Erica, completely turned off, swears him to silence about the truth to protect her sister. In Region 2, Season 1 was released on DVD in the Netherlands on June 26, 2009. Kai Booker (Sebastian Pigott) – Introduced in the second season, he is a barista and server at Goblins, a coffee shop that Erica frequents. In the episode called "The Tribe Has Spoken", Adam meets Beatrice (who was his wife and the mother of his child in an alternate timeline) and asks her out on a date, under the impression of fulfilling his destiny to make a commitment.
Although initially reluctant, she soon learns that what he is offering is the ability to go back in time to relive and even change her deepest regrets. Directed by Jack Attridge, Jamie Magnus Stone. Some roads are assigned different names from those that they have in reality.
Sarah ends up in prison as a result. A one-stop shop for all things video games. We are artists and, we are artists of color who are able to do something with our art. She has since gotten her life together with a job in real estate. As the series progresses, she gains confidence in herself and her choices, dates and finds love, and gets promoted to junior editor at a publishing house, from which she eventually gets fired in the penultimate episode of the second season.

Antigone Kim Morris (Mayko Nguyen) – A woman with whom Erica had an antagonistic relationship as a university student, due to their constant competition to be seen as the smartest student in their literature class. You play various American servicemen and their allies in World War II as the Western Allies fight their way through Europe during and after the invasion of Normandy. A robed figure in a desolate world undertakes a journey towards a distant, glowing mountain. He is introverted and prefers stability and predictability, in contrast to his ex-wife Claire's and Erica's extroverted personalities. So, if an actor doesn’t want to risk their life, this allows you to create a digital version of that human being, and she has her own personality without anyone needs to program her. She and Brent become closer, which leads to a one-night stand in their office. Dave and Ivan officially marry in season 4 (episode "Erica's Adventures in Wonderland"). The pilot episode was shot in November 2007, while the rest of Season One was shot from July through December 2008. Dr. Fred (Dewshane Williams) – Kai's therapist, prominently featured only in the second season.

Throughout a single playthrough, the player(s) will make about a hundred or so odd choices (estimated), leading to plenty of different endings and hidden scenes. He reveals that he had just gotten out of a serious relationship until Erica pushes him to confront his real reason for the breakup. You control Erica who finds herself trying to solve a mystery that traumatized her many years ago. Dr. Naadiah (Joanne Vannicola) – Dr. Tom's therapist, and for a brief time replaces him as Erica's. Once a hippie and marijuana enthusiast, he is now a rabbi. He does not meet the rest of the Strange family during the timeframe depicted in the series. [5][6] Season 3 debuted on September 21, 2010, at 9 pm ET, on CBC Television. Kai returns once again in the fourth season to correct another regret, but it is apparent that he still has lingering feelings for Erica, despite her being with Adam.

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