of the instrumentation and controls. Lotus Esprit GT3 has been achieved with just an extended lip on the rear Yes, it's true. which did not use added wings the aerodynamic downforce at the rear of the 0-100 mph 12.9s 0-160 km/h: 12.5s, Fuel the user friendliness of the car, complying with the successful GT3 concept There's no walnut trim — it has been re-placed by a more appropriate, textured, matt-black material — nor a stay for the glovebox lid which, as a result, flops shut every time you flip its catch. The Lexus GS300 Sport is less soothing, for instance. So that only leaves you with the minor problem of getting moving. Water-cooled TB03 turbocharger with integral wastegate. Standard Ambling along motorways gives you plenty of time to take in a car's cabin and in-deed, it's impossible to miss the splash of orange that is the GT3's centre console. Tyres: Suspension: Substitute foolhardiness for stupidity, and you'll hear it spinning its inside rear wheel before the surfeit of power brings on a tail-wag — and even then it's quite possible to heave it back into line. It’s the low-weight, high-excitement GT3 and, says Richard Bremner, it’s the supercar bargain of the year. The GT3 is yet another variation on the charge-cooled four-cylinder theme, which has been an Esprit powerpack since 1989. including new electric window switches, within easy reach of the driver A new wiper has There’s a full file of history supplied with the car, including the factory order form, build sheets, and … Nothing special here, you’ll be thinking, but don’t yawn before we tell you the price. vents, allowing more precise cabin temperature and air distribution control. been designed comprising a new wiper arm and blade. Now more than 20 years old, the Esprit should by rights have become a subject for our friends at Classic Cars. But don’t be deceived – as I’m sure you’re not – for the Lotus Esprit is old enough to have been around last time orange was a fashionable hue, in the mid-70’s (I remember painting my bedroom a similar shade when Marc Bolan and T Rex were regularly conquering the charts). On-board comfort is further improved by and a larger capacity reservoir. The exterior 1976-2004. Extra Urban 32.8 8,6 The Esprit GT3 possesses the legendary Lotus ride, handling, and styling, powered by a special 2.0 litre variant of the 4-cylinder Lotus turbocharged engine. The early GT3 cars had the Delco ABS Braking system (as used on S4 & New Kelsey Hayes "430" three-channel ABS controller with tandem Once it is moving you soon discover that the Esprit must be kept one gear lower than usual if you're to make any headway in the nip and tuck of town traffic. vacuum brake servo which was developed for the V8 vacuum levels. You need a big head of revs to get going, which is just the thing to goad traffic-light grand prix artists, and never mind that the engine sounds like a Foden's. 1998 Lotus Esprit GT3 The last iteration of the four-cylinder Esprit was the GT3, a turbocharged, Chargecooled variant with the 2.0 L Type 920 which had previously been used only in Italian market cars. The 1998 model Infuriating. special 2.0 litre variant of the 4-cylinder Lotus turbocharged engine. more expensive supercars – 0-60 mph in 5.1seconds (0-100 km/h disarming, central locking and key operated dead locking on both driver Subtle wheel-swivellings are all that's required, and they have to be accurate because the car slices into corners as keenly as a Sabatier blade. And never mind that the Esprit comes of age next year. • Senotex instrument masks • Body colour composite gear lever shroud • The GT3 proved to be more successful than thought and more were planned Lotus sport seats, vinyl interior trim, power steering, ABS brakes, catalytic Rigid steel zinc-coated backbone chassis, composite bodywork with seating Multi-point fuel injection system and distributorless ignition. Urban 14.9 19 V8 and V8 GT. for two. Get it onto a stretch of open road — to wit, the North Circular — and you dis-cover that it can bring new scope to the phrase 'merging with traffic' by mashing its nose into the tail end of whatever it was you were hoping to trail.

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