We couldn’t confirm that claim, but we can tell you the Scuderia is indeed a track weapon, with superb handling balance, great grip, and amazing brakes. It’s fast too; faster around Fiorano than an Enzo, and 2.0sec faster than an F430. Carbon-ceramic composite brakes are standard, with front rotors that are 15.7 inches in diameter (up 0.7 inch over the F430’s). To learn more about how we use the information you provide to us please see our. Especially given the on-road performance. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, 2021 Toyota Camry XLE Hybrid Fixes a Few Flaws, 2022 VW Taos Previews an Important New Engine, AMG GT Black Series Targets a Higher Realm, 2021 Volkswagen ID.4 Electrifies VW's SUV Lineup, XC40 Recharge P8 Puts Volvo in the EV Game. Furthermore, the diff can also trim entry lines. There’s a little more understeer than we might have hoped (deliberate, to save owners from shunting) but it changes direction, stops, grips and accelerates as well as anyone could wish for. Land Rover Discovery Sport P300e R-Dynamic 2020 UK review. There is so much to enjoy in the Scuderia. We may earn money from the links on this page. Ride comfort is outstanding given the track potential, the motor is more flexible and the transmission smoother. There are exterior differences. Where the F430 is a highly civilized supercar that can be pushed to extremes, the 430 Scuderia is already at the sharp end, able to lap Ferrari's Fiorano test track as quickly as an Enzo. European combined cycle: 15 mpg, Hummer Is Back with a 1000-HP Electric Pickup, Hummer EV Starts at $112K, Cheaper Models to Come, GMC's 2022 Hummer EV's Competitors Are Few, Once Notorious, the Hummer Brand Aims for Glory, This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. The seats are shaped like works of art. It is claimed that the Scuderia shaves 0.4 second off the F430’s 0-to-62-mph time of four seconds flat and that the car laps Ferrari’s Fiorano test track as fast as an Enzo. Ferrari has taken the E-diff from the F430 and the 599 GTB’s F1-trac traction control system and combined them into the ultimate driver improvement aid. I would have one over a 599, and I normally prefer front-engined Ferrari Berlinettas. Tap the right-side shift paddle and in a fraction of second you're up a gear. Zero to 124 mph: 11.6 sec, PROJECTED FUEL ECONOMY (MFR-S EST): Are you as passionate about cars as we are? Trimmed some 220 lb. The instrument panel is little changed, but much of the trim is now carbon fiber. The great thing about the 430 Scuderia… No other car on sale can come close to this level of driveline sophistication; at last we’re seeing some real crossover from the F1 programme. curb weight. Yet it has a second nature that doesn't object to being driven like its not-so-evil road-going twin. down to a claimed 2975-lb. The Scuderia sits a bit lower than the F430, more of a tough-guy stance. The extra power and noise come from a revised intake manifold, a freer-flowing exhaust, and a slightly higher compression ratio (up from 11.3:1 to 11.9:1), among other changes. A very good Ferrari. On the F430, the shocks are set at their firmest in the more extreme, track-oriented manettino settings, but the 430 Scuderia allows the driver to soften the shocks in these racier situations. Dry, Ferrari claims that this car weighs 1250kg; on the road, with fluids, it’s just 1350kg. And Lamborghini, its northern-Italian rival, has just introduced the Gallardo Superleggera, while Porsche, its perennial competitor, is continually making go-faster versions of the 911. Leave the car in Race mode and the rear differential and traction control juggle the torque to perfection. The so-called race setting is impressive, allowing a driver to mash the throttle out of turns while the electronics decide when and how to apply engine torque. In case the F430 wasn't fast (or good) enough. The Scuderia has been optimised for road and track. The easiest place to see poundage lost compared with the F430 is inside the Scuderia. And for those who think the projected price—about $250,000 when it goes on sale in the U.S. this spring—is on the extreme side, well, we reckon it’s worth every cent. Now Maranello has done the opposite to create the evil twin of its mid-engine V-8 sports car, transforming the F430 into the 430 Scuderia. The Scuderia gets an additional 20 horsepower and an engine sound that’s so loud and enticing it causes occupants to giggle in delight. Subtract horsepower for tractability, spiff up the interior and send it home. Ferrari at its best, and the only road car I’ve ever driven whose electronic chassis aids behave as if they were pulled from a contemporary racing car. We may earn a commission through links on our site. Hence its Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tyres have the same aquaplaning performance as the standard rubber. F1 technology turns the F430 into one of the most exciting road cars we've ever driven, Haymarket Media Group, publishers of Autocar takes your privacy seriously. Whatever the reason, enthusiasts who have well-padded bank accounts should rejoice, because the 430 Scuderia is a stunning vehicle. Horsepower is stretched by 20 to 503. And a very expensive Ferrari. The engine in the F430 is a wondrous device, a snarling 4.3-liter V-8 that makes 483 horsepower. Even if they don’t win the F1 driver’s championship this year, 2007 will be remembered as a vintage year for the company because of this car. Intervention is subtle enough to allow a driver to simply nail the throttle and wait for the car to decipher the perfect exit strategy from any turn. The key here is, finally, that the gearbox shifts quickly enough, and that there’s a damper override that you can use to keep them in ‘soft’ mode. The ride is outstandingly composed if the driver opts for the softer shock settings. Typical of Ferrari, it doesn't look like they so much subtracted anything, but made the surroundings look even cooler, simpler, more like a race car. We will use your information to ensure you receive messages that are relevant to you. A very good Ferrari. Ferrari engineers made the exhaust sound from the 4.3-liter V-8 even more feral, also turning up the power by improving engine breathing. 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