Wide and often airy, it allows for unobstructed views of the playing field, which it completely encircles, from everywhere but center field, where it runs behind the tree-covered batter's backdrop. They are always trying to get the people involved and especially the kids. Came by myself and came with coworkers. Some of Citibank Ballpark's suites and screen are seen in the photo to the left. Rocky and Juice the Moose are always walking around taking pics with the kids. A members only restaurant called the Diamond Club is at the back of the concourse behind home plate. Both have see-through fencing that makes up a portion of the outfield wall. Each of the 22 suites has a 22-person capacity. I came here a lot last year. The official Facebook page of the Midland RockHounds. This is a nice park with a couple amenities unique to Security Bank Ballpark. Secure your tickets today so you don't miss out on a moment of the action. The RockHounds like to tout their ballpark as Rocky Town so it's fitting that the plaza that fronts Citibank Ballpark contains a big rock. In the outfield, there is a playground space and a water park for those hot summer months. The noise is directed toward the playing field from the horns' placement on the roof above the press box behind home plate. - Sports Clubs & Organizations…. Came by myself and came with coworkers. That's section 1 for the visiting team and section 20 for the RockHounds. It passes over the area where the roll-away batting cage is stored. That's especially true in left field, where a hill is. It's where the road sign that says "Sports Complex" beckons you to get off of the Loop, which notably does not have signage that mentions the ballpark by name, but rather the complex. In a vertical timeline display, the markers commemorate: 1975 Texas League Co-Champions; 1995 Freitas Award (Top Double-A Franchise); 2005 Texas League Champions; 2007 John H. Johnson Award (Top Minor League Franchise); 2009 Texas League Champions. Midland, TX is football country, forever made famous by its proximity to neighboring Odessa's Ratliff Stadium, which was ground zero for Buzz Bissinger's groundbreaking book, Friday Night Lights.So it should be no surprise that a 15,000-seat football (and soccer) stadium adjoins Citibank Ballpark, which seats around 6,000 and hosts Midland RockHounds baseball games. Last stop for me this season of the Texas League ballparks located in Texas. I wish it had been saucier, but they do offer Heinz packets if you really need it, for $6.25. The stadium's sole scoreboard is set amidst five rows of picnic tables at the back of the berm in right field. Like Franks, Randy Velarde of the A's was a Midland Lee high school graduate. Naturally, many fans touch the natural rock with the mythical background on their way into the ballpark. The hot dog ($4) was average, too expensive for most nights, but $1 dogs would be worth it. In addition to tables, those in the club can choose to seat themselves at hightop chairs set up behind a drink rail that is attached to the windows along the concourse through which the playing field can be seen. The Baseball Travel Map is one of many great items in our Baseball & Ballpark Store. Everywhere is a good seat for a good price. Governed by the 7-member Midland Football-Soccer and Baseball Complex Development Corporation, more commonly known as the 4B Board. I understand it's hot but all the fixed seats are in the shade. There isn't a lot to do in Midland, but a Rockhounds game is a great option for people of all ages and income levels. The general usage of earth tone colors are by design, as those mimic those found in the notorious surrounding arid landscape. Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! The set-up is very similar to. This place is a gem out here in the desert. These make great gifts for homesick Midlanders. Originally had 16 suites. You can also arrive at the ballpark from Highway 191 (exit at Deauville Blvd.) I don't have kids, but I appreciate the park for having entertainment for those who do have children so that I may enjoy the game. Everything written or compiled on this page was done so by Graham Knight following a baseball pilgrimage to Citibank Ballpark on June 30th and July 1st of 2011. Construction cost: Approximately $23 million of the $45.34 million spent on the entire Scharbauer Sports Complex. There's also a healthy option stand for those who want to go in that direction. This is a minor league team for the A's.  (A full gallery is viewable on the Baseball Pilgrimages' Citibank Ballpark Facebook page). Sculptures of a youth pitcher and batter are just inside of the entrance. While dirt paths from the dugouts to home plate are commonplace, and Midland's ballpark has them, it also has dirt paths in an usual spot: behind first and third base, where they connect the infield corners of the dirt diamond to the traditional warning track that goes around the field. While Midland, like most of West Texas, had a lot of undeveloped land, it was decided to put the complex near the highway that bypassed the city, rather than near or in its downtown core, which had gone from the emerging new ballpark building trend to the established one by the turn of the 21st century, and so a nearly 100-acre plot of land alongside Midland's main thoroughfare, Loop 250, was selected. The RockHounds play in Momentum Bank Ballpark, which opened in 2002 and seats 6,669 fans. (432) 520-2255 The Official Site of the Midland RockHounds, Jamie Richardson- Assistant General Manager Marketing & Tickets, Ray Fieldhouse- Assistant General Manager Operations, Eloisa Galvan- Director of Business Operations, Shelly Haenggi- Director of Marketing/ Client Services, Bob Hards- Director of Broadcasting & Publications, Nathan Hymel- Media Relations Coordinator, Al Melville- Assistant Concessions Manager, Rachael DiLeonardo- Director of Community Relations, Peyton Wilkins- Director of Video Production & Entertainment. It was a 2:00pm game and was 100 degrees, pure sun and a UV index of 10. Taking kids to a ball game is a classic experience. Most, but not all, players starred or had lengthy careers at the big league level. To the right of the "good time rock," a slightly elevated home plate-shaped sitting area contains some markers that commemorate awards and league championships won by the franchise. They have lots of cool stuff. If you are looking to watch the game and have kids. We've provided West Texas with the best fun and family … We had such a great time! Copyright © 2004–2020 Yelp Inc. Yelp, , and related marks are registered trademarks of Yelp. The people/fans that come here are very enthusiastic . The chopped barbecue sandwich by Rocky's Roadhouse BBQ (available only at the left field shop) is locally smoked brisket on a bun. Prices seemed pretty average for ballpark food. Every time, we have a blast. Placed about a stone's throw away from the park's entrance gates, the Midland rock comes with a brief backstory attached as a plaque on it states: "Legend has it that this rock, excavated from deep below the playing field, guarantees fun and good times to all who touch it!" Wow! This was a fun evening of baseball and entertainment. until you reach Champions Drive, turning left where the arrow points you to the home team parking lot. We just went to our FIRST Rockhound game since moving to Midland! Additional monies for the ballpark came from the team and the naming rights sponsorship. Lots of tan brick that's the same color as the infield's dirt makes up the bulk of the facade, which is topped by a blue roof. About the only things it had in common with its Texas League replacement was general location (also directly off Loop 250) and going by multiple names (Cubs and Angels Stadium prior to its final, and current name). Contact the business for more information about recent service changes. While the first official opening day was April 4, 2002, a 7-inning exhibition between the RockHounds and their parent club christened the ballpark eight days prior. They play a great game, and they deserve our support. Following Franks to the mound was Midland Mayor Mike Canon, just five days removed from shoulder surgery, and then Bobby Norman got to toss the third and final "first" pitch, getting to do so because he was the president of the bank, First American, that paid $2.17 million that very month for the ballpark's naming rights. Outfield Dimensions The sole set of gates are near the box office. Enjoyable staff and atmosphere. They have 2.00 seats. Six more have since been added to the ballpark's upper level. Don't worry they have a playground for kids. There isn't a lot to do in Midland, but a Rockhounds game is a great option for people of all ages and income levels. Numerous concession stands are found throughout the park, with a food court of sorts occupying a spot down the left field line. Learn more. The rest of the berm in the outfield is gently sloped. Since a Loop isn't an Interstate there are no exit numbers to be on the lookout for, but Thomason Drive is the "exit" you want. They have a train that goes around the ballpark. All seats have cup holders and are blue. Once darkness falls, the light show makes the area even more fun. Given its limited number of ticket windows, an average sized walk-up crowd means you spend more than an average amount of time in line. The one in right field is probably the most notable area in the ballpark, as the tables there are partially covered by a handful of umbrella-like canopies that stand out amongst the overall landscape much as wind turbines do along highways in remote areas. I've been to a number of baseball stadiums and I really enjoy how accessible this stadium is. We really love going to the baseball games and make a point to attend several every year! Every time, we have a blast. Those down the outfield lines are not angled towards the infield. The park also has a train that offers a unique rolling view from the outfield. LF: 330'   CF: 410'   RF: 322', Dallas/Fort Worth International(332.2 miles), (Major/Minor Leagues) George W. Bush (Suite 6) was raised in Midland. The people/fans that come here are very enthusiastic . All Rights Reserved. Every time, we have a blast. This was a fun evening of baseball and entertainment. I've been to a number of baseball stadiums and I really enjoy how accessible this stadium is. Each outfield corner has a picnic area. The grande nachos ($7.50) grabbed top prize with tortilla rounds loaded with queso, ground beef, lettuce, tomato and jalapeños (onions too but we left them off) with a large scoop of fresh guacamole ($1.50) and sour cream. Management is obviously dedicated to making the stadium fun for everyone. I think I had just as much fun playing in the water as the kids! Management is obviously dedicated to making the stadium fun for everyone. One of the signs is embedded with a pitch speed display. Baseball Pilgrimages So while losing the game, the A's did win the derby, 4-1, over the RockHounds. When New York-based Citigroup acquired First American Bank in 2005 the ballpark's name was changed to its current one. )Saturday: FireworksThe food is amazing. It's a bit rough in the middle of summer with no shade, but this allows for the cool West Texas evening winds to blow through and really make for a comfortable game watching experience. The food and beverage choice was excellent. To reach their capacity, suite leasees have the option to purchase 6 additional tickets for the season or on an individual game basis. Such a design works to the advantage of autograph-seeking fans following the game, as all players must pass by, and many sign for, those gathered in the two sections that are adjacent to the walkways. Once on Thomason go until it dead ends, about a half a mile west from the Loop, and turn right onto Tradewinds Blvd. Midland is one of the minor league parks that holds a 50/50 raffle nightly. The ballpark has 22 suites and its protective netting extends from dugout to dugout. Was originally called First American Bank Ball Park after the Bryan, TX-based bank paid $2.17 million for the naming rights in a 25-year deal agreed to in March 2002. The RockHounds' souvenir store is air-conditioned and especially well-stocked with t-shirts.

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