vehicular traffic No right turn No left turn No U-turns Give way to traffic on major road No vehicles except bicycles being pushed Note: Although The Highway Code shows many of the signs commonly in use, a comprehensive explanation of our signing system is given in the Department’s booklet Know Your Traffic Signs, which is on sale at booksellers. h�bbd```b``��N`� D����`�D��� Sharp turn to the right and then sharp turn to the left. 10th July 2019 52Views 0Likes. Drivers should know signs by their shapes and colors so that they may recognize them from a distance and begin reacting timely and appropriately. Slow down and be ready to shift to lower gear to control speed and protect brakes from damage.

This will help you stay on your route. A right turn on red is prohibited, even after coming to a complete stop. You are approaching a school zone. Milepost markers are placed each mile along the edge of the roadway from one end of the state to the other. Shoulder of the road is soft. When you come to it, you must make a complete stop at a marked stop line. H‰\”Í�¢@…÷. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. The bridge ahead allows room for only two lanes of traffic. Remember, the first half-hour of rain is most hazardous. All rights reserved. Slow down, look and listen before crossing. Roadway is slippery when wet. These signs may be accompanied by speed advisory plaques that indicate the speed with which you should proceed.

When the vehicle travels through the Express Lane, the toll amount will automatically be deducted from the pre-established account. When used, they will be erected not less than 150 feet nor more than 700 feet in advance of the school grounds or school crossing. ROAD TRAFFIC SIGNS, SIGNALS AND MARKINGS The purpose of road traffic signs is to regulate traffic in such a way that traffic flow and road traffic safety are promoted.
They are required by law to display this emblem. Caution – a vehicle displaying this emblem is a slow-moving vehicle. All books are in clear copy here, and all files are secure so don't worry about it. k=d��+V�����⸚��Ϯ��Z�-z�X�8�G��5�'���|�Ne=O�������:�+ki��Q�.�� ���hu~����|2_尢���0�Zw9T���_�Ѡ.k�:(I 4���G��G�ggJr���1k,��y����9Fy9:���r>T�9�8�~�EZ^W݋���˿�!mޟҎ>oҟb�1r�}3�>4c���f��|j��b�m�΋~��)W�H(�/΋A�(�e=�ϊΤ��F"���r"��ɪ��P��y|������ZǷ�/�:g�����$͚�a5�Ep���{�+g�[.����O,�P��,���*'��Jx�c�3�uNo����'`� �����iU|:�:��V]WE�.

A sign below the cross-buck indicates the number of tracks. ˽�м�;�A8M}.B6$H'J�H.BG��V�Ҙ�V��Nh�i���:a�����0�4b&� )L�� The shapes and colors of traffic signs have specific meanings and you have to be able to recognize them immediately.
The signs illustrated in The Highway Code are not all drawn to the same scale. It is important to understand and obey them. Do not try to calculate whether you can “make it” across the track.

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