A Rose Leaf Showing Its Veins Branching From A Central Stem. If ever you find any types of flowers which just don't fit and you want to know their names, it's a good idea to either take a flower to your local Botanical Gardens, or send them a photo. Monocots form one quarter of all the Angiosperms and Dicots the rest. Commonly known as the windflower, the anemone is a poppy-like flower with small colorful blooms. Named after the dolphin for the long pointy shape of the bloom’s base, this field flower comes in shades of blue, white, purple, and sometimes pink. The kalanchoe is a popular indoor plant which is easy to care for. I have a flower in my garden that has red short fat round closed flower with stem sticking out of it. Its introduction to Europe in the 19th century led to the development of many new kinds of roses. All Types Of Flowers Can Be Placed Into Two Main Groups: Monocots or Dicots. This not only makes it easier to pick out the different flower types, but it is very interesting to know exactly what we are looking at. A variety of rose which originated in China, and has a tea-like fragrance. I do not know all of them. thanks just what i needed to complete my assingment........................ ..waahh..dahlia was also my name..perfect.. do i look also a dahlia flower?..can i ask for its picture please?? You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Flower business name generator to help find more ideas. A variety of flower originating in Mexico and Central America, which consists of colorful multi-petaled blooms. We each have our favorite flowers, yet there are so many unusual types! Liatris is often used in mixed flower bouquets as a filler flower. Roses are Dicots. Protea flowers originated in Africa and are available in several varieties and colors. The peace lily is a blooming plant which is often used to express sympathy. The stargazer is a popular oriental lily variety recognized for its large star-shaped blooms and distinctive fragrance. Copyright 2013. All My Favourite Flower Names. See also: Asiatic Lily, Calla Lily, Oriental Lily, Peace Lily, Peruvian Lily, Stargazer Lily, Purple or white flower, also known as sea-lavender, which is part of the statice family. Ipomea are also called morning glories. Notice the big fat leaves? Sometimes, unless you have access to the original baby seed leaves of a flower, things can get pretty tricky. But it's still a Monocot. Then read on! they are awesome... thank you for sharing their names! Roses are Dicots. Lisianthus is available in a variety of colors and is used in many types of mixed flower arrangements.

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