You can blame Marowski for his son’s death, for which you’ll be tasked to kill the gangster. I witnessed the fight between Cooke and Pembroke, sat down, talked to Pembroke's wife, all of it. I'd like to start the quest using console commands, but how? After you’re victorious go back to that door you skipped and open the [Advanced] lock for some good junk. Last Edited: 3 Nov 2016 6:12 pm. If you didn’t get the password, however, you can just reference the note that Trish dropped to see the correct order of laser beams and trip them. To begin this quest, head to the Colonial Taphouse in Diamond City. Cette version de la mission vous permet d’activer ensuite les quêtes « DCB : La situation Latimer », « DCB : L’affaire Marowski » (si vous avez laissé Trish en vie) et « DCB : L’affaire Collette ». In the room are a couple of other Raiders and in the corner there is a turret. Unlocked a latched door, then open a chained door before looting a Safe [Advanced] and an Ammo Box [Novice]. Return to the Mass Bay Medical Radiology level and take descend back to the elevator to return to the fourth floor of the Mass Bay Medical Building, then go through the doors leading to the “Medical Center Station North”. Also be sure to check out the north-western corner of this room to find an Unstoppables book, a Fat Man and a Steamer Trunk to loot. Finally, along the southern end of the room you can find a Duffle Bag and some Super Mutant Shoulder Rags. You are going to want the space for the rest of this quest. Eviter un bain de sang et braquer les dealers en compagnie de Paul et Henry (496Xp + 838caps). Head south and wipe them all out. From here your objective is just to the east, across a small body of water. Diamond City Blues is a quest that can be obtained in the Commonwealth in Fallout 4. Don't forget to loot the body of Nelson for the caps, and the crates for the Chems. You will want to head over to his place. Once you reveal the secret door using the terminal, open it. WARNING: This post "spoils" an early quest in Fallout 4 and a later quest in Fallout 3. Outside of Back Street Apparel, to be specific. Whatever you do, the standoff will result in a gunfight. Fallout 4: Diamond City Blues walkthrough. Now, look around for drugs and loot, nabbing whatever you wish. The chem lab location is located at Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant. Next, turn your attention to a Book Return Machine along the northern wall, which only contains junk, but junk that will be pointed out nonetheless. Instead of going inside the plant, climb the exterior walkway and go to the roof. The wall terminal here is what you got the password from Trish for. That is until alarms blare out, signalling a nuclear attack. Read both of them (every entry) and you will get the location “Wilson Automatoys Factory” put on the map, which is located far to the south. Head through a doorway to the west and kill the Feral Ghoul lying in front of the magnetically-locked door. Talk to Henry now (Darcy will be gone, you will likely see her on the way up) and tell him you have a problem. This is the terminal you need to input the password in. From there the Asssaultron will wake up and dash at you, after which you’ll need to take out two more Protectron units. Diamond City Blues. After witnessing the fight, go talk to Henry and ask what that was about. Inside, you will hear an argument between a husband (Paul Pembroke) and wife (Darcy Pembroke) and a fight between Paul and Henry Cooke, the barkeep. Neat. If Paul is still involved in all this, he will want you to split the spoils of the chem deal with him. The room to the east, however, is the President’s Office, which contains the “President’s Terminal”, which describes just what the SCYTHE program is. Return to the cafeteria on the main level of the school - not above it this time, but actually entering the cafeteria - and search around for a Bottlecap Mine Bottlecap Mine in the kitchen area. There are Ghouls inside to help you increase XP and gain loot, but you'll need to explore the plant's exterior to complete this quest. The fifth and final Tripwire is up on the roof of the building, near the terminal that can unlock the way forward if you got the password. Feel free to deal with the chemists are you see fit. A partir de là, vous pouvez demander à Paul de vous accompagner pour le braquage, vous n’y êtes pas du tout obligé, surtout que si vous y allez seul vous pourrez récupérer l’argent ET la came. Walk inside and observe the events without interfering. He sells various liquors. Technical High School guard a number of treasures, including an issue of Unstoppables and a Fat Man (left). Take this destroyed subway car south and out onto a roof. Once done head into the office to the north and ascend a ramp. Bobblehead locations, collectibles and full Trophy/Achievement guide. Dès lors, Henry vous proposera un arrangement susceptible de contenter tout le monde, acceptez sa proposition pour recevoir de nouveaux objectifs (image6). In our video, Paul dies, making Henry come to terms with his violent ways. Sortez donc du bar et suivez vos compagnons jusqu’au lieu de rendez-vous, là-bas, approchez-vous des malfrats et engagez le combat (image7). It drops a grenade if you don’t find it and open the door. He won’t tell you where he is going though. If you let another week pass with Colette being still alive, you will see her again after a week, still investigating at the Dugout Inn. Telling Malcom that Paul killed his son, or that Marowski killed him, will start a Miscellaneous quest to kill the one you accused, Kill Marowski or Kill Paul. He will ask you to intimidate Henry for him. Now, from here you want to head east but on the way you will very likely discover the “Mass Bay Medical Center” landmark. This page was last edited on 1 July 2018, at 01:36. You can also head up to the top of the catwalks and use the catwalks and pipes in the area to jump to the top of the forklift for an Explosives Box, but it is honestly more trouble than it is worth. You can admit to the deed, then pass a moderate speech check to apologize or be somewhat more rude, in which case Latimer will swear revenge and will send Triggermen to bother you once in a while. Be sure to head inside to the bar itself, rather than inquiring at the patio outside. That is where you will find Nelson and his men. Important Items in This Area; Overdue Book x4: Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor: Unstoppables: You’ve explored everything in a line north-east from Diamond City now, with the conspicuous neglection of Goodneighor. There aren’t a lot of enemies in this area, so this should be pretty fast. Kill it, then loot the conference room to obtain a Nuka Cola, a Nuka Cola Quantum and another Wilson Atomatoys HQ Key. If you agree to help and leave the city before visiting Taphouse again, Cooke will kill Paul prior to your return, so it is best to try to go alone. Note that “Four Leaf Fishpacking Plant” is a ways south-east of the city… which just gives you an excuse to head down in that direction and explore everything along the way. He is a suited, sunglasses-wearing man close to the Colonial Taphouse. Either way, you can acquire information about the location of chems lab. The quest Diamond City blues won't start. High enough Charisma can boost this to a 70-30 deal in your favor. He’ll be joined by another, weaker Gunner who lurks on the floors above. Be wary of Raiders around here; they patrol this upper level and the eastern half the building, and it might not be a bad idea to run around and exterminate them all on this floor before continuing on. Approach the drug deal and you’ll spot Nelson Latimer waiting on Henry. The next room has some very powerful, leveled Feral Ghouls, whom the Protectron may make easier to deal with by drawing their attention. You can also check behind the counters here for a Caps Stash as well. Talk to Darcy and Henry. From the entrance to Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ head north back to the street and continue east. Note that you can find a Stealth Boy in a toolbox by the door (it is on a shelf facing away from the door) and there is a ton of Pre-War Cash to be found in the cash registers nearby (and laying around), which is excellent. Also, if something happened to Henry Colette (or if Paul thinks something did) you’ll be confronted by his daughter (Henry’s) Colette. In front of the building, there are several umbrellas and next to them, you can meet robot Wellingham. Paul Pembroke vous demande de l'aide pour régler un petit problème conjugal qui l'oppose à un certain … When you meet Paul Pembroke later on, you can start quest Diamond City Blues. Fallout 4 Walkthrough: Side Quests - Diamond City Blues Fallout 4 created by Bethesda Game Studios. Drop down to the catwalk and sweep the catwalks, clearing out the Feral Ghoul that may be up here. Durant la confrontation dans le bar, attaquez Cooke en compagnie de Paul et tuez-le (image17). If she leaves the town suspicious of you, be wary of her turning up at one of your settlements in the future, leading to combat. You’ve already made some progress in this direction, so you first stop should be the Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ, which is just east Layton Towers, although it may be safer to fast-travel to Hubris Comics and head south. Head into a room to the east and turn south to find the door near the beginning of the building which can be opened with your newfound ID Card. Games. Quoi qu’il en soit, rendez-vous maintenant sur le lieu du deal et tuez tout le monde (image19). After this quest is complete, when you visit Diamond City and come across Malcom, the father of Nelson, and he accuses you of killing his Son. You can walk there with Henry if you wish, as it isn’t a long walk.

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