Couldn't find any lyrics online, so I typed them in. Led by founding member Kelly Boy DeLima, Hawaii's Kapena have spanned two generations of membership and are widely known for mixing reggae and pop with traditional island music. His genuine personality, captivating stage presence and timeless music has made him one of the hardest working musicians in the business. Kapena-Uriah is 8 years old. ], आ गया #प्रमोद प्रेमी यादव का सबसे हिट देवी गीत वीडियो - Mala Ke Bhav Bola - माला के भाव बोल - Devi. All Rights Reserved by WorldNow and KFVE, an HITV Operating Company, Inc station. Warm regards
 My Pacific Romance Team, Album: Wild Heart - (Lyrics ▼)Tiare, oe no te tama maho'i e (vocals only)---------------------------------------------------------- Tiare, oe no Tahiti Tiare, hope roa ite nehenehe No to'oe no'ano'a Te fa'a no'ano'a ite mau purotu No tama to'oe poe here nei I te mau mahana atoa Tiare Tiare, oe no te tama maoh'i e Tiare, oe no te tama maoh'i e-Repeat-. Following a handful of singles that flirted with EDM and mainstream pop, the group returned in 2017 with the more traditional-sounding Palena 'Ole.

She released her first Island Reggae single entitled, “Hideaway” in 2010 and with that release she earned her first Na Hoku Hanohano award nomination. Kapena, Kalena, and Lilo who sing, dance, and play multiple instruments. Led by founding member Kelly Boy DeLima, Hawaii's Kapena have spanned two generations of membership and are widely known for mixing reggae and pop with traditional island music. The rules regarding eligibility for Brown Bags changed from year to year; it happened that year that groups could include nonstudents, so Tiva became the third member of the group. Saturday, September 26, 2015 at the Waikiki Shell will be the last time you will see the original line-up. 1 album on the chart.

Live concert at Tiki's Grill & Bar. He tells us what to do and what not to do, and of course a lot of times we don’t listen, and that’s when we get into trouble!". Kapena won the right to represent Kaimuki at the state finals, though they lost in the final round. He gigs regularly with the new Kapena which also includes Kelly Boy and his three children.For more information about Kapena or to purchase their music please visit: See other videos from The Kapena Kids:Intro - Lifetime - Be As One - See other videos from the Original Kapena's:Intro - Reggae Train - Don't Say Goodbye - Tucake Mai - Ofaloto - Visit to see a complete list of artists, and tune in every week for new videos and updates!Follow HI*Sessions: Please enjoy this Hawaiian Christmas classic with the wonderful Kapena! Our next video with The Kapena Kids is a song written by Josh Tatofi called Taken. On April 13, 2018, Christafari released the studio album "Original Love" (Lion of Zion Entertainment) which debuted at No. Kapena continues to be an institution that embraces what islanders fell in love with when they first heard their unique sound of their feel good music.KFVE The Home Team's summer concert series, Heineken Hot Hawaiian Nights, hosted by Shannon Scott, airs LIVE performances every Friday at 7 p.m. on KFVE. Totally. They are currently preparing for One Last Hana Hou. Family responsibilities required Tiva Tatofi to return to Tonga in 2001. Read about The History of Kapena here MEET THE BAND: Kelly Boy Lead Vocals and Ukulele @kelly_boy_delima. Formed in 1985 in the Kaimuki neighborhood of Honolulu, the original threesome of DeLima and brothers Teimoni and Tivaini Tatofi established Kapena as one of Hawaii's hardest-working bands.

Kapena is one of the most sought after Studio Engineers and musicians in the islands. His niche of being that “haole boy who could sing Hawaiian music” gained the group a lot of attention and within a few years, Kapena became one of the hottest bands in the islands. They made their recording debut in 1986 with Satisfaction Guaranteed, which they recorded live at one of their regular venues, Sparky's Lounge. I dedicate this song to Luke Albert, gone but never forgotten, always in our hearts and memories. In 1991, Kapena released their fifth album "Pure Energy" which was a project that lived up to its name and hit Hawaii by storm. Although the band has been through some changes, its founding member, Kelly Boy De Lima is still the band leader. )Ua logo i tino matagi lelei, tala ua 'a'ave mai neiO tama fanau a Samoa ua fai mo'u seiLau ta'alo ua malie o ma lou sa'ili maloUa iloa ai o Samoa i o ma oO si o ta atunu'u e le iloa i le fa'afanuaa'o lau ta'alo ua iloa ai ta'uaIa alo i fa'agatama ae le galo i lou agagaLe tapua'iga olo'o tu'i mai i le mulipapagaTali:Ua pati lima ma ta'oto'oto si toeainaA'o le tina ua tutulu ae ua le pisaIa po uliuli lou tinoAe malamalama ou mataManu Samoa se'ia tafe toto ou alaSamoa tula'i mai e molia le fa'afetaiO alu ta'alo ua malie mata e va'aiLau ta'alo fa'atausala e le taumate e se isiA e malolo le malolo a le tamali'iAli ia oe i ou faiva tau ina ia a'e maloOu te tapua'i pe o le faiva o le fe'epoUa maualuga pea i le agaga o oe o le matua fai tamaE malu ai ita i mea nei o fa'agatama(Tali), Kapena performing Tumbleland live on Hot Hawaiian Nights.

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