These men and others would later be known as "Ashley's Hundred".

Apart from the name change, one of the biggest differences in Man in the Wilderness is the parallel story that follows the group that Glass/Bass was traveling with. Both take dramatic license with the story to varying degrees. When given the fateful choice, Bass opts to return home rather than exact revenge.

Although originally published anonymously, it was later revealed to be the work of James Hall, brother of The Port Folio's editor. Even those simple stakes create more tension than the fungible revenge plot that supposedly propels The Revenant. It’s to say that Man in the Wilderness doesn’t have to resort to being obtuse and declaring itself a “difficult” movie to tell Glass’ story. Hugh Glass (c. 1783 – 1833) was an American frontiersman, fur trapper, trader, hunter, and explorer. Also, the relationship between Glass and Fitzgerald is thrilling and tense, the audience can feel the hatred between the two of them. It was first recorded in 1825 in The Port Folio, a Philadelphia literary journal, as a literary piece and later picked up by various newspapers. He was relieved to find his knife and flint in his shot pouch and traveled to Fort Kiowa, surviving off the land. Glass managed to hide behind some rocks until the Arikara gave up their search, but was separated from the two other survivors.

Another version of the story was told in an episode of Death Valley Days titled "Hugh Glass Meets a Bear", with a release date of March 24, 1966. To prevent gangrene, Glass allowed maggots to eat the dead infected flesh in his wounds. It’s not bad, but I’m glad that they made The Revenant, as it finally gave us a version of this story that is not only acted to an extremely high standard but is also visually stunning. Wouldn’t have been that hard. He was later rumored to have been captured by the Pawnee tribe, with whom he lived for several years. The two protagonists are very different but do definitely have similarities, because they are supposed to be the same guy. [8], Glass later learned that Fitzgerald had joined the army and was stationed at Fort Atkinson in present-day Nebraska. In The Revenant , Tom Hardy’s marble-mouthed Fitzgerald guts Glass’ son and bears the brunt of Glass’ hatred after leaving him to die. His body we buried with others near this camp and marked the grave with a log. Still. However, there are a couple of facts that some people may not know about The Revenant and its past. Gleeson’s Captain clearly wants to keep Glass alive, without putting the rest of the group in much danger, whereas Huston wants Bass dead within hours of the bear attack. [10], Glass wrote a letter to the parents of John S. Gardner, killed on June 2, 1823:[11].

What makes The Revenant stand out is Leo; he really did deserve that Oscar, and I am very glad that this story got a new lease on life. This apathy follows me then throughout the rest of the film. There they constructed skin boats and traveled down the Platte River to the lower end of the Black Hills. [16] Glass and his party discovered a settlement of 38 lodges of Arikara. It’s almost as if with each passing grisly sequence of The Revenant the director is grinding your nose in the world’s senseless brutality. I myself was shot in the leg. Also, it is likely to have been embellished over the years as a legend. I’ve scoured the Internet and can find no reason for the name change other than to keep it fictional. A monument to Glass now stands near the site of his mauling on the southern shore of the present-day Shadehill Reservoir in Perkins County, South Dakota, at the forks of the Grand River.

Many of them, who later earned reputations as famous mountain men, also joined the enterprise, including James Beckwourth, John S. Fitzgerald, David Jackson, William Sublette, Jim Bridger, Thomas Fitzpatrick, and Jedediah Smith.

Westerns in the 70’s were as ubiquitous as superhero films now. To me this seems a rather odd and likely expensive detail to add to an already interesting film.

[8], In 1822, many men responded to an advertisement in the Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser placed by General William Henry Ashley,[9] which called for a corps of 100 men to "ascend the river Missouri" as part of a fur-trading venture. Nearby, the Hugh Glass Lakeside Use Area is a free state-managed campground and picnic area. While smoking with him in his lodge, Glass noticed their equipment being taken by the residents and realized it was a trap.

The turning point for this story is the bear attack, it is the key moment that starts this epic story.

Conversely, I found Glass in The Revenant to be hard-willed, suffering and quite possibly the manliest man out there. Nope, we’re talking about another fictional account about Glass’ survival that was, pre-Revenant, all but forgotten. Before I go any further, it is true that this has a lot to do with the script, but Gleeson’s performance in The Revenant is excellent and Huston’s less so.

Coffee drinker, beard grower.

Even though Wilderness is based on true events, Sarafain has decided to make it more of a fictional tale, so in this version we follow the story of Zachary Bass, played by Richard Harris, who we will come back to. This isn’t to say you should take the easy way out and not have to engage with a quote-unquote “difficult” movie. It is gripping and tense right up to the final shot. [16] The men quickly fled but two were killed by the pursuing war party. Bass’s journey was more of an unlucky series of events which slightly delayed his rendezvous with the rest of the group. There’s a 3-minute sequence involving a bloodied Harris sneaking up on a Native American woman giving birth by squatting over a patch of brush, and there’s a 10-minute scene of Harris building a splint for an injured rabbit that culminates in the dynamic duo of frontiersman and cuddly beast just kind of hanging out and watching the fire he built for warmth. Riveting stuff. Andrew Henry, Ashley's partner, had joined the group, and he along with Glass and several others set out overland to the Yellowstone River. [13][14] Later, claiming that they were interrupted by attacking Arikara, the pair grabbed the rifle, knife, and other equipment belonging to Glass and took flight. Character similarities aside, Man in the Wilderness thematically has less in common with The Revenant than it does with, say, Castaway. [5][6], Glass was born in Pennsylvania, to Scots-Irish parents. He is best known for his story of survival and forgiveness after being left for dead by companions when he was mauled by a grizzly bear. Using Thunder Butte as a navigational landmark, Glass crawled overland south toward the Cheyenne River where he fashioned a crude raft and floated downstream to Fort Kiowa. For instance, the lead character of Man in the Wilderness (played by original Dumbledore himself, Richard Harris) is named Zachary Bass.

That’s right: in Man in the Wilderness Captain Henry has his men and horses dragging along a huge boat on wheels to get it to the Mississippi River. Bruh. "The Song of Hugh Glass" (1915) is the second part of the sequence of epic poems, In the 1966 episode "Hugh Glass Meets the Bear" of the, Dewitt Lee played Sam Glass in a film called, Sculptor John Lopez unveils a life-size welded sculpture of Hugh Glass being attacked by a Grizzly at the inaugural "Hugh Glass Rendezvous" held on the site that the actual mauling took place in 1823. Man in the Wilderness is at its core a Western. The immediate difference that we can see with this film is that the producers have changed the character’s name.

In The Revenant the audience wants to see Glass kill Fitzgerald; in Man in the Wilderness the Captain was a bit mean, but I didn’t feel that drive. A soft-spoken but intense frontiersman on an extended fur trapping expedition in the 19th century American wilderness gets himself mauled by a grizzly. It took me longer than I care to admit to realise that they have different names. [4] His life before the famous bear attack is largely unverifiable, and his frontier story contained numerous embellishments.

So does this make The Revenant just another Hollywood reboot, or can we just forget this 70’s Western ever existed? But wait, we’re not talking about director Alejandro G. Iñárritu’s miserable Oscar darling The Revenant, the latest adaptation of the real-life story of woodsman Hugh Glass.

It also doesn’t include the murdered son character so prominent to the plot of The Revenant. [8] According to Yount's story, Glass also obtained $300 as compensation. Fitzgerald and "Bridges" later caught up with the party and incorrectly reported to Ashley that Glass had died. There is no writing from Hugh Glass himself to corroborate the veracity of it. Due to the technological constraints of the 1970s, in Man in the Wilderness we see a shot of a bear running towards the camera and then what is clearly a man in a bear costume jumping on Bass. How Hollywood Killed the Young Adult Fantasy Genre. Born in Pennsylvania to Scots-Irish parents, Glass became an explorer of the watershed of the Upper Missouri River, in present-day Montana, the Dakotas, and the Platte River area of Nebraska. authorities. His things we will send to you. They traveled up the Powder River, then across to the Platte River. I’ll take the one that’s streaming on Amazon already. One is a largely forgotten spaghetti western-esque studio take on a survival movie, while the other will probably win best picture at the Oscars this year.

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