Just like that? Filming & Production Or are you too busy shooting the breeze? This is crazy. Raised in Guyana and schooled in Britain, Pounder tells Terry Gross that it was only when she started using an American accent in her roles that she found herself the target of racial epithets. : (Cold Crusty Heal Pounder) - In order to capture the esscence of the ol' C.C.H., one must hang out in an unfinished basement for 2 hours. Brayker

Technical Specs, Film/TV Series Watched in October 2020 (Ranked). :

No. Just like that. I'll get back to you. You hurry up and finish dinner, [she climbs onto table in a seductive manner]. And they had seven keys, formed into a circle that focused the power of the cosmos into their hands, until God stepped forth and said, "let there be light." They bring back the darkness. I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. Cordelia [the Collector holds up Irene's severed arm]. But I wanted to be an American actress.

Irene : Nah, I want it clean tonight. I'll say it and then you edit it some other way: a n-----.". "Because I can't get much blacker than I physically am," she laughs. Irene Brayker

And I would say sort of, 'Well, just look at me, and tell me what ... What exactly do you want? | And the Earth was a formless void, and darkness covered the face of the deep. You're talking Genesis? ... "[So] I subjected myself to that feeling. : We Insist: A Timeline Of Protest Music In 2020. : That beginning?

Irene Linda Hunt, the distinguished character actor who plays Henrietta "Hetty" Lange in the prior spinoff "NCIS: Los Angeles," is a role model in that pursuit, Pounder said. "And so, with your accent, you are somewhat protected by being foreign. "And so, with your accent, you are somewhat protected by being foreign. - in the film Orphan, which I thoroughly recommend. Jeryline CCH Pounder presents an award to the documentary Yesterday, about a woman's struggle to live with AIDS long enough to see her daughter off to her first day of school, at the Ribbon of Hope Celebration in November 2006. Deal with it.

Cordelia Brayker : [to Brayker]  You want your arm back, Irene? Click one to go the character's VC (Voice Compare) page to listen to and compare CCH Pounder's performance against her peers - and then vote for your favorite! : I'll say it and then you edit it some other way: a n-----." Sirach had to refill it. Irene Goddammit! You finish cleaning the stove?

Most of what's in here now belonged to a soldier named Dickerson, who gave it to me in France, August 23, 1917. She's been in the 'X' Files and played the ill-fated teacher of the 'child' - who was really an adult! I meant the cat. [a black cat also climb onto the table and meows]. : : "But what attitude would you like?". Ah, don't worry. : : |

I can make it happen. :

CCH Pounder is what I consider a real kick-ass actress!

Jeez. "New Orleans is unique." Pounder talks with Terry Gross about her work on The Shield, about how fans reacted when her character was passed over for promotion (in favor of an officer played by guest star Glenn Close), and about how film and television directors have dealt — sometimes with a painful awkwardness — with questions of race and class. C.C.H. hide caption.

: CCH Pounder presents an award to the documentary Yesterday, about a woman's struggle to live with AIDS long enough to see her daughter off to her first day of school, at the Ribbon of Hope Celebration in November 2006. Some of it, yeah. Now the demons are back. Good Cleo knows better than to eat that slop. : All logos, images, video and audio clips pertaining to actors, characters and related indicia belong to their respective © and ™ owners. Company Credits I'll take care of "dessert". CCH Pounder gets the average vote of 5ft6.75. Get that pussy off the table! Deputy Bob Martel Uncle Willy


Nah, I want it clean tonight. : : Brayker

Funny how you remember the big dates, isn't it? When people talk to you, and you receive those insults and barbs ... you kind of become a part of society. Once fertile, the heel is prepped and ready to go. Chad Buchanan/Getty Images "I've had the privilege of shooting all over—Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, the South, the Caribbean," she says. In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth... Irene I knew that that was where the real stories would be; it would take England much much longer to come up with these stories. He scattered the demons, and he scattered the keys all across the universe. [to Jeryline]  : I swear that girl ain't got no goddamn graditude; if I hadn't made a place for her she'd be behind bars... or dead. - Share your reason with the rest of the community.

And there was light. What happens when you run out of blood? It was full of creatures, full of demons. The Collector

: Brayker You feel better? They got six of the keys. Is that...? :

Listen and compare CCH Pounder's voices against other voice actors playing the same character. This interview was first broadcast on June 5, 2006.

The Collector

Uncle Willie

The characters below have not only been voiced by CCH Pounder, but also other voice actors.

"It does not make you — how can I use this word? It gets used, you see. Irene, for Christ's sake, I'll finish cleaning it tomorrow. | Bad neck wound, talon caught the eye right here.

: Then we fast-forward about two or three million millenia. : These are comparisons of roles CCH Pounder has played in cartoons, TV, movies, video games and more. : Jeryline But the darkness wasn't empty. Brayker

Is that a yes? The blood ins... inside? It's part of the whole assimilation ... system, really. : It also stars Vera Farmiga in absolutely tip-top form.

Release Dates Remind me of that program you're on; it's called work release ain't it. Irene So... now you know. That, uh, that would make you... Uncle Willie Irene |

Retrieve a nude female specimine as she will now experience Jesus in the form of a heel. According to CCH Pounder, it's getting to film in the Big Easy. Irene

That's me giving you the finger, asshole! This is an unofficial site. Lucky kid. Remind me of that program you're on; it's called work release ain't it. CCH Pounder: Irene. :

Irene : The moment you're not foreign, then you get hurts, and pains, and pangs. "The thing about being black and having a different accent, in the beginning, is that it makes you foreign," she says.

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