I love him & He loves me.. You kill for reasons that are not properly logical in any way. The overman.

I would say he was the most intelligent man I have met to this day. So here comes my actual questions, if psychopaths are the “superior” unattached beings as you describe them in your article, then why the anger?

so now i'm going to share with her what i think, because as kenmeer pointed out to me via an email, i do tend towards the magical thinker, and i do believe that we meet each other with reason, that the universe is a basically sensible place, despite appearances, haha. i think haven's comment is very good, that it's a difference. Geez the preconceived starting point to the paper could hardly have been more obvious.The twin studies and sibling studies do not bear out the authors 'nurture hypothesis' at all: Mommy does not raise a cluster of psychopaths as would be expected if the authors juvenile synopsis to raising vampires/psychopaths/serial killers is to be taken seriously). Stone them now.Thou shalt not kill√Obvious, but driving people to suicide is still murder. what makes them happy) than another person.

Eventually, birds of a feather, flock together. Anon Nov. 5. Furthermore, such therapy for psychopaths exist only within the prison system or other correctional institutions, so it isn't available to you as a free person anyway.All you get out of seeking professional help is a stigmatizing diagnosis that'll follow you for the rest of your life and make sure you'll get the harshest treatment should you ever do something illegal and get caught...And you can take it from me: In your case the outcome - judging from your description here - will be that you'll get the diagnosis.Instead of seeking professional help I'll advice you to read some of the books on psychopathy by Dr. Kevin Dutton (British expert on the subject of psychopathy). Psychopaths don't have the need for this receptor and therefore can never be properly stress free and at peace.

I promised him I would make him happy for better or worse.. Forgive him for he knows not what hes done.

but most people don't see it that way. I believe everything in life is on a spectrum.I just happen to be on both ends. This went on for a half of year when he started to talk bad of my friends, too. Violence is not the way. just because someone lacks empathy doesn't make them evil or incapable of feeling. Paranoid snakes.Through the veil of anonymity of this blog, Sharks paranoia levels are kept in check - I have already been assessed as either: Victim (useful "friend") | Target (try to use and turn into a victim) | Threat (targeting and victimisation failed, must be eliminated).

There is obviously some concern about what others think about them, or they wouldn't get upset over it or frustrated? I think a lot of people have a misunderstanding about all this. It's those feelings that make us feel alive. I will look at these books when I have time, but I dont mind giving you my thoughts once I have read the book. I think he was perfectly aware of what he was and what he was doing. I realized that one of his favourite was projection; everything he ever reproached me was exactly what he was doing to me. This comment is off topic considering the originating thread but I get emails in my inbox since I follow this one and I've noticed some particularly insensitive comments regarding us as a 'group' of heinous monsters. All these things indicate that the answer to 'do psychopaths know what they are doing?'

As long as there is man, there are witch hunts.

Regarding your assertion that "Nobody seems to acknowledge that empathy isn't real". If said cancer were to cause so much physical pain that a person couldn't do what they like or even leave the house, would they get upset or depressed about that? You're right that psychopaths often get puzzled by people who are truly benevolent and have absolutely no second or hidden agenda. I try to remain as cognizant of other's feelings now as possible as I've been able to conjure empathic thinking from time to time. The Romans too flocked to a crucifixion and sold out the Colosseum for a cruel spectacle weekly. I too have been doing fairly recent research on this psychopathy the wiki version i got was something about "the disregard for the rights of others" You don't seem like someone who disregards someones personal rights. :p. No, psychopaths have cold empathy, they know other people are hurt but they do not care, they lack the emotional slap. Is this lack of sensual experience a reason for the boredom they experience?

But when I connect with reality I do function like an empath.If my point of view is of any use to psycho or even empath people I would be glad ;)Bye. Still, he does it all for money (power). Psychopaths like yourself are also narcissists and therefore you like to think of yourselves as greater than you are you suffer delusions of grandeur because you believe your inability to feel makes you smarter and stronger when in fact you ate of average intelligence, not logical at all and self-deluded.

I never intended to appear like this but as I grow old, I developed morals. He raised me knowing what I was and would become, and was strict to the point of abusive.The first incident that really shook me to the core was getting in trouble with the law. SO much this. Your inability to feel these things doesn't change the fact that they exist.

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