=> 1742/0.85 = 2050 W. Therefore, the battery charger is designed to be able to operate at 2kW. Risk of electric shock and a risk to life. The battery + terminal can be isolated from the vehicle via the two power connectors connected to the charger and to the traction battery as well as the 60 A fuse. According to the vehicle user manual, the traction battery’s voltage is 58 V (so far I don’t know whether it is … With that being said, I found a brochure from UK By continuing to browse this site, you agree to allow Renault S.A.S and its partners to use cookies to analyse the site's operation and effectiveness and to display ads tailored to your interests and interactions via social networks. ), energy, current drawn from the grid (it does tell me the protection = 16 A). So, basically, each has 43 Ah and there are 42 cells at total. We would therefore recommend that you are aware of the horn and make use of it, especially when driving in a built-up area or when manoeuvring (please see the information under “Horn” in Section 1). Risk of fire, burns or electric shocks which may lead to serious injury. I am researching and constructing a wireless power transfer charger for a Twizy (2016 Model). I asked the developers of sonoff to create a setting to temporary disable power measurements or to ignore limits for few seconds after starting device, but no reaction yet. You see, it is important to know the capacity of each cell to be able to manage the power the way you want(charge quicker, discharger quicker… and so on). Voltage range: 42 to 58.8 V Do not lay one mat on top of another. Usually, a lithium cell is about 4.2 V to 4.1 V maximum voltage Range: For each cell: 3.75 V / 43 Ah Traction battery: 7 KwH / 52.5 V So battery and charger losses is approx 7.7kwh, I work on 2mins per 1% when charging except between 97% and 100% when it can be 5 mins per 1%. => C = 0.775/0.5 = 1.55 Ah. I am researching and constructing a wireless power transfer charger for a Twizy (2016 Model). Therefore, the information in the brochure (10 A - Slow charge) is related to the current drawn from the ac grid, and not the battery! For a specific power module, it exactly states: Energy 3.3 kWh Up to 10amps drawn (slightly less on the MK2 charger) But work on 2200w For safety reasons, adapt your driving to driving conditions and avoid any sudden turning of the steering wheel, especially on steep slopes or slippery surfaces. An electric motor generates a greater engine brake than in a petrol or diesel engine vehicle. So, there might be a peak power (Suppose 2.2 kW), which yields: 220 V x 10 A = 2,2 kW Now, let’s do the math. Can anyone confirm if this guess is correct? Price incorporates VRT relief and and maximum SEAI Grant of €5,000 for private buyers. I took it to same garage where they fix it before and they informed me one unit of 7 battery is not functioning to receive charge which made my charging only reach to 19% on 3 hour charging time. The traction battery consists of 7 modules each with 6 lithium cells (2 serial blocks each containing 3 cells fitted in parallel). 14 x 4.2 = 58.8 V. Which means, that the information that is given in the manual is apparently related to the maximum voltage of the battery pack, and not the nominal. -you cannot permanently use minimum power limit setting on pow r2. Using a domestic socket, it takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete a full charge. Dear All No the full service manual was a private download some one offered. - At very high exterior temperatures, a safety mode is triggered. The battery hire agreement guarantees you a minimum charge capacity* and full recovery services in the event of all types of breakdown. That is because when you go from off to on, twizy consumes few tens of W during charge initialization sequence (4-5 seconds), only after that it jumps higher. So, the proper way to do it is to go from off to on without any limit set. However, charging a battery uses 2 modes (constant current and constant voltage) and not constant power. The automatic gearbox on your Renault TWIZY is connected to an energy recovery system. I need some information that is unfortunately not easily found. When you lift your foot off the accelerator pedal, the motor generates electrical current during deceleration, and this energy is used to recharge the traction battery. So. (link: http://gb.e-guide.renault.com/sites/default/files/pdfs/eng/X09/Twizy-913-12_ENG.pdf). You can also calculate your Eco-score and improve your eco-driving performance. Depending on the country, this vehicle has been approved for the four-wheel category or for passenger vehicles. Your vehicle range will depend on the charge level of the traction battery, and also on your driving style. This way, 2200*0.85 = 1870 W delivered to the battery at peak power condition. Thanks to its easy-to-use technologies, Renault TWIZY offers you the keys to optimise your driving range. This mode reduces vehicle power and can lead to its immobilisation. I use 1500w from almost a year, I already have one year and 13k km since purchase. *Price does not include the cost of optional paint or dealer delivery charges. Idealy I raise the voltage as far as the space and charger allows (15s probably) to achieve better performance in the motor. This system can get hot during and after switching off the ignition. 1.3 ... a direct voltage of ap-proximately 58 volts. The inverter power relay is controlled by the inverter whereas the charger power relay and inverter supply relay are controlled by the charger/converter. Warning light  comes on the instrument panel. Please ensure that you comply with the legislation of your country. I got this funny idea of getting the twizy, and now to assemble the battery from other cells. Recharge simply and rapidly. All interventions or modifications to the vehicle’s electrical system (components, cables, connectors, traction battery) are strictly prohibited due to the risks they present to your safety. Top up power in a lightning flash with the Renault TWIZY battery! 2050W is the max peak power shown on public (11kW or 22kW) charging points when I charge my 2018 Twizy…I have 16A/3,6kW adapter (type2 / shuko), Hi. Build your RenaultConfigure a vehicle today, Find your vehicleLocate your nearest dealer. -stopping charge before 100% will skip cell balancing sequence. Now, coming back to the brochure information: But there are some issues to consider: -during constant I charge (up to ~80-90%) twizy takes around 2kw constant but not always. Iconstant = 36.31/41 = 0.885 A. for each cell, Usually, constant current Iconstant charges between 0.5C. There is a Twizy service manual floating around on this site according to @osbrook, but damned if I can find it. Kind regards. Electric vehicles have specific features. I also use sonoff pow r2 to stop charging before 100%, to preserve battery life. Philippe. This system can get hot during and after switching off the ignition. Please refer to information on “Vehicle range: recommendations” in Section 2. Battery health read from can bus was still 100% 2 months ago. Copying or translation, in part or in full, is forbidden unless prior written permission has been obtained from the vehicle manu- ... 4 Traction battery 5 12 volt battery ELECTRIC VEHICLE: introduction (1/5) 1 5 4 2 3. With the fuel saver, you can control your energy consumption and find out your available driving range. I am doing a master degree in Electrical Engineering in the area of Power Electronics. Unfortunately this forces you to manually start charge each time, you cannot use automatically start at some hour, because you have to disable then reenable the minimum power limit. I advice to let it fully charge once or twice per month, to allow balancing to take place. You can monitor the status of the battery charge via the on-board computer. If it can charge from 0 to 100 % in 3,5h the amount of 6100 Wh There is no need for a specific installation as Renault TWIZY plugs into any domestic power socket and charges in just 3h30. The vehicle drive system in an electric vehicle uses a direct voltage of approximately 58 volts. Consider now efficiency of the power converter = 85% Thank you very much. Hi…I ask myself for some time if it would be possible not to load the twizy to 100%, because mostly LI batteries don’t like to be fully loaded.

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