Nyhavn, a 17th-century waterfront in Copenhagen.

Lagos was oorspronkelijk een klein dorp, bekend als Eko, aan een van de weinige natuurlijke havens langs de Atlantische kust.

- Keywords: demography, population pyramid, age pyramid, aging, retirement, Nigeria, 2100. El Alto is a city in progress, he says, starting to prosper as industry and its economy develop. The current metro area population of Lagos in 2020 is 14,368,000, a 3.34% increase from 2019.

Many economists argue that population growth is needed to create wealth, and that urbanisation significantly reduces humanity’s environmental impact. There was a pro-population policy. Total urban populations for all nations will be heavily influenced by the scale of natural increase in populations but will the population growth rates used in estimating city populations really be sustained?

The roads and public transport are not built.
“There has been progress in so many ways,” Connolly says. The city is already a center of West African trade and finance – but Lagos … Her recommendation: “African cities must learn that they cannot become sustainable by building roads.

Lagos is het grootste economische centrum van Nigeria gebleven. The fields her grandparents worked, once over eight kilometres from the small city centre, are now covered with closely packed high-rises. “The situation is very worrying. De grootste kerk ter wereld, de Faith Tabernacle, is sinds het einde van de 20e eeuw gevestigd in een van de voorsteden van Lagos, Ota. By western standards it is a dysfunctional, sprawling megalopolis, ringed by vast shantytowns of informal settlements, their infrastructure nonexistent or collapsing. By then, says the UN, humanity is expected to have developed into an almost exclusively urban species with 80-90% of people living in cities. Elsewhere, half of India’s population is under age 25, and Latin America’s average age is as high as 29. “Cities, by their nature, because of a more compact lifestyle, can provide a quality of life higher than anywhere else with less energy per unit of GDP,” he told Voice of America. The list of the world's largest cities and their populations depend so much on where private capital (local, national, global) investment chooses to locate (and where competent city governments develop to attract this).

Travel + Leisure is a registered trademark of Meredith Corporation Travel + Leisure Group All Rights Reserved, registered in the United States and other countries. In de 15e eeuw vestigden zeelieden uit Portugal op het eiland een handelspost die zij Lagos noemden, naar de stad Lagos in zuidelijk Portugal.

The city stretches so far.

“What seems to be happening in Africa is that it is triggering only small-scale informal trading [as opposed to global commerce].

The paper is available under open access until 10 October 2016. Lagos has 9 million people living in the city proper and 14 million or so in the urban area.

Many cities are already investing in clean transport and water, sewage, renewable energy, planning, wellbeing and good housing for all. Lagos was de hoofdstad van Nigeria tot 1991 totdat deze functie werd verplaatst naar Abuja.

By 2100, it is projected to be home to more people than California or Britain today, and to stretch hundreds of miles – with enormous environmental effects.

Everyone knows cities can be crowded, but some of them are growing quicker than we might think.

The environmental impacts of urbanisation are much worse outside cities.”. Overstretched Cities is an in-depth look at how urbanisation has seen cities all over the world mushroom in size, putting new strain on infrastructure and resources –  but in some cases offering hope for a more sustainable relationship with the natural world. European cities are some of the world’s richest, and most are expected to barely grow or even shrink over the next 50 years. Sources - What is a population pyramid? Tan Guo is 24 years old and bewildered.

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That being said, Hoornweg still feels urban environments can breed an improved quality of life. Its megacities, like Mumbai and Delhi, are not expected to grow much more; instead, smaller cities are rapidly expanding.

Makoko, a slum located in a lagoon in Lagos, Nigeria. However, environmental issues are still not high on the agenda, and the city has a semi-permanent water crisis. One girl’s mission: can Lakshmi find clean water in Bangalore?

It is also a model of how to build from scratch in a bleak environment with few resources.

Lagos has a very diverse population due to immigration from surrounding areas and other parts of Nigeria.

So what could change in the 84 years up to 2100? Een belangrijke organisator en bevorderaar van de cultuur in Nigeria is de in Lagos gevestigde non-profitorganisatie Committee for Relevant Art.[bron?].

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