The risk is compounded by the uneasy position Northern Ireland now finds itself in over access for goods moving to and from the Great Britain market. It is in the context of the restoration of the institutions in Northern Ireland and, more crucially, their prospects for long-term stability that I urge the Government to accept these amendments. Find Peter Hain's email address, contact information, LinkedIn, Twitter, other social media and more. Lord Hain is a Labour Life peer who has sat under this title in the Lords since 24 November 2015. It is likely that all commercial goods coming from GB into Northern Ireland will be subject to customs declarations and there could be tariffs on those goods which are deemed to be at risk of entering the EU single market across the Irish border from Northern Ireland. Contribution to debate on European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill, House of Lords, 14th January 2020. When contacting this Member, please refer to guidance on addressing Lords Members. It has received some great early reviews; including Alan Johnson ‘Gripping, tense and timely’ and Julian Rademeyer ‘Masterful…A thrilling journey behind the frontlines of the battle to save Africa’s wildlife’. There may be a process to pay rebates. You appear to have JavaScript disabled in your browser settings. His full title is The Rt Hon. This would lead to significant disruption of the internal UK market and likely lead to increased economic divergence between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. I appeal to Ministers to listen again to the critical questions addressed in these amendments. Also, Northern Ireland businesses will enjoy these rights to free access regardless of whether they trade directly with Great Britain or via an Irish port or airport. You've disabled JavaScript in your web browser. The Rhino Conspiracy has been described by the publisher Muswell Press as ‘An epic tale of corruption, collusion and courage set in contemporary South Africa’. The reason for Amendment 16 is that, in their own impact analysis, the UK Government note that exit summary declaration forms will be needed for goods moving from Northern Ireland into Great Britain for the purposes of security and safety, listing the type and weight of goods in order to keep track of what kind of imports or exports are crossing economic borders. There is nothing in any of these amendments which should cause the Government any concern—if, that is, Ministers really mean what they say: that any extra administrative processes associated with trade in goods or services across the Irish Sea will be smooth, barrier-free and cost-free. “You will just have to trust the Prime Minister”, they were told. The website of Peter Hain, a Labour member of the House of Lords, author and life-long human rights campaigner. They will also need proper training to adapt to them, and of course any additional costs will inevitably be passed on to consumers, unless the Government ensure there are no such additional costs, which is precisely what this amendment does, and what the Bill does not do. You reached this page when attempting to access from on 2020-10-21 14:00:55 UTC. Lord Hain is a Labour Life peer who has sat under this title in the Lords since 24 November 2015. As things stand, one of the best confidence-building measures for the New Decade, New Approach agreement in Northern Ireland, signed the other day, would be for the Government to show that they have listened to business leaders and political representatives right across Northern Ireland, understood their real and valid concerns and will act on them by accepting these very modest but essential amendments. do not work properly without it enabled. Articles by Peter Hain on Muck Rack. As the 2020 ‘Black Lives Matter’ protests have demonstrated, the barbaric history of slavery and heritage of colonialism needs to be fully acknowledged in a way that Western societies have so far failed to do. How often do we see that? There are former Secretaries of State in this House who I think will not disagree with that. His full title is The Rt Hon. Amendments 13, 14, 16, 17 and 20 hang together as a package. Northern Ireland will be in a place between Britain and the EU and, as such, its businesses and consumers will be dealing with the effects of Brexit in a unique and possibly quite complicated way. There will be checks and controls, the extent and nature of which have yet to be exactly determined. However, the Government have so far rejected out of hand any attempt to amend the Bill. We and, more importantly, businesses in Northern Ireland do not know what particular goods will be at risk. Additional information is available in this. When the right honourable Member for East Antrim was speaking in the other place in support of similar amendments last week—in uncharacteristically temperate and measured terms—he was speaking not just for the DUP. Born in Kenya and raised in South Africa, Peter Hain moved to the UK in the 1970s and became a leading anti-apartheid activist. But we are not being overprescriptive—I urge the Minister to note this point—as to how this is done. The website of Peter Hain, a Labour member of the House of Lords, author and life-long human rights campaigner. Let us pause on that: all the political parties. If what is buried are legitimate hopes and aspirations, whether unionist or nationalist, then that can and will have severely adverse economic and political consequences. Amendment 16 would ensure that any relevant regulations for new requirements on goods traded to and from Northern Ireland to Great Britain cannot come into force without the consent of the Northern Ireland Assembly—and, furthermore, that there must be no additional charges or administrative costs for the businesses involved in this trade. You're a power user moving through this website with super-human speed. Otherwise, ​the problem is that the protocol either places Northern Ireland in a good place or between two bad things, where it will have its largest internal sales market putting barriers up to it and it will not have genuinely unfettered access to the EU market. The fundamental point of risk for Northern Ireland arising from the withdrawal agreement is that having differentiated arrangements for Northern Ireland remaining aligned to the EU for the movement of goods allows the rest of the United Kingdom to pursue a hard Brexit, with increasing regulatory divergence from the EU—seemingly the Government’s intention—with inevitable consequences for intra-UK movement between Northern Ireland and Great Britain. What additional bureaucracy will be imposed on them? They are essential damage-limitation measures, supported by all the political parties in Northern Ireland. The Government estimate the costs as ranging from £15 to £56 per declaration. For information about when you should contact MPs, Lords, or other organisations/individuals, review the who to contact with my issue page. Prior to joining the Lords, he sat in the Commons as an MP, and was first elected in 1991. What objection to that could there possibly be? Amendment 14 ensures that, in accessing the market within Great Britain, businesses in Northern Ireland must continue to be able to sell their qualifying goods to Great Britain without tariffs, origin requirements, regulatory import controls, dual authorisations or discrimination in the market. The Rhino Conspiracy has been described by the publisher Muswell Press as ‘An epic tale of corruption, collusion and courage set in contemporary South Africa’. It will create huge uncertainty for business investment and planning. Peter Hain’s new thriller The Rhino Conspiracy is being published on the 10th of September. Peter Hain’s new thriller The Rhino Conspiracy is being published on the 10th of September. If the Government are not to repeat the mistakes of the last 10 years in Northern Ireland, they must not only hear but listen, and not just when crises threaten to engulf the political process. Amendment 13 replaces “may” with “must” in Clause 22, Part 1C, and new Clause 8C in Clause 21 in order to stiffen the drafting of the regulations that will be made under these provisions of the Bill. Noble Lords from the DUP will have their own views on that proposition: a Prime Minister who told the DUP that he would never agree to a border down the Irish Sea and then did. We and, more importantly, businesses in Northern Ireland simply do not know. That will put businesses in Northern Ireland at serious risk of competitive disadvantage on all sides. To support the UK’s brilliant independent bookshops  Click here. While it is right that there should be democratic controls through Stormont built in to any new and developing post-Brexit arrangement, to tell SMEs that, perhaps every four years, all might change or all might not change by a vote of the Assembly, is setting forward business planning into a context in which the churn and turbulence of the normal commercial cycle is a mere trifle. To buy exclusive signed and dedicated copies from Daunts Bookshop  Click here. Otherwise, the problem with landslides, in politics as in life, is that people get buried underneath them.

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