At first, Blaze had control over the form, but Zarathos began to assert more and more control, although he was ultimately controlled by Blaze's subconscious. He is the source of Johnny's power as the Ghost Rider. [volume & issue needed], During the Damnation event, Zarathos along with Johnny Blaze went to Hell and took Mephisto's Throne, becoming the new King of Hell. Who is Dr. Terminal, The Umbrella Academy's Wannabe Galactus. One MCU Villain Beat The Avengers So Badly, It Made Captain America Cry. After revealing his father's demise, Zarathos showed no remorse saying that he truly deserved to slowly burned in his own Hell, before all of the Spirits were returned to their original timelines in the mortal world, were they belong to, protecting Earth from demonic threats once again. In the movie Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the spirit possessing Johnny Blaze was revealed to be an incarnation of Zarathos, an Angel of Justice who was charged with protecting humanity. During his early career as Ghost Rider, Johnny christened Zarathos simply as the Rider. Given all of this, could the creature dwelling inside Johnny Blaze and other Ghost Riders be an angel? A ghost rider is a human host bonded with a spirit of vengeance. [volume & issue needed] The demon Zarathos was eventually then bonded to a female host in the present series. Marvel Fanon is a FANDOM Comics Community.

A demonic being who tortures and devours souls, he first appeared in Marvel Spotlight #5 (August 1972), and was created by writers Roy Thomas and Gary Friedrich, and artist Mike Ploog.[1].

Zarathos's fractured mental state also what allowed powerful demonic beings su… Despite finally being freed from his curse, Blaze accepted Zarathos once again in his body in order to save Danny, who was about to become Mephisto's new body host.

Nevertheless, he has also been influenced by moral beings and even genuine angels, making his true allegiance a constant mystery. After Johnny bond with Zarathos to defeat Mephistopheles, the very demon lord that corrupted him in the first place; the defeat of the demon lord resulted his angelic grace and sanity gradually returning to him. Comic Origins & Powers Explained. Although his origins are steeped in bargains with the devil, the Ghost Rider is frequently an agent of good, using his powers to punish the wicked and even protect the innocent.

He is able to shoot hellfire from his hands and is able to transport both himself and others to different locations. The Ghost Rider known as Robbie Reyes is possessed by the spirit of Eli Morrow, a deceased serial-killing Satanist. Next: The Ghost-Rider Has His Own Spaceship of Vengeance. Johnny Blaze is now free from the curse that Mephisto placed on him many years before and the first existence of the Ghost Rider comes to an end. However, this isn’t the complete story. In the fall of the Allied Empire of Damnation, most of its members were completely obliterated from existence and died out, while some others barely survived the ordeal by escaping through other dimensions. The most popular Ghost Rider, Johnny Blaze, was the human host to an entity known as Zarathos. His desire to protect the (mostly) innocent among mankind was forgotten, and replaced with a twisted lust for punishing the guilty.
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Zarathos was the demon that Mephisto used to posses Johnny Blaze and create the Ghost Rider. How Old is Supergirl Supposed To Be in DC Comics? The individual who attacked Lucifer was revealed to be Jesus Christ Himself, and singled-handedly outmatches Lucifer with His true powers, before finally vanquishing him from the battleground of Armageddon, transporting him in his own realm of Hell. [volume & issue needed] Another reason he left her was because she duped him into joining her forces.

Centurious' lack of a soul rendered him immune to many of Zarathos' power. This backfires when Zarathos attempted to claim Tyne's body as his own. This gives the Midnight Sons a chance to defeat Zarathos. Ghost Rider challenged him to a race, gave him a dose of hellfire and put Angel in the hospital. (His memory was so bad at the time that Lilith actually convinced him that he was her son). Related: Ghost Rider’s Worst Weakness is His Host, Johnny Blaze. Demon Slayer vs. Bleach: Whose Fighting Style is Better?

With his followers abandoning him, Zarathos was easily defeated and was sent by Mephisto onto Hell. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. During the events on the Battle of Armageddon, Zarathos became one of the individuals who were the members of the Spirits of Vengeance to help the defending of the gates of Heaven from being infiltrated by his father's army of more than a number of centillion legions.

[4] Zarathos was temporarily separated from John Blaze by the Crimson Mage. Smallville Cast Has A Secret DC Comics Cameo, Marvel & DC's Top Heroes Are Facing The Same Problem in Comics, The Simpsons Treehouse Of Horror Comic Books Are As Insane As The Show, Wonder Woman Just Redeemed One Of DC’s Worst Villains, Wonder Woman Steals A Trick Straight From Aquaman, Swamp Thing: Twin Branches - A Heartfelt & Authentic Reimagination, Marvel's Moon Knight Has Just Been Changed Forever, Marvel's Superman Is Being Hunted By Venom's Symbiotes. During his early career as Ghost Rider, Johnny christened Zarathos simply as the Rider. [volume & issue needed]. In the 2012 film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, the Ghost Rider is revealed to be an incarnation of Zarathos himself. In a later Ghost Rider storyline, Danny Ketch learned that his Spirit of Vengeance, Noble Kale, had dealings with both demons and angels. In his spare time, you can find him entertaining kids as Spider-Man or Darth Vader at birthday parties or scaring the heck out of them at haunted houses. The question gets trickier when readers learn that not all Ghost Riders are possessed by the same entity. His original mission of protecting the innocents, corrupted by Hell, became a dark obsession of punishing the guilty, and he became fallen angel the Spirit of Vengeance. [2], Zarathos is then forced to serve Mephisto for many centuries in the Netherworld, an extra-dimensional land of the dead sometimes called "Hell", though still powerful enough to avoid total confinement. In this version as told by the monk Moreau, Zarathos was an Angel of Justice sent to protect humanity. And in the far future of 2099, the Ghost Rider Kenshiro “Zero” Cochrane was recruited by the artificial intelligence known as the Ghostworks to be resurrected as a cybernetic Spirit of Vengeance.

This prompts the Avengers to chase Ghost Rider down. Before the crystal merges back into one piece, it sucks Centurious inside as well. Despite Zarathos' great powers, he was mentally unstable after his fall into Hell, consumed by the hunger of consuming souls and punishing sinners. Almost two billion years have passed during the reign of terror inflicted by the Allied Empire of Damnation across the primordial stages of the universe, the conflict was finally won and order was restored by the surging forces of good and ideological supporters of peace.

In the story, Noble’s soul was promised to Mephisto who transformed him into a new “Spirit of Vengeance.” When the time came to collect his soul, however, the archangel Uriel appeared and demanded that Noble’s soul be spared.

However, Mephistoset a trap for him and dragged him to Hell. Zarathos is an angel, the Spirit of Justice, created and sent by God to protect the innocent on Earth. At first, Blaze had control over the form, but Zarathos began to assert more and more control, although he was ultimately controlled by Blaze's subconscious.

Mephisto eventually confronts Zarathos and defeats him (by the deceptive use of his soulless pawn, Centurious).

Marvel Theory: The X-Men Are About To Learn Apocalypse's Greatest Secret, The Avengers Battle The Justice League In Epic Crossover Art. After gaining power and worshippers, Zarathos then challenged Me… Zarathos was an angel, sent initially to protect mankind from evil entities. After Johnny defeats Mephistopheles in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Zarathos was freed from Hell's corruption and has returned to his true, angelic form. [volume & issue needed] Lilith plans to unleash her children, but this is yet to be seen. After gaining power, experiences, and worshipers since the Great Billion Years' War, Zarathos was then tempted by Mephisto in his return and challenged him for ownership of his realm. Mephisto pleads with the Beyonder not to commit such an act, going so far as to make a bet with him. Although he promised them increased power, in actuality Zarathos was using their powers to further augment himself.

These Ghost Riders were influenced by their mortal hosts and could become instruments of good if people like Johnny Blaze directed their powers to be used for heroic purposes. At the same time, Kaine also tries to bring Daredevil (who had been killed by the Kingpin while saving Kaine's life) back to life. His original mission of protecting the innocents, corrupted by Hell, became a dark obsession of punishing the guilty, and he became fallen angel the Spirit of Vengeance.

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