Nigel: Yes, and that’s still how it’s done.

I’m not a technical drummer at all. “Nigel had just purchased some furniture that was actually made from parts of old Spitfire planes,” Good continues. Curt is part of the reason I’m back. "Bobby" debuted in 2003 but is no longer used. Then at a concert in Tampa when they did that tour with Billy Joel 8-10 years ago. Where the world's greatest drummer meet. King. I think the band was in a castle or something. Going way back, Olsson’s career before Elton showed promise. Nigel: My style of playing gelled with that song. Nigel: Yes. Saturday Nights Alright - Drums only (Nigel Olsson) - YouTube I said, “Yes. With the exception of an Edge snare drum (which features a hybrid shell that mixes metal alloy with a maple center), they determined that the drums would be constructed around maple SSC shells. “This helped the conceptual part of the process quite a bit. It was probably one of my favorite rock shows over the years. Elton used studio musicians to record his first album, Empty Sky, although Olsson recorded one song on that album, “Lady What’s Tomorrow.” But then Olsson and band went on their first major tour with Elton, and a magical bond was set. “Rocket Man” came out when the US was first sending astronauts to the Moon. It is a fade of Ferrari Red to Formula One Yellow with Nigel's trademark cartoon signature character airbrushed into the shells! It all comes from my heart and my head. while recording in Atlanta in 1979, Nigel was involved in a traffic accident where he went through a stop sign (apparently obscured by tree tranches) and hit another car, killing it's driver. Nigel Olsson has always wanted to be a showman, ... isn’t to suggest the 63-year-old Olsson has choreographed this act or is one to throw thunderbolts from behind his drum kit. Don’t expect to see this week’s Drum Kit Of The Week at your local drum shop anytime soon. JavaScript is disabled. How To Play Drums Learn To Play Guitar Music Items Music Stuff Diy Drums Drum Accessories Drum Music Music Beats Easy Guitar.

MD: What was the first big Elton John hit that you played on? Here are the specs for the kit: Mounted Toms: 8″ x 7″, 10″ x 8″, 12″ x 9″, and 13″ x 10″ Advice, experience, recommendations welcome, Ludwig 77-81 Black Beauty reissue.

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From what I heard this gig (which was in Sweden) the band's instruments were late coming in, so they used borrowed equipment.

With a new album out, The Captain & The Kid, stated to be the sequel to Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy, as well as a lengthy tour, it’s obvious Nigel’s third coming was meant to be. Nigel Olsson replica kit. But he played that kit like it was his chrome Slingerlands... Nigel was THE one person put on Earth who was born to play w/EJ. You must log in or register to reply here. Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. They then rolled up their shirtsleeves and began brainstorming about the drum set’s unique design. He gave me a hug and said, “What was I thinking letting you go”? No one plays a pop song like Nigel Olsson, and his triumphant return to Elton John’s band has allowed the veteran musician to inspire drummers all over again. A. Chris says: "The kits from DW are 'key matched.' Up ’til then, it was four-track. We still do stuff like that, although nowadays we use all that Pro Tools stuff, which I don’t really like. On the natty Maple Slingerlands. Q. Where the world's greatest drummer meet. Elton would get the lyrics from Bernie, sit down and write the melody, and we’d be right there in the studio. It's a shame what happened only 6 months later. I was overwhelmed. 14" Signature Power Hi-Hat 18" Signature Full Crash 20" Signature Mellow Ride 24" 2002 Ride. NASA wanted to use the song for the space program, and we did actually get to go to NASA in Houston, which was very cool. Chris Sobchack, Nigel's drum tech extraordinaire, wrote in 2006: Curt actually said to Davey that there were songs like “Someone Saved My Life Tonight” that really should be played by me, and so Davey cleared it for me to play on some of the songs. As I always tell my helpers. MD: I think you once told me that “Daniel” was written in fifteen minutes and recorded in two hours. A:hover { color: #ffff00; text-decoration: none;  }-->. Elton's had plenty of great players over the decades, but, to me, Nigel is IT--in spades!!! . 10 Tips on How To Choose the Right Snare Drum. Nigel was really happy with the end result, front of house engineer was happy, even Elton’s happy with the kit.”. A:visited { color: #dda0dd; text-decoration: none;  }

Nigel Olsson (born 10 February 1949) is an English rock drummer and singer best known for his long-time affiliation with Elton John.. A dynamic drummer and backing vocalist, Olsson helped establish the Elton John sound as a member of John's original power trio alongside bassist Dee Murray.When not working with John, Olsson has taken up the role of a session musician. Sep 13, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Shannon Gulley. In 1975, after Captain Fantastic, Olsson and Elton went their separate ways for a few years. : Garrison at DW told us that 'the finish is Hot Pink Lavender overall to Rich Purple fade']. The snare, it has a great deal of "crack" to it, sounds no shallower than 6.5 inches. same specs as "Ghana," but only one kick drum, as it was built as a recording kit. I was at that show standing with my buddies about 100 feet from the stage. Perfect feel and his use of space, letting the music breathe, so to speak, was just a God-given gift.

The tuning of the finished drum (by me or Nigel) is based less on specific notes, and more on how the drums sound together. Not a chops-meister, but Elton's music didn't call for that anyway. MD: How was it presented? And he said Elton wanted me back. Then, about five years ago, you returned to do background vocals. When Elton hired Davey Johnstone on guitar, the group recorded a phenomenal run of hit singles and albums, including Honky Chateau, Don’t Shoot Me I’m Only The Piano Player, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, and Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy. i remembering seeing some tv show decades ago of early Elton John Band and Nigel was playing his double bass Slingerland kit. So I called the company and asked if it would be possible to make a drum kit … “He was at first under the impression we would have to wrap the kit in stainless steel to get this look – you can imagine how relieved he was when I told him we have a paint process that looks just like stainless steel. "Funeral For A Friend/Love Lies Bleeding" Elton John, Queen Movie's $1 Billion in Ticket Sales Leads to Film About a Drummer, Drum mic virgin! I’m very inspired by songs like that. It was just a very easygoing tempo and a fantastic song.

Elton did his first gig with me back on drums in Honolulu, and usually he comes off stage and immediately goes to change or get in a car.

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