“At what?” He asked frowning. He could not sort it out, not while she was in his presence, her ice-colored eyes rimmed in dark lashes staring up at him as he obligingly offered her his arm. She sobbed quietly. She didn't realize that it was her. And began talking badly about Arendelle again. “YEAH YOU THINK ITS REALLY FUNNY! she hissed, pulling her mask back down over her face, and letting him take her hand. Dipping the pen, he scribbled: Received letter, Klaus, all is well. His own mouth barely showed beneath the pointed lower edge of his mask which was the grinning wolf's sharp chin, and Elsa pulled her gaze upwards, trying to focus on his green eyes peering from behind the bronze-hued peep-holes. Let it go! Elsa shuddered, and let her eyes fall closed. Behind her, his hands fumbled with the ties, and Elsa stepped back in shock as he left off caressing her and began to feverishly unbutton his jacket. "I like making them happy," she replied simply, giving a smile to Anna, who beamed back, and resumed looking over the crowd. she turned her head away.

She seemed to be insisting that she knew who he was, and each time he shook his head, he displayed his true face on either side of the mask. Your review has been posted. And heaving a sigh, Anna tried to do as she was told. (Takes place when Elsa was still queen) Notes: So I just want to let you guys know, this does take place when Elsa was still queen. It seemed no time at all before the night of the servants' banquet arrived. "You don't know what you're getting yourself into," she began, but he hushed her, kicking his boots from his feet and pressing her body deep within the mattress with the weight of his own. "Welcome, all of you," she began in a barely quavering voice. Somehow the door behind them opened, and they fell within. No. “I love crazy” he whispered in her ear. So instead of telling you what our favorite Frozen quotes are, we asked you! ", "I think we all feel like that sometimes," Anna replied, fingering a curl which fell from her updo down before her ear. "Are you alright..." he said, his voice vibrating deep within his chest and sending a thrill through her.

Elsa has and angry melt down. Elsa stood up from her seat and slammed her hands on the table. He nodded, and gestured to a few people, and Anna felt cold. Elsa closed her eyes as his heated kiss made contact with her there. "What are we – what are you doing?". Anna turned her around, and admired the rose-tinted silk. he asked again, as he ushered her from the floor, the music growing more lively, and the servants beginning to cavort in an alarmingly animated fashion. Jack grabbed her hand and squeezed lovingly. “WHAT NERVE YOU HAVE TO TALK SUCH THINGS ABOUT ANOTHERS KINGDOM!” She yelled again the king looked around at the others. Hans was only vaguely aware of the rest of the night, and of awakening the next morning with the sun streaming through a gap in the curtains upon the pale head pillowed on his chest. "Of course."

Your places may be found by seeking the placard which bears your name.".

He laid the mask on the table and offered her his hand. The merry-makers poured through after them, and began to mill around, finding friends and family as best they could among the masked crowd as Elsa and Anna took their seats upon the dais.
"Tell him I will leave it upon the desk.". "No one would believe me, and I dare not tell anyone. "I'm sure that question of the reason for my presence here has fueled many conversations around fires and in linen closets." /r/Frozen is the subreddit for Disney's 2013 animated movie, Frozen, and all associated sequels and spinoffs. The smiled at each other, jack put his hand on her cheek and kissed her lips softly. "Don't stop," he whispered, and slowly, gently, she gave a tiny stroke to his thick hair. "As has been said already, welcome." To Hans Friedrich Westergaard of the Southern Isles, by the hand of Crown Prince Klaus Wilhelm Westergaard. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. He nodded, and the act of tilting his head forward caused a piece of hair to slip from his carefully combed arrangement and fall forward on his forehead. Hans seemed to notice this too, and leaned forward in his seat, a near-scowl upon his face as Elsa finished and the servants applauded. "Kristoff," Hans said grimly. She kissed his lips, jack pulled away. I AM SICK, OF THE WAY YOU WOULD JUDGE US.” Elsa kept shouting. "No, it's not like that. Do not concern yourself, but await further information. YOU WOULD THINK DIFFERENTLY IF SONEONE WAS TALKING ABOUT YOUR KINGDOM LIKE THAT!” Elsa shouted. Elsa bit her lip and went to kiss him. It needed a good deal of brushing.

Hans's cautious but insistent tug on her waist pulled her closer to him as Elsa allowed him to lead her around and around the polished floor, and though at first her focus had been somewhere between his chin and the medal he wore pinned to his cravat, she gradually worked up the courage to peek at his face. “Tell the staff not to disturb me please!” She said clearly in an angry tone. "What on earth...". The fasteners she could not undo without help. Usher & Rick Ros - New Flame. Immediate response will serve us greatly in this. He was going on about how Arenedelle didn’t have enough of this, or that. Strange that a small, impressionable female was all that stood between him and his own country, then, as now. Ice began to crawl out from under her hands. "May I escort you to someplace quiet?". Meanwhile, Elsa was alone in her room, struggling with the fasteners on her dress when a rap came at the door. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. "What is the matter?" She gritted her teeth, and forced out the words. "Hans –" she gasped. She shook her head. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor. We've got to normalize ourselves..." Anna gestured. "Are you sure you're alright?" Each and every servant waited without, lining either side of the corridors, decked out in their gayest regalia, their faces covered in a bizzare assortment of masks and homemade concealments. She sighed. /r/Frozen is the subreddit for Disney's 2013 animated movie, Frozen, and all associated sequels and spinoffs. It’s about two years after she thawed Arendelle so a year before frozen 2! She found stimulating satisfaction in running her fingertips along his forehead, his eyebrows, and his drooping eyelids. as well as “Hey beautiful” he said kissing her forehead. "No one else could come, they're all –", "I –" The little maid stared in awe first at the extended letter, and then at the tall stately prince. And when she tilted her head ever so slightly, he kissed her. "Just... fine – I'll deal with it...", "–Later." Elsa. “We’ve given your kingdom sugar, and you can’t give us some coal?” The king asked annoyed. I was able to record it, and put it to a few of my favorite pictures taken over the past year. "Come in," Elsa replied, hurrying to the door as her sister slipped within, clad in her evening attire. "I don't want to be normal, though," Elsa murmured quietly, taking up a brush and beginning to drag it through the depths of her hair. "Where are you going?". “I know it’s stupid but- I’m just crazy so” Elsa said. Twelve o clock here and everybody is asleep, WAS asleep. I've never – but I don't know –". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. "Elsa," Hans breathed. She frowned. on Pinterest. The Big Bang Theory (2007) - S12E15 The Donation Oscillation, Kevin Can Wait (2016) - S01E06 Beat the Parents. Elsa who sat on the edge of her bed still crying felt a hand massage her shoulder. "Yes," she managed, lifting a delicate hand and lightly ghosting it down his sideburn. Elsa felt as if her vision was clouding, and she was only vaguely aware of someone breathing too loudly. Personal wishes extended for your health and well-being. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Creasing it hastily and dripping the wax of a nearby candle upon the fold, Hans pressed in the mark of his signet ring and pulled the bell-cord near at hand. While eating we enjoyed the beautiful sight of the temple nearing completion, and some sweet music. "Are you alright..." Elsa murmured, reaching up and gently putting the lock of hair back in place. She went to her bed and sat facing the door. All eyes were on them as he took her waist very gently, cradling her hand in his. ", "Right," Elsa breathed. Hyup! The man yelped and dove for it, but it was too late. "Then I am too," he muttered, and he descended upon her. Matters have recently been brought to my attention regarding the horrendous treatment you have been receiving at the hands of the newly-crowned monarch of Arendelle, whom it is rumored is at best, unstable, at worst completely insane. Hans shuddered, and fastened his grip on her wrist. Hans' hands descended her back and crushed her form impossibly close to him, and as she leaned her face into his chest he lowered his lips to the alabaster skin on the side of her neck. "What? Kristoff's blue eyes looked through the holes in the moon-faced mask and met hers. This is great." "Yes, sir, I- mean, highness..." the girl managed, dropping a series of increasingly lopsided curtsies, and fleeing down the hall.

"Highness," she amended. Hans huffed. It was a tiny maid with rumpled hair, wiping damp hands on her apron.

"Let me touch you," he pleaded. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot. It means normalcy. I love Ethan--and Emma!! - I love you, baby. You can't stay, I'm terribly sorry," Anna whispered. Ho! "She doesn't know." Permitting herself a smile, Elsa stepped without, and together she and Anna made their way toward the Throne Room. “You didn’t answer my question” he said. Word has reached me that through no fault of your own you were wrongly accused and imprisoned against your will after behaving most valiantly in the strange events of which we have all heard so much. "And keep your mask on, for heaven's sakes. - You're so crazy .. . Something... something small.". Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. “I just got so angry.” She said quietly. "You look nice," Elsa commented, holding her hair out of the way as Anna finished at the back of her neck.

/r/Frozen is the subreddit for Disney's Frozen, its sequel Frozen 2, the short film Frozen Fever, the holiday featurette Olaf's Frozen Adventure and and all other associated sequels and spinoffs.

"How are you faring?" "I suppose," Elsa mused, and Anna hoped she was just conserving her energy for tonight by not arguing back.

She was hopelessly insane. "What do you mean?" And he had already realized that the last two could never be one and the same thing, not with a lady of Arendelle. "Are you ready?" Dec 23, 2019 - Explore crazyhappyp's board "frozen!! "Do you have any idea? Talk to me” he said putting his hand under her chin, and turning her head his way. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. (collapse), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Elsa (Disney)/Jack Frost (Guardians of Childhood).

Her lips parted as if she was going to speak, but he prevented any words with a dominating kiss. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Now what are people going to think of her. "I'm not so sure about this...", "You'll be fine," her sister assured her. Their clapping and chanting filled her ears, but Elsa nodded. She has absolutely had enough of this. [Anna:] Okay, can I just, say something crazy? The whiteness of his uniform was dazzling, and his thick auburn hair was combed carefully into place, starched gloves covering his hands. I – the more time that I spend with you, the more I realize –", "What are you talking about?" He stopped short, recognizing the extravagant writing. “And I love you Elsa” he said. All coherent thought failed him.

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