The Element was released into production in late 2002, with projected sales reaching 50.000 units. They will -- soon. So we can easily open and shut the door from inside the car.2. “I had a VW van for probably 10 years that I traveled, camped in, and repaired all over the USA,” says founder John Gish. Everything you need to know about and expect during, the most important election of our lifetimes. Derek Taylor is the managing editor of Once popped, the ECamper features 6 feet, 6 inches of standing room, and a 7-foot by 4-foot bed. One is a syncro. Order today and get it via priority mail for arrival within one to three days!

Hi We'd like to have it relatively open though, so we can move easily around the back when we are sleeping in the car.It is very easy for one person to put up/take down the top. I have a 2004, and might just pick up another one. and I payed less than 1/4 of what the Ursa charges. Equally important is that, during a long weekend of biking, hiking, and surfing, you no longer have to sleep in a primitive camp setting. And it took no more than 60 seconds to ready the unit for sleep duty: We simply released the two forward exterior mechanical latches (one at each corner of the roof) and pulled on two straps tucked up inside the sunroof opening; this releases two more internal mechanical latches inside the pop-top. The back of the Element is spacious and flat, so any extra gear won’t be a problem. Find the perfect used E and get the new model Ecamper. The rear hatch/tailgate combination creates an ideal mobile kitchen.

This sharp modification includes a 7' x 4' mattress, low-current LED lighting and panoramic views. The VWs do have high ground clearance and with the engine behind the rear axles they get fantastic traction – especially with the locking diff. For 2009, Honda no longer offers a sunroof in the Element, so Ursa Minor is proactively and aggressively crunching numbers and running its computer-aided design programs to work around the change; the hope is that, by the time you read this, the company will have created an access point in the rear portion of the roof.

You can also go to extend of building your own office or even a living room and small kitchen, considering the fact that the Honda Element comes with a risible bed. Plus there is nothing out there that I have driven that is more fun to drive. If the idea is to be self-sufficient and exploratory, having the appropriate gear is a must. We have gotten many questions, both on this blog and from people we've met in person, about how the Ursa Minor's ECamper modification works, and how well we like it. As John explains, with two average-size adults, the weight of the modification and a full tank of fuel, there remains about 300 pounds of cargo-carrying capacity. I've been trying to figure out how to get such a vehicle for my next car. Welcome to Camperism, Read an Article, Find How to decorate and how to organize your RV/Camper Van. Please read our. Good ideas don't have a shelf life. And we can stand up inside the van – what a huge difference in usability and comfort the hightops offer. From there, it slopes down toward the front of the unit, where your feet go while you're reclined. When the top is raised, its highest point is at the rear of the vehicle. But if you do choose to purchase it, with some reshuffling and customization it can be transformed from a vehicle on the streets into a cozy home. With the composite sunroof inserts put into place, this mobile condo comfortably houses two full-size adults. not a jeep. The Honda Element won “Dog Car of the Year” award thanks to its protean cargo space and crate-friendly rear design. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. This Ursa Minor ECamper Conversion kit is perfect for your Honda Element camper. “I liked that mode of simple travel.”. They installed a handle and lock inside the car on the rear door. Ursa Minor subs out the fabrication of the Sunbrella panels that become the walls and screens in the pop-top. Surprised me. The outside of the platform is shaped to fit the curved roof, but is flat on the inside. I’ve taken my Element down many a logging road in Colorado with my skybox up top… gone almost vertical on the side (my son was touching the ground our his window) and never once got hung up, trapped, stranded or rolled. The top is strong and lightweight, and while the car does look slightly different, the ECamper is well integrated with the Element. Suspect you haven’t driven one.

The rear side doors of the Element open outward from the front, but they are only functional if the front doors are opened.

The sleeping area comes with a high-density foam mattress pad. These days, Honda Element owners bring their vehicles to Ursa Minor at the rate of about four a month. “The camper is built up from a base, which is a large composite part that creates a flat sleeping surface and ties in the exterior of the camper to the Element body,” Gish says. We're going to remove the two back seats from the car and leave them behind, so there should be plenty of room. Your email address will not be published. ECamper From $7,000.00. “But with 330,000 of them made I don’t think we will run out.” Ursa Minor will put their 500th ECamper (just the Element version, not including Jeep conversions) on the road around labor day. Well Jeeps are usually a given.

Access is through the original sunroof. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Do you know a place where I can buy a Ecamper around Quebec or Canada? According to Gish, 2003-2008 Elements offer two distinct advantages that are of major importance to the outdoor enthusiast. Love this thing to death!! The fabric panel walls are made of Sunbrella, a waterproof product that has the ability to breathe, is resistant to the effects of the sun, and comes with a three-year guarantee from the manufacturer. It can be hard picking the best camping that suit your needs.

It passed with flying colors, and the ECamper was born. We do some work connecting the ECamper to the car battery to power the LED lights, and outlets. Ended up doing my own, much cheaper conversion. I am interested to buy a Ecamper tent to put on my Honda Element 2008.

You are not rock crawling or handling deep washouts on unmaintained ancient roads (aka logging tracks) with steep grades in a Westie. I'd be more excited by this if I thought the Element could actually GET to the places I want to camp. A few other minor improvements as well. The entire conversion weighs about 130 pounds and adds six inches of height to the vehicle. You need real 4wd, clearance and a tough chassis to make it overland. A Syncro Westie is pretty capable, but also rare, underpowered and expensive/difficult to fix.

With the top raised and the sunroof panels-lightweight composite panels replace the factory sunroof hatch-stowed out of the way, a six-foot-five individual can stand upright in the back of the Honda Element and use it as a changing room. Following its completion, we borrowed the unit for several days to see how well it performed, both on the road and at the end of the day when it was time to go to sleep. At the foot of the ECamper, and around the sides and above the head section, you have the option of opening screens for ventilation, or you can unzip the sides entirely if you need to hand things up to people in the camper from outside.We only have a few minor comments in terms of things that could be improved on the current design: What a great trip plan!

The cargo room in the Element is built like a small truck, so cleaning is not a problem.

Take for instance the old VW Westfalia bus from the 1960s and 1970s; its fabric top popped up to create sleeping quarters that used the exterior side of the roof as a sleeping platform. The fabric that makes up the sides of the ECamper (when it's popped up) is thicker than tent fabric, so it stays much darker than a tent, which makes sleeping all the more comfortable. Thus, the conversion will be available for any Element owner, including those with two-wheel-drive models dating back to 2003. We participate in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates program.

The Ursa Minor Vehicles ECAMPER™ is the only Honda Element Camper on the market! “Somehow we’ve outlasted the Element itself,” Gish says.

How do you get into the camper top? The final stages of the conversion would include any options such as roof racks or solar charging systems.”. The relatively tall, boxy shape and removable backseats make it a great sleeper. A Landcruiser, Isuzu Trooper, Rover, etc is what you would need for true overland. We opted for the white top, as we thought if we matched the camper top to the car (darker blue) it would get too hot in the ECamper. The ECAMPER™ uses the latest in high-performance composites technology to minimize weight and to create a streamlined profile that adds only 5" to the overall height of the vehicle. That said, we're still going to have some camping equipment, gear for cold weather, maybe a couple of fold out chairs etc.

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