The Socialist Party's material is more vital than ever, so we can continue to report from workers who are fighting for better health and safety measures, against layoffs, for adequate staffing levels, etc. South West: 077 5979 6478. Thanks to all who came to National Conference in 2019. |   Donate   Hull dinner ladies protest against loss of week's pay, Asda workers protest against attacks on paid breaks and bank holiday working, Woolwich Ferry staff to strike over pay and safety, Radiographers' union slams professional costs, Sequel to 'A Very British Coup' - workers' struggle, not bosses' EU and media, is route to socialism, 'Line of Duty' - twists and turns as organised crime meets police corruption, Home   London: 075 4018 9052. In between conferences it is the work of the Executive Committee to coordinate the party’s activities in line with decisions made at past conferences and party polls. Instead it found expression through a debate on restoring pay ballots within Tesco. When the health crisis subsides, we must be ready for the stormy events ahead and the need to arm workers' movements with a socialist programme - one which puts the health and needs of humanity before the profits of a few. This, unfortunately, was not discussed directly to help formulate a strategy for fighting these attacks. All of our meetings, without exception, are open to anyone. The Scottish Socialist Party is a party for, by, and run on behalf of the working class of Scotland. The SSP EC for 2019/20 shall be: Women: Carly Cunningham (Lothians), Frances Curran (Glasgow NW & Clydebank), Deborah Kayembe (Lothians), Chloe Maclean (Lothians), Shirley Sampson (Glasgow South), Sandra Webster (Renfrewshire), Suzanne Wright (Highlands). SSP members have decided to endorse anti-austerity candidates who commit to a clear anti-Tory position on a branch-by-branch basis. Usdaw elections: the battle for a fighting union, Napo AGM 2020: Celebrating probation victory and preparing for challenges ahead, Stop Royal Mail's profit-driven plans to force postal workers to share vans, Oliver Campbell - Still fighting for justice, NEU Special Conference: A fight for safety in schools is urgently needed, University workers ballot for action against in-person teaching, Hugo Pierre's fighting programme to transform the union, Leicester: Don't let them close our hospital, Waltham Forest: Council picks over 60 sites for mass gentrification, 14 Oct Building a movement to fight for free education, 14 Oct Transport for London funding crunch. Capitalist governments have shown themselves incapable of the decisive and effective action needed. Both of these motions passed unanimously.   Join the Socialist 'It's not fair' - lockdown students demand free education, West London Socialist Party: The US presidential election, Socialist Students & Young Socialists national zoom rally, Bristol North Socialist Party: How a revolutionary party grows, Cardiff West Socialist Party: The US presidential election. We don't want any worker to feel they can't participate because they aren't yet organised in a trade union. There have been inspirational strikes in the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, where outsourced workers employed by Aramark and ISS have won concessions on pay. Obviously, there are some union leaders who have completely capitulated to capitalist governments and big business, often because they fear the drive for socialism more. The trade unions need to heed the call to action raised by the inspirational global school student climate strikes, and the civil disobedience of the Extinction Rebellion protests we saw in London. A Special Conference of the Socialist Party (England and Wales) voted by a margin of 173 to 35 to support the faction and sponsor the international faction conference. The home carers took over 80 days' strike action to defend their hours and pay. North West 079 5437 6096. © 2020 The Socialist Party of Great Britain. Delegates also got to listen to calls for action from well-known names in the trade union movement. But after the corona crisis, it will try to make the working class pay for it, by trying to claw back what has been given. Usdaw conference 2019 Shop workers demand action on pay, jobs and the right. In her address to delegates, Socialist Party member and Usdaw president Amy Murphy contrasted her approach with that of her predecessor. Workers come together boldly and bravely to fight for what is rightfully theirs. This position is because the working class, at the centre of the production and distribution of goods and services, has the overwhelming majority in big towns and cities, which makes it specially qualified to take over the running of society. In my own union, PCS, despite the loss of two national pay strike ballots because of the Tories' anti-democratic turnout threshold law, members are still determined. From workers currently in struggle to those who might soon be entering it, those looking for support and solidarity, as well as trade union organisers wanting to share experiences in mobilising working-class people in 21st century austerity Britain. 20 days. Doncaster NHS pay win shows: strikes can get results! Two of these workshops - on fighting the cuts and organising workers for climate change strike and protest action in September - were so well-attended, they were, in effect, mini-conferences! The NSSN conference can be a platform to help build a campaign for action.   Join the Socialist The Birmingham workers' victories show us a glimmer of what could be achieved, and should be used as inspiration in the workers' movement! [10][11], A third group, which had split from the IDWCTCWI earlier, declared it had left the CWI entirely and formed International Revolutionary Left in July 2019. 14 Oct Are cooperatives the answer to a failing capitalist system? Its struggles inevitably become political struggles. All payments are made through a secure server. But it would be a mistake of huge proportions to turn our back on the movement. It can seem that the whole of the union movement is in decline and there's unanimity among leaders about retreating in the face of onslaught. Unison: The Socialist is backing Hugo Pierre - for a fighting socialist general secretary! Since there’s often confusion as to what socialism really is, I decided to attend the Socialism 2019 conference at the Hyatt Hotel in Chicago over the Fourth of July weekend. As Karl Marx said 150 years ago, it is the working class which is in the unique position of being able to overthrow capitalism and start to construct a new society. The home carers themselves were inspired to strike by the bin workers' victory, and by the beginning of 2019 both sets of workers found themselves on strike. Socialists support every move that seeks to end gender or other inequality, but here is another example that real material gains for women in Scotland were won by ordinary workers taking united action. Conference 2019 (Head Office from 10.30am) Day 2 , Ltd. - Limited Liability - Unlimited Protection. function fbs_click() {u=location.href;t=document.title;''+encodeURIComponent(u)+'&t='+encodeURIComponent(t),'sharer','toolbar=0,status=0,width=626,height=436');return false;}, Link to this page:, From The Socialist newspaper, 17 July 2019, Part of the conference floor at the NSSN conference, 6.7.19, photo by Mary Finch   (Click to enlarge). Not enough, however, which is why they are moving to indefinite strike action. Are cooperatives the answer to a failing capitalist system? We’ve been doing just that since the very beginning in 1904. They expose the poor staffing levels and therefore the poor attitude the government has towards the most vulnerable in capitalist society. It is through workers' coordinated struggle that we can get results such as decent pay, hours and conditions. There was a heated debate around the onslaught of attacks on retail workers - particularly the job cuts in Tesco. One group, which had founded the “In Defence of a Working Class and Trotskyist CWI” (IDWCTCWI) faction in November 2018 in support of the CWI's International Secretariat. November the 9th marked the date of the Scottish Socialist Party’s 2019 annual conference, a coming together of members from across the nation to discuss and debate the direction of the SSP.

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