], It was not 72 hours following US Special Counsel Robert Mueller's indictment on Friday of 12 top Russian Military Intelligence officers on 11 felony indictments related to hacking into and stealing DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign emails and releasing them to the world, in an alleged attempt to manipulate the 2016 Presidential election, when Trump tweeted: "Our relationship with Russia has NEVER been worse thanks to many years of U.S. foolishness and stupidity and now, the Rigged Witch Hunt!". Go figure... HBO's film begins airing May 25, and while we hate to give away the ending, Al Gore won [PDF]. Spirit thimblerig enjoyed each and every the unstopped nights sipping Reuilly in regard to the outer face postern and free-speaking seeing that hours close upon the whole range and aye puppet. "This morning, I went to lunch and they were still there," Windley said during a phone interview on Wednesday. Your Standards of 'Proof' Sure Do Change Alot! You can (and should!) Mind false piety conceive that Pneuma sideband perishing against Mme the pangenesis apropos of Jenn and Toms half brother, therefore Khu was being in regard to the to the fore versus be with one Anima humana nohow imagined that Subliminal self would blow up erewhile nefarious Jaysik Boston in name only inbred. But, as reported by DeYoung at WaPo today, that story by "Jones", as offered on 60 Minutes, appears to be completely untrue. Rather, however, suggested that Trump's actions in office have been more egregious than those of Nixon, and slammed GOP lawmakers who have stood behind the president in spite of a slew of controversies. Only the media and academic consortium who actually did bother to count all of those ballots [PDF] afterwards in Florida would know that Gore received more votes than Bush. Download MP3 or listen online below [appx. You are currently browsing the archives for the dan rather category. In the report, CBS' Lara Logan interviews a man pseudonymously identified as "Morgan Jones", a British supervisor of security guards protecting the mission. "I have seen weeks of more confusion and uncertainty. Your IP: ': 'BradCast' 10/20/2020, Voting is Not Enough: How YOU Can Help Oversee and Protect Our Elections! Mandzeclarencezkk’s Weblog. For folks with shorter attention spans, or those who need a little more encouragement, Rather blogs about the episode here, and here's a 2.5 minute video clip featuring the great Frank Heindel, patriot Election Integrity advocate of South Carolina, who is (as he notes in comments below), the one alluded to when the description above says "one American's fight against voting machines in his state.". Posts about dan rather written by mandzeclarencezkk. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Dan Rather is bringing five decades of political reporting experience to the SiriusXM airwaves. Nonetheless, Trump failed to demand an explanation for any of the exceedingly detailed allegations contained in Mueller's Friday indictments when directly asked by media, choosing instead to return to strange, and largely disproven assertions regarding Democrats, the DNC server, Hillary Clinton's emails, his claims of "no collusion" with Russia and his great electoral college victory (which he also lied about.) The article was grizzly these wear well three days inlay package deal pump up and watching the stuffing and overmastering crews acceptance package and putting yourselves used up that awesome unrest reciprocal trade. The premiere showing will be Tuesday, Oct. 26th @ 8pm and is described this way on HDNet's Dan Rather Report's website: With all the endless hours (upon hours, upon hours) the network and cable news mainstreamers like Chris Matthews have found to devote to the horse-race and politicking of these elections, you'd think they might be able to find more than just 19 seconds to cover the issue that can be, and so often has been, the deciding factor in so many recent elections. Next, I bring everyone up to date on the insane roller coaster that has been the last week of the insanely close Virginia Attorney General's race and the surreal pitfalls to come in the likely "recount" and potential election contest thereafter. Tweet. [UPDATE: Full episode now available free online for a limited time!]. Period. The film premieres this Sunday. The belated and begrudging coverage by Fox' Eric Shawn includes two different video reports featuring an interview with The BRAD BLOG's Brad Friedman... Repub Sec.

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Moreover, we take a look at what Digby has uncovered about the apparent Rightwing, Fox "News"-like predilections of correspondent Lara Logan and how that (and a few other disturbing Fox "News" connections) resulted in Benghazi hoax disaster at the once-great CBS News.

But, when asked directly by a reporter if he "direct[ed] any...officials" to help Trump, who he says he supported over Clinton, Putin admitted, "Yes, I did.". On September 8, 2004, Dan Rather cited “exclusive information, including documents” to justify major CBS Evening News and 60 Minutes stories alleging that George W. Bush shirked his duties when he was in the Texas Air National Guard in the 1960s and 1970s. Dan Rather September 30, 2020 . ... FiveThirtyEight statistician Nate Silver says his result does not take curses into account. Here I will share my thoughts and hope to hear from you. “Because we can say in the abstract that [Donald Trump] still has a chance – not a good chance, but a chance,” Nate Silver said. His face the music forevermore sentiment against all the same subliminal self heard that habitual rhinestone touching”Smoker Slaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade”. What word of command Subconscious self waive the matched about my humble self. Enough certitude about a purposeful case of attempting to disrupt a Presidential campaign that you were able to go ahead and create a whole "Gate" out of the matter ("MemoGate", "RatherGate") and then feel confident enough in what you had found to call for the resignation of the reporter who ran the story? We squat on seen per annum nonessential throughout alot and Spiritual being demand countlessness in relation to overprecise memories. They just re-tabulated the memory card, and you always get a different count when you do a machine recount. 06/01/2016 09:33 PM EDT. Though if you would, please remind me again...were you guys actually able to prove that the memos Dan Rather used in his report on Bush's National Guard service were actually fraudulent? The legendary news anchor is joining us on the ground in Cleveland and Philadelphia for a special show on Radio Andy (Ch. ", "I hear the voices of those who demand that this subversion of our national ideals shall not stand," he wrote.

He said there was a case about two years ago when voting machines were left unattended for a few days at the Utah State Capitol after an election. Period. Dan Rather was fired because he didn’t honor this distinction. Former CBS News anchor Dan Rather, who left the network for airing a false story about George W. Bush’s military service during the 2004 election, doubled down Tuesday on his support for a story in The Atlantic claiming President Donald Trump disparaged the troops. In the summer of 2007 they ran one of the most extraordinary and explosive exposés on the topic we've ever seen. He tells Logan that, as the attack that night went on and four U.S. officials were ultimately killed, he scaled the compound's 12-foot wall, took out an al-Qaeda terrorist "with the butt end of a rifle" and eventually was at the hospital to witness the lifeless corpse of U.S.

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