Most people don’t feel the sense of responsibility to care for the environment.

I think that the ” bottom line” is the root cause of all of the scandals and unethical decisions that companies make. It’s not atypical at all to see that once one person sees another get away with something that they’ll want to do the same. The Corporation is clearly a one-sided documentary that points out the faults of Corporations. I must say though, it was painfully obvious this documentary was created to point out all the things that large corporations do to hurt the economy, but offers very little to how corporations could go about helping make the economy a better place. Such a dual faced hypocrisy can be misleading. Again, I was turned-off for some reason by the muckracking style of journalism. And if you say corporations are psychopaths means in a way you are doubting the existing people who are creating these products and the consumers in a way too who are consuming it in return.

While I disagreed with the way the movie presented its arguments, I believe corporate social responsibility is a very important subject. P.S. Today, corporations are in fact creating more value, but the back-end costs are greater than the value produced. IBM does not care what the cards are used for; IBM is incapable of caring. “The Corporation” is a fun look at how corporations are destroying the world. An American Corporation, which outsources its operations to an underdeveloped nation can still produce goods at a lower cost while treating these children with some dignity. When a corporation is created there is a life created (a person according to the law) and as demonstrated in this film that this corporate life can often behave life a child (or a psychopath) doing what it wants (to meet the expectations of its shareholders), often without acknowledging consequences. The corporation cares only about its own going concern of business, not the going concern of the general public. The Rgbh incident was to me, totally nuts. We overpay for every single purchase we make. Without major companies in today’s world, I don’t think countries can be run. It made me think about my future, about whether i wanted to associated with such a culture or not. I believe that CEO’s take on too much risk, because it seems that even if their plan fall through, they will be kindly asked to leave with a hefty compensation package. However, like many documentaries, The Corporation doesn’t really offer a sound and cohesive solution. One of the interviewees said that he thinks the word corporation is associated with evil and trying to take over the world. In my long career of 30 plus years, I have worked for a variety of large and small corporations. The documentary doesn’t touch base with only one aspect of a corporation and it’s negativity. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Just what is a corporation responsible for and how is a corporation supposed to act and implement decisions, based on the idea of corporate social responsibility, is something that this film alludes to. My favorite part of the whole thing though was the interview with the CEO of the carpet company and how his feelings and actions changed over time. After watching that, drink milk becomes a little suspicious. This movie mainly talks about manufacturing companies, and how unethical they are. It definately opened my eyes viewing through a different light. This is what these corporations have created but more importantly that we ourselves have created. Another picture was the air pollution in the Southern part of Peru by a copper factory. The highest point of the film was the Water Monopolization in Bolivia, which is a tragic story where citizens were not even allowed to collect rainwater so they could have fresh drinking water because of a corporate monopoly in their area. It will help us to be well informed before we enter the really world. In conclusion, very informative and interesting documentary. The answer is that they get to hide behind a company name and an army of corporate lawyers. Also the movie talked about who should be held responsible for the wrongdoings of the corporation; particularly the low wages of the cities of the 3rd world countries that they take advantage, and how when the people do actually win a better wage rate all the corporations do is up and leave for a country that will supply lower wages, leaving the old country ravaged and poorer that it was before they came.

This film touches on social irresponsibility, environmental destruction, international sweat shops, and the behaviour of these corporations about these issues.

It is definately an eye opener, even for the most cynical business student. The only way a company is going to make social responsibility one of its key issues is if doing so creates more value for the firm. So yes, there are corporations that take advantage of third world countries, and yes there are corporations that cause pollution, and maybe those corporations should monitor these actions, but essentially what needs to be done is done in order to run these companies. Now to me if there is anything considered a low wage, I think this would be one of them. necessariy ethically.

Or, Penelope Ann Miller was in significant movies after Other People’s Money including “Carlito’s Way.”. This is an unfortunate, yet accurate portrayal of how the corporate world is run. The company would not allow this and took them to court. Cisco wins Corporate Social Responsibility Awards in 2007 and 2008 consecutively and creates a good reputation in people’s mind. In addition, corporations earn profits from the public, so they should contribute their benefits back to the public.

The directors and people involved with the documentary seemed to portray the corporation as evil, but at the same time was trying to personify it.

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