It’s a mature library which is almost synonymous with app resiliency, in the same way that Newtonsoft.Json is the defacto library for JSON (de)serialization.
Polly Fallbacks: The Last Line of Defense in .NET Service-to-Service Communication – Demonstrates the Wait and Retry Policy. The Polly Project – The project homepage is an essential resource for new feature announcements and other Polly news.

This is typically used when you have an extremely unreliable dependency. Creating a circuit breaker policy. But, that’s a lot of code and testing that logic out. Last year Bryan authored a Pluralsight course on Polly, he also blogs at the No Dogma Blog and even hosts a podcast!

The source code provided in the companion repository uses .NET Core 2.1, so the appropriate version of the Polly NuGet package is version 2.1.1. I also write a Console log for debugging purposes: But you could also just do a flat value like this: You can then use the RetryPolicy to execute on an action using the ExecuteAsync method. The policies get their name from the circuit breaker in your home that cuts electricity to an outlet or fixture. If you don’t want to code along, execute the following command in the WeatherService  directory to checkout the finished code: If you are coding along, add the NuGet package Microsoft.Extensions.Http.Polly to the WeatherService project, being sure to pick the version that works with the version of .NET Core you are using. Tagged: Circuit Breaker, Microservice, Polly, SOA, Your email address will not be published.

We’ll then go through each section in detail.

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Polly in the NuGet Gallery – All the installation goodness. Let's say you are connecting to endpoints X and Y on a remote service. If you’re new to Polly, or want to refresh your understanding of the Retry and Wait and Retry policies before proceeding, the previous posts in this series will give you an introduction to the framework and these foundational elements: Building Resilient Service-to-Service Communications in ASP.NET Core with Polly, the .NET Resilience Framework – Introduces Polly and the Retry policy.

Question 1: If there is a network outage and the circuit There will only be status messages when the circuit breaker is in operation. With this in mind, any services we write should themselves be written to handle failure scenarios — either to lessen the impact to our consumers, or to protect other services which may be having problems. The circuit breaker controls the flow of requests from a source to one or more downstream system and cuts the connection when some failure condition is met and resumes the connection after a period. Here is an example of the Basic Circuit Breaker policy, if 2 consecutive errors occur, the circuit is cut for 30 seconds: This is the Advanced Circuit Breaker policy: the circuit will be cut if 25% of requests fail in a 60 second window, with a minimum of 7 requests in the 60 second window, then the circuit should be cut for 30 seconds: In the previous posts in this series each policy could be used in multiple locations at the same time and each usage of the policy did NOT share state or interfere with each other. An example of this might be an overloaded database. In this post I am only dealing with the basic circuit breaker, I’ll post another about the advanced circuit breaker later.

For example, a retry policy executing request A was NOT affected by the same retry policy executing request B. Its almost a certainty that services we depend on will fail at some point.

He lives in the Boston area and is involved with the community there through meetups and other events. The Polly circuit breaker has one more status, half-open. You may unsubscribe at any time using the unsubscribe link in the digest email.

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