inform choice of care might be distinctly different for conventional and non-conventional users of antenatal care.

Ronsmans C, Graham WJ: Maternal mortality: who, when, where, and why. 2006, Netherlands: Boekencentrum Publishing. Both the TBA and her clients agreed to the relevance of psychosocial support during pregnancy. The commonly pluralistic care-seeking pattern among pregnant women suggests the need for research among HIV-positive pregnant women. 2004, 20 (2): 122-132.

10.2471/BLT.06.038455. And we must ask the right questions to ensure that patients understand why we are making certain recommendations and how we will care for them in a thoughtful, open-minded manner. Nonetheless, participants were quick to highlight experiences with facility-based care that lead pregnant women to either change professional healthcare provider or seek care from a TBA. Key themes covered included perceptions of risk in pregnancy and associated behaviours; medico-religious perceptions; factors related to utilization of care and treatments; use and non-use of health services; health information; issues regarding coverage, utilization and access. Efforts to encourage continued use of maternity care, especially skilled birth assistance at delivery, should focus on addressing generally perceived dangers to pregnancy. Some cultures also have guidelines or traditions around co-sleeping, baptism, and baby-naming.

This is similar to findings from a study conducted in rural Ghana, which indicate older female relatives and traditional birth attendants along with the woman’s husband, decide if and when the laboring woman should seek care [17].
Where facilities and appropriate interventions are available, it is estimated 90% of such maternal deaths can be avoided; especially when 15% of these complications develop unexpectedly and become life threatening [1]. The study was carried out with funding provided by the University of Ghana Research Fund provided through the University of Ghana’s Office of Research, Innovation, and Development (ORID). Culture defines an individual. Additionally, food is largely related to religious and cultural beliefs. Paula G, Rob S: Understanding users’ perspectives of barriers to maternal health care use in Maharashtra India.
But in suburbs and rural areas, many women still trust the traditional midwives for a safer birthing experience.

AbouZahr C, Wardlaw T: Maternal mortality at the end of a decade: signs of progress?. Evidence from alternative care providers (herbalist, spiritualist and TBA) confirmed this referral pattern. Many of the participants perceive this spiritual susceptibility as a credible traditional belief. Background The high rate of maternal mortality reported in The Gambia is influenced by many factors, such as difficulties in accessing quality healthcare and facilities. Magadi MA, Madise NJ, Rodrigues RN: Frequency and timing of antenatal care in Kenya: explaining the variations between women of different communities. To help address social, cultural and spiritual concerns, the contemporary growth of charismatic and evangelical Christian churches has provided a new avenue for many Ghanaian women to seek protection from the dangers they perceive from the natural and supernatural forces such as witches, wizards, and sorcerers [27].

Cultural Beliefs and Perceptions of Maternal Diet and Weight Gain during Pregnancy and Postpartum Family Planning in Egypt Authors: Justine Kavle, Sohair Mehanna, Ghada Khan, Mohamed Hassan, Gulsen Saleh, and Rae Galloway April 2014 . Subscribe to our blog today.

Obstet Gynaecol Reprod Med. PubMed 

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