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If you’re like me and simply love the 675LT, than this video will keep you busy for a while. If you want one of these in your garage, you’d better hurry as the coupe sold out in just a couple of months.

In order to celebrate the drop-top’s incredible success, McLaren commissioned MSO to develop a unique version of the supercar, sporting a special paint job and extra carbon-fiber inside and out. Whether it’s through exterior upgrades or interior amenities, the objective has always been the same: make these models more personalized to reflect the tastes and preferences of its owners. It’s got state-of-the-art technology. 203 mph Top speed. It needs only three seconds to hit 62 mph and 8.3 ticks to hit 124 mph, before it tops out at 203 mph. McLaren Automotive has revealed the latest chapter in the history of the iconic ‘Longtail’ name with confirmation of the 675LT Spider.

The teaser video reveals that the convertible version will feature revised front and rear fascias with a new front spoiler, more aggressive side skirts and a new dual exhaust system. McLaren Orange detailing is then applied both externally and internally, with brake callipers, embossed leather and stitching all in the heritage colour made famous by the Formula 1™ and Can-Am racers of Bruce McLaren. I’m continuously checking eBay just to make sure, they may come in handy for a coffee table I’m planning to build. As usual, Mclaren will offer a wide array of customizing options that will include two-tone upholstery designs, contrast stitching, and extra carbon-fiber. With 666 hp, the twin turbocharged 3.8 Litre 32v quad-cam V8 petrol engine accelerates this 675LT Spider to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 203 mph. Keep reading for the full specs. The objective here is to give these new models a fresh shine, so to speak. If you have money and are into cars, what do you do? Top speed is 326km/h (203mph). With 666 hp, the twin turbocharged 3.8 Liter 32v V8 gasoline engine accelerates this 675LT Spider to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds and on to a maximum speed of 203 mph. The rollers are wrapped in P Zero Trofeo R tires specifically developed for the 675LT.

515 lbft Torque. But people badgered the brass-hats at Woking to do a Spider. Specification of the McLaren 675LT the lightest, most driver-focused, most exclusive series-production McLaren supercar ever built. Motor Trend’s “Ignition” web series sought to answer that question by giving the 675LT, or at least a pair of then, the road and track shakedown (no pun intended). Sounds like quite the package, no? The convertible also received revised C-pillars, which were moved forward compared to the coupe and had their quarter windows removed. Since then, new details have emerged about the company’s long-arching plan, with one of the most significant being the plan to build on the success of the 675LT and turn the “LT” name into its own track-focused sub-brand. You’ll know it’s all in there though, especially without the roof. So far, the car has performed to its billing and if it could talk from beyond the grave, I’d say that the F1 Long Tail would have its own stamp of approval for its spiritual successor. On the surface, the McLaren 675LT is the kind of supercar that dreams are made of.

PS. Reaching 60 mph from a standstill takes just 2.9 seconds, making it a tenth of a second faster the 488 Spider. It is also the most exclusive, being built in a limited edition of only 500 units. This particular component is an important one since it saves close to 0.5 kilos (1.1 pounds) over the standard version. Until then, let’s have a closer look at what we already know about the 688HS. McLaren’s plan to launch 15 new models in the span of the next six years isn’t a new development as the British automaker already laid out this strategy, called Track22, in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Why even bother go the aftermarket route when McLaren’s MSO Defined range has what you’re looking for, right? After a successful season in 1995 and 1996, McLaren set about raising the bar once more in order to stay ahead of the competition.

The power output and torque figures remain unchanged, with 675PS (666bhp) delivered at 7,100rpm and 700Nm (516lb ft) available between 5,000-6,500rpm.

So the question begs: is that $150,000 difference between the 650S and the 675LT really worth it?
Find out more about the Ferrari 488 Spider here. Its top speed, on the other hand, is comparable to its rivals at 201 mph. As standard, the sports car rides on ten-spoke lightweight alloy wheels that measure 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. Continue reading to learn more about the 2016 McLaren 675LT. Recently, the Verge became the latest witnesses to the track capabilities of the 675LT. From there, the scene shifted to Willow Springs where race car driver Randy Pobst drove the more race-tuned version of the two 675LTs for a clear and present shakedown and subsequent hot lap around the Big Willow course.

Sure, there’s a suspension improvement on the agenda, but for the most part, it’s the wheels and the engine that make up the tuning kit.

And don’t forget to come back for updates over the next few weeks. Downloads. Spring rates are the most track-focused of the Super Series models, with stiffness increased 27 percent at the front and 63 percent at the rear, providing a more rearward balance and allowing for a 40 percent increase in downforce over the 650S Spider. Discover Configure 600LT.

Sure, it’s actually better suited to go against the 650S Spider, but until Ferrari comes up with a special iteration that’s more aerodynamic and powerful, the 488 Spider will have to do. Top speed is the only performance spec that changed, decreasing slightly from 205 to 203 mph.

It’s main objective is to give drivers the ultimate track driving experience without actually stepping into a race car. The now familiar 3.8-liter, twin-turbo V-8 produces an additional 25 horsepower, bringing its total to 666 (675 metric horsepower).

As soon as both got their time in on the 675LT, Lieberman once again brought up the question on whether the significant price gap between the 650S and the 675LT is worth it? McLaren says roughly a third of the car’s components were replaced or modified, reducing weight by about 220 pounds. Apparently, his latest prized supercar is the McLaren 675LT Spider, which he says he is on the verge of receiving from McLaren. Significantly less powerful than both the McLaren and Ferrari, the Lambo is also slower, hitting 62 mph in 3.4 seconds and 124 in 10.2. Not only are they awesome to look at, but their lightweight nature helps drop even more pounds from the car’s weight. Set to go on sale next year, the 675LT Spider will find its way to customers starting summer 2016, most likely as a 2017 model in the U.S.. Production will commence as soon as McLaren builds all 500 675LTs. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. The news comes courtesy of GT Spirit, who confirmed the report with McLaren. That hasn’t happened yet, but with this new report, it might end up coming to fruition within the next six years. The new titanium exhaust turns up the volume over the 650S. Sure, there is the possibility that car paparazzi might have missed it, but that’s pretty unlikely. By accepting this notice and continuing to browse our website you confirm you accept our cookie policy. Although the original "Longtail" wasn’t offered in a drop-top configuration, McLaren went ahead and chopped the roof off the 675LT in order to give enthusiasts a more powerful and exclusive option to the already exhilarating 650S Spider. Continue reading to learn more about the McLaren 675 LT Spider. All Rights Reserved, Introducing the $1000 TopSpeed Student Scholarship, Read the full 2017 McLaren 675 LT Spider review, 2017 McLaren 675 LT Spider Now, the supercar is wearing a flashy Mantis Green coat while being flogged like there’s no tomorrow. Discover ... facts & Figures SPECIFICATION.

Continue reading to learn more about the McLaren MSO Carbon Series LT. Tim Burton, better known as Shmee150 in the supercar world, is one of those people who have found his purpose in life. All Rights Reserved, � Copyright TopSpeed. The vehicle spied up close in the pit lane is wearing McLaren’s familiar black-white camouflage, as well as "prototype vehicle" lettering on the side skirts. The latter are also available in the the five-spoke design that debuted on the coupe model.

But like most supercars, the 675LT has one caveat: price. The 675LT has "collectible" written all over it. Available in Titanium Silver, Storm Grey, Onyx Black and Chicane Grey, the Ultra-Lightweight wheels are stealth finished, while a satin carbon fibre finish is applied to the front wing end plates, lower side air intake and the centre of the rear bumper, along with the side intakes, wheelarches, wing mirrors and ‘Longtail’ Airbrake. With all 500 units accounted for in a matter of weeks, McLaren went ahead and chopped the roof off the 675LT in order to give enthusiasts a more exclusive option to the already exciting 650S Spider. As expected, the convertible shares most of its exterior design with the coupe, while the drivetrain is identical.
Another key characteristic of any Longtail is exclusivity, and the 675LT Spider is no exception. There’s also new carbon fiber mirror arms that can be combined with matching mirror casings and just in case it doesn’t get mentioned, carbon fiber louvered front fenders are also on the MSO Defined menu now. The car is known as the McLaren 675LT JVCKENWOOD Concept and has debuted today at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Nevada. Updated 06/02/2016: McLaren dropped a series of new images of the 675LT Spider taken during the car’s media launch in Scotland. Unlike the coupe, which has a large window between the roof and the deck, the Spider features a smaller window through which the engine is only partly visible.

Don’t start looking for your checkbook though, as this bespoke 675LT Spider will most likely be shipped to a new home as soon as the Geneva Motor Show is over.

Check it out above.

But he went missing, so Catchpole had to settle for ex-Formula 1 driver and nephew of Ayrton Senna, Bruno Senna. Register Interest. The 675LT Spider, priced at £285,450, is the fifth new model debuted by McLaren Automotive in 2015 in what has become a defining year for the British brand. As a result, it benefits from all the cool features that make the 675LT special, including the extended door sills, a smaller air intake just under the main engine air intake, and the active Longtail airbrake, which is 50 percent larger than the one on the 650S Spider. Exposed bodywork across the rear deck and below the rear wing aids engine cooling, while louvres in the flared rear bumper optimise pressure levels. The 675LT Coupé focused on light weight, enhanced aerodynamics, increased power and track-focused dynamics, and this limited-run model quickly sold out before the first deliveries commenced. McLaren has yet to announce when the sports car will reach its customers, and I have a hunch it won’t happen until the fourth quarter of 2015. Toward the end of the video we can watch Chris explain some of the aluminum, titanium, carbon-fiber and plexiglass bits and pieces that were specifically designed for the 675LT. With the recent release of the 2019 McLaren 600LT, it’s kind of easy to forget that there was another very prominent longtail model from the McLaren brand long before the 600LT came to life. As cool as that may sound, things got way better when McLaren launched the 675LT. Sculpted carbon fibre door sills run along the lower edge of the bodywork, flowing in to a smaller air intake ahead of the rear wheels. Sharing these key characteristics, McLaren Automotive now presents the most focused, fastest and exhilarating open top model to ever wear a McLaren badge. Nm. June 2, 2016, 14:00, by Jonathan Lopez, on After all, who wants just a custom 675LT Coupe when you can have it topless sister the 675LT Spider?

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