Lord would have been able to deactivate the bombs with a kill switch should Supergirl not have been able to stop them.

He also influences the superhero community into believing Ted Kord committed suicide, which enrages Booster Gold. In this issue, this unhinged young villain is revealed as the mastermind behind the psychic phenomenon spreading chaos across the globe-but is there more to her than meets the eye?

Morrow | That move destroyed the cybernetic implants KILG%RE gave Lord to save his life, too, putting Lord in the hospital. While planning, he is kidnapped from his laboratory by Reactron, who needs a nuclear physicist to repair the core from his suit.

– Part I: Origin | the Captain's JLA blog", "Who is Maxwell Lord? By using DNA of Supergirl from the Red Tornado arm Alex at one point showed him, he also manages to give the woman the same powers as Supergirl.

Xenon, Television Hobby With the aid of an alien computer he had discovered on his own expeditions, Lord took it upon himself to establish a new Justice League of metahumans and capable vigilantes: one which would not just represent America, but function internationally.

In response, Brother Eye broadcasts the footage of Wonder Woman killing Lord all over the world, destroying her reputation and her friendship with Batman and Superman, who reject her despite the fact that she saved their lives. While the possessed Lord forces the JLI to battle itself, the mortally wounded Silver Sorceress manages to contain Dreamslayer, and holds him within her mind as she dies, taking him with her. He felt badly about accidentally making Supergirl a temporary villain with a trap that was supposed to be for Non.

[16] Some time later, Lord resumes his attack on Wonder Woman, who had recently been deputized as a Star Sapphire. Lord, who has pledged a cleanup fond, claims that Superman's arrival in Metropolis quadrupled the city's maintenance budgets and that National City does not need these kind of problems as well. Lord's parents were virologists working for the government, who were killed when their lab was contaminated.

3, sneak peek at wonder woman: earth one vol. Monitor | There, the White Lantern Entity gives him the mission of killing Magog, whose existence would eventually lead to the dark future seen in Alex Ross’s Kingdom Come.

Lord reveals that he knows nothing of a drone and that the building blown up by the bomb belongs to him. Maxwell Lord is at first seen giving an interview after Supergirl accidentally made a container ship spill its oil into the bay while trying to save it from a fire. She creates a diversion lasting long enough for her to race back to Lord's location and asks that he release him.

He is also the mind behind the Project A.R.E.S.
While she flies off, Lord claims that he agrees and that the fun is yet beginning. The team resolves to try to prevent Lord from bringing about this dystopia.

Unfortunately, the use of these powers came with a deadly side effect that aggravated a brain tumor, causing him to bleed from the nose and eventually leading to his presumed death. Toyman | He’s also the Black King of the spy organization Checkmate.

The team was developed with the assistanc… Arrowverse Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. 3, early look at wonder woman: earth one vol. He learned how to … Malefic J'onzz

Superwoman | When he found out that the Red Kryptonite had infected Supergirl, he started tracking her, then helped the D.E.O. The plan works and National City is saved without use of Lord's bomb. [30] Lord uses technology to upgrade Magog's staff into emitting energy blasts. DeMatteis, and Kevin Maguire.

Eventually, the Kryptonian will be left without morality, rationality, or any cares whatsoever. Anti-Monitor | – Part II: The JLI | the Captain's JLA blog", "Who is Maxwell Lord?

[39] The JLI arrives and attacks Lord, but he escapes from the JLI in one of his headquarters' escape pods, and the headquarters vanishes. #WW84 only in theaters. Scorcher |

Though he may appear to be little more than a greasy businessman, the manipulative Maxwell Lord has been the ringmaster of the Justice League, the world’s greatest spymaster, and … Blackstarr Alex later confronts Lord in his office.

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Satan Girl |

While Lord is out, Henshaw uses his shape-shift powers to take Lord's shape.

• Maxwell Lord appears in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Ultimatum", voiced by Tim Matheson. Kilg%re downloads his consciousness into a duplicate of one of the Extremist robots, Lord Havok (in a further retcon the body is said to be a New Genesis-built automaton, which later fell into Checkmate's possession). There's something missing here.

After heading to the DEO to offer his help, Alex throws Lord into his cell again but releases him moments later when he reveals that the results on Supergirl were not his intention and offers to create an antidote.

However, in this vision, Lord is hiding a gun behind his back, implying that Lord is planning to kill Reyes, just as Lord killed Reyes' predecessor, Ted Kord.

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