Following feedback from existing Nissan LEAF owners, the car's on-board charging point has also been modified. For long term storage is recommended battery to be at 40-50% charge. The battery is rated for 1200 cycles at 0-100% charge until it reaches the 80% of the capacity or 5000 cycles when used 0-80% charge. I’m concerned that it could be a “boat anchor” in just a couple of years and very difficult to sell? When range gets to an unacceptable level, the electric car is worthless , as people are finding out . We have listened to our customers and we have been working on making the European-produced version of our multi-award winning car better for their particular needs" said Paul Willcox, senior vice president, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe. I’m just wondering if someone has ever tried to put one of those solar panels on top of the roof of a Leaf to help recharge/prolong trips? If higher current of discharge or higher capacity is necessary, these batteries could be connected in parallel - see the graphics bellow. No, but I have some facts. The new top Tekna model adds LED headlamps, the seven-speaker Bose sound system, leather seats (optional in Nordic markets), 17-inch alloy wheels and Around View Monitor. I guess they are trading off odometer and age to maximise speed of sales and price. As well as stealing some luggage space it meant a completely flat load floor was impossible to achieve. Using a BMS during charging is strongly recommended. Hi Mario, thank you for your question. We are based in Auckland, New Zealand – it’s quite far from Seattle I hope you find somewhere local. Thanks! An intelligent BMS will protect also from overcharging at low temperatures. However the capacity measured in our shop on new car - at 2-3 cycles was only 64.5Ah. All batteries suffer a loss in capacity over time, but the longevity of a battery will depend on several factors such as: The miles or distance traveled Climate Driver’s equanimity for battery degradation. The graphs show the percentiles: 50% is the middle of the pack (half have a higher SoH and half lower); 5% of the EVs have a SoH less than the 5th percentile, and 95% above it. In Bermuda, for example, we would just be changing the location of where the filth we were putting in the atmosphere was produced by driving an electric car. Cold region degradation is slower, expect up to 5x slower. Simple. Where the original model featured material made from 39 per cent recycled plastic bottles, the new bio-fabric is 100 per cent derived from sugar cane, a sustainable and virtually CO2 neutral material. "The comprehensive changes we have made to this pioneering car reinforce its unique character: unexpected, smart, accessible and progressive. Dima. With all of the changes that have brought improvements to the New LEAF's range, customers also wanted to change the way that remaining battery energy was displayed. The battery could be stored at low temperatures, but should not be charged at temperatures under 0C. Any shop? If a used 2015 Nissan Leaf with SOH of 79.12% with just 19,422 miles seems to be bad. This has been achieved by redesigning that battery casing and the integration of electrical components, which has reduced the length and number of heavy, high voltage interconnecting wires. On the Acenta and Tekna grades, the car can automatically notify the owner if charging is unexpectedly interrupted. The normal charging is 15-20A - 3-4h or 1/3C. How long before electric cars are charged road user charges , and my guess is it could be up to $2,000 a year to register one so that road maintenance in the billions can be paid for . We need to take into account the savings that we are making by having an EV. Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Executive. I always assumed you could and it is worrying? My wife commutes 90km round trip 4-5 times a week and her travel costs have fallen by 75% from about $65 a week to $65 a month, that difference needs to be included in the accounting for whether we get a good deal on resale. These cells cannot be charged at temperatures under 0C (32F). Nissan Leaf Generation 1 Battery Module Lithium Ion 1 kWh per set 66 Amp/h 12 volt configuration (Lot of 2) Comes with busbars and bolts Low 11 Volt High 16.5... SKU: NS01 12 volt. Most lithium batteries are tested by standard at 1/3C. The changes have been made to tailor LEAF to Europe's higher average speeds and more demanding roads. B-mode increases regenerative braking during deceleration while a separate 'Eco' button on the steering wheel alters the throttle mapping to discourage harsh acceleration and thus extend the driving range. Please don’t feel awkward about critical analysis! Do they need spare parts? What paint colour degrades the least? I currently don’t own a Leaf, so I’m coming at this from a point of ignorance. Shouldn’t we just run our vehicles to the absolute ground and stop being consumption addicts and capitalist monkeys. A revised warranty plan for the batteries covers against defects in materials and workmanship for five years or 100,000 kms and they are covered by a new 'State of Health' clause, which covers against excessive capacity loss for added peace of mind. This has been achieved by reprofiling the driver and front passenger seats to allow those in the rear to place their feet underneath them, increasing leg room. However, the battery cells now have a much higher energy density. Accelerating uptake of Electric Vehicles in New Zealand, (This post was kept here for archive purposes only – please click the button below to view the most up-to-date information). All rights reserved. Is their a market for spare parts? New Nissan LEAF is built on a bespoke EV platform with a 2700 mm wheelbase. Asking price is $6,900, Hi Larry – thanks for your question! Below we have posted the latest data from the Flip the Fleet communal database on leaf SoH measured by LeafSpy (upper) and dashboard bars (lower) for cars. Under normal conditions, stored properly they have very low self-discharge. Every cell should not go over 4.2V during the charging in any case. On the Visia grade Nissan's new 'Connect 2' navigations system can be fitted as an option extra. Great work here and not intended as a put down at all , Would I’d be a good or bad idea to buy a used 2011 Leaf with 29,000 miles? Also some of those Leafs may come from colder regions. That is the maximum measured at 1/3C 4.2-2.5V range. We recommend that you get a copy of a recent scan of the battery before purchasing or settling the price. I really don’t think the idea of on-selling is logical either. I’m guessing that the government could reasonably add RUC to EV warrants in arrears without too much hassle. check you tube for reference, a cheap OBD2 reader of amazon or where ever then leafspy software purchased online gives far more info than you need. Hi there would a 2014 Gen 2 with a SOH of 85.5% (but dealer claims 12 bars) sound legitimate? AVM uses a network of cameras to generate a 360-degree overhead image of the car on the central display, simplifying parking or any difficult manoeuvre. However, it has had 468 Quick Charges as against 28 L1/L2. High current charging shortens the battery life. As a result each module is 7.6V average, max 8.4V. The silhouette of the world's most popular pure electric vehicle hasn't changed, but as production starts in Europe the multi-award winning Nissan LEAF has undergone a number of significant engineering enhancements. It really depends on a lot of factors. The charging current should not go over 120A. Think very acrefully everyone !!!! 4QCs & 505 L1/L2. Be aware that the top (twelfth) bar on the Leaf’s battery health display (extreme right of the dashboard) is worth more than the bars below it i.e. Product Catalog - Lithium Batteries, Packs, Chargers, Parts, BMS. the 12 th bar drops off when the SoH drops to around 85%. Nissan Leaf Batteries Nissan Leaf has a 24kW rated LiMn2O4 battery pack and total capacity of 66.2Ah is disclosed by Nissan. The revised dampers reduce float and help provide a more dynamic drive without adversely affecting ride comfort while to give greater feel and weight at speed the electric power steering system has been recalibrated. One of the biggest concerns for buying a Leaf is resale value when battery gets low…, Hey, they are working on it: Gradually these potential legacy effects from ‘country of origin’ and dealer selection will be diluted as the vehicles are used in NZ. The actual usable capacity in a car is 21.5 kWh which is 59Ah. Link to the reader with LeafSpy and you can get tons of data from your LEAF including SOH, and so much more. My diesel per 100km RUC+Diesel =$7.68+$7.50(5L@$1.50)=$15.18/100km These batteries can hold the charge for a long time. For example – is this a price that you can comfortably afford? Black leather is fitted to the top of the range Tekna grade, and all grades are available with a more practical, dark interior finish, more suited to European winter conditions. Visia models have 16-inch steel wheels with full wheel covers, black mirror caps and halogen headlights. In response to customer feedback, the new CarWings system allows customer to choose the temperature the car should achieve by cooling or heating before a journey, improving convenience. Again totally correct . Thereafter the each remaining bar drops off at about each 6.25% drop in charge holding capacity. Hi Fer! Be aware that the top (twelfth) bar on the Leaf’s battery health display (extreme right of the dashboard) is worth more than the bars below it i.e. Nissan LEAF gained a full five star EuroNCAP rating on its launch and was the first 100% electric vehicle to gain this safety rating. Each module has 4 cells inside at 30Ah 3.8V - connected 2S2P. I am not an engineer BUT… I have been informed that the problem with the environmental argument is that it is hugely dependent on where you live and – more importantly – how electric power is made where you live. Most dealers will scan the batteries and show the results if you ask, but otherwise get someone from your local EV Owners group to assist. This allows customers to save battery charge by warming or cooling the car from the mains supply while it is charging, rather than from the battery. All versions have a full complement of safety equipment as standard with front side and curtain airbags as well as ABS, EBD and brake assistance. Do you think it’s a good price to buy something like 77% SOH.

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