Jokey is the village prankster. Through the Smurf of Christmas Present, Grouchy sees that Papa Smurf has personally handcrafted every Smurf's new hat as a Christmas present, with his hope that Grouchy would be able to accept the one he has made for him despite his hate for getting the same Christmas present every year instead of a hang glider. In a one-page comic book gag, Papa Smurf had dressed like one of the average Smurfs while the others dressed like Papa Smurf, which seems to suggest that in comic book and cartoon show interpretations of the character, Papa Smurf would be indistinguishable from the other Smurfs without his beard. Grandpa has a deep fear of his old foe and what he's capable of, namely after having a recurring nightmare flashback of the day he became disfigured. Papa unintentionally sums up this behavior well in "All The News That's Fit To Smurf", where he doesn't want Reporter to hear of (and thus share) what he is about to tell only Grandpa, claiming "There is some news that's not fit to smurf. He also expresses anger in more ways than one, such as standing Lazy up with his foot (making them nose-to-nose) to order him to get water in "Paradise Smurfed". Azrael (voice) Michelle Rodriguez. He does not get a major role in the game, but visiting him is the only way to purchase solar amulets. This storytelling skill becomes both a blessing and a curse in "A Long Tale For Grandpa", as Grandpa telling a story is to blame for the massive delay in stopping the Rera Aphids from eating their way to the village, but later the same habit spares him and the others the gruesome fate of being eaten by a Grundel. His vices aside, Brainy is a good, loyal Smurf who can be counted on when the need arises, and more than once – without thinking about it – ends up doing the right thing. He is often in the company of Loser Smurf. He serves Gargamel primarily in delivering letters, usually threats or ransom demands to the Smurfs. Mordain is an evil court wizard who solely appears in the Season 2 episode "The Good, The Bad and The Smurfy". Then Papa Smurf's voice calls Gargamel's name out from outside, and Gargamel is pleased to see that the village leader has come for dinner when Papa Smurf says that if Gargamel doesn't release the Smurfs, he will use his all-powerful magic. The two are also occasionally seen stargazing and watching meteor showers in episodes such as "Clumsy Luck" and "Land Of Lost And Found". A new character for the movie. Like Smurfette, Sassette was evil at first as she was created using Gargamel's original spell, but with a Smurf-sized lump of magical blue clay. At night, at the Wizard's Association awards ceremony, which elves and imps are attending, Papa Smurf watches from behind the curtains as the presenter is on stage making the introductions, with Papa Smurf ready to show them what he is capable of. Grandpa Smurf serves as an adviser to Papa Smurf, having more knowledge of the world and wisdom than even him, while Nanny has a more matronly role towards the village leader. He is often teased by the other Smurfs because of this. Full Cast & Crew: Smurfs: The Lost Village (2017) Cast (48) Demi Lovato. Father Time (portrayed in the classic image of the wizened old man with a white robe and scythe) is a good friend of the Smurfs and Mother Nature that is in charge of running time's course. With one more "smurfakadurfra", Gargamel is hoisted high in the air, which is actually Handy using a crane to grab the evil wizard by the collar of his robe. It was during the Smurfs' search for both a "stargazer" in FAO Schwarz and a blue moon incantation in Mr. Wong's Mystical Emporium that they encountered Gargamel, the second time where Papa Smurf was captured and strapped into a Smurf exfoliator machine that the evil wizard intends to use to extract Smurf essence from all the Smurfs. Prior to this, during the Blue Moon Festival, Papa Smurf had seen in a vision Clumsy Smurf seemingly failing to catch a dragon wand and all his little Smurfs captured in cages by Gargamel. Papa Smurf also appears in the animated feature The Smurfs: A Christmas Carol, who notices along with some of his little Smurfs that Grouchy refuses to take part in Christmas. He also has a tattoo on his right arm (or sometimes both of his arms) of a red heart with an arrow through it. Demi Lovato. Then Brainy shows up in his sorcerer's clothes again and says he has figured out what went wrong with his spellcasting. Though, in only one episode from Season 1 of the cartoon show, "Romeo And Smurfette" as well as the comic of the same name, Papa Smurf expressed some amorous interest in Smurfette. Fortunately for the two girls, the other Smurfs and Laura's brothers and father come to their rescue. Uh oh! Weakling proceeds to win every contest he enters but, on being awarded his medal, confesses that he cheated. Reluctantly she lets him go when he is well at Papa Smurf's insistence, but Squeaky obviously wants to stay with her, so she happily adopts him as a pet. Brainy Smurf considers himself the most intelligent Smurf in the village and an expert on everything, although his actual knowledge is questionable at best; often, his attempts to help in a given situation lead to even more problems. Smoogle is Nanny Smurf's pet. However, he is often unsure if that is always the right thing to do, such as allowing his apprentice a three-day test run of a village time schedule in "Tick Tock Smurfs". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In season 4 before he is reverse aged, the Smurfs already call him Nat. He has a trick to defeat the enemies by throwing potions towards the enemies. Chitter is a young brown squirrel who is the best friend of Wild Smurf. Papa Smurf as he appears in the comic books. However, he does at times take issue with Lazy's slothfulness, Jokey's mischievous behavior, Brainy's endless talking, and Clumsy's klutziness, among other things his little Smurfs do which try his patience. In the cartoon TV shows, he attempts to eat The Smurfs and in the movies, his motive is to draw off their blue energy which will give him unlimited sorcerous powers. Holly - The red-headed pixie, also sporting green. Papa Smurf notably struggles with the issue of fatherhood as Smurfette is torn between Gargamel being her father-creator and himself being her adopted father -- a struggle that Patrick Winslow is dealing with in regards to his stepfather Victor Doyle taking over as the father in Patrick's life. Grandpa is quick to blame himself for serious situations he could've prevented, often becoming guilt-ridden. She caused her husband's disappearance and Priscilla, who was just a toddler at that time, grew up in a castle without love. The Smurfs help him defeat his evil aunt Lady Imperia who tries to take the crown for herself. He usually carries around a walking stick, and though he's sometimes slightly hunched over holding his back, he's very spry for a Smurf who is twice Papa Smurf's age. Back in the village. Pansy - A clumsy pixie, who is good friends with Clumsy Smurf. Papa Smurf sees that he needs to rescue his little Smurfs, but when Grandpa Smurf asks how he will do that, Papa Smurf says he will do it the same way that he will get Gargamel to give him back his powers. Squeaky is a mouse that appears in Season 2 of the cartoon series in the episode named after him. 21 images (& sounds) of the The Smurfs cast of characters. One Smurf that Papa Smurf is especially supportive of is Clumsy. He and Papa also share the trait of keeping important information (or reveals) a secret if it could end very badly for any Smurf emotionally or otherwise. Flying Smurf has a sole passion in life....flying. the Smurfs are glad to have Papa Smurf's powers back as he demonstrates the growth spell on a small mushroom, though Grandpa Smurf says that his real power is his brain. Speaking of who, Gargamel is hiding behind some bushes with Azrael and Scruple, as Scruple wonders how long they're going to be out there because it's almost dinnertime. Despite this, Papa does occasionally allow the Smurfs or himself to teach villains a rather mean (or dangerous) lesson after causing trouble. His knowledge of the world is a valuable asset to the other Smurfs, not to mention various items he keeps stored away in his beard, such as a magical traveling hot-air balloon. Sabina is also the cousin of another nearby king, King Gerard. This proves to be a trick that allows Smurfette to drain the magic Gargamel stole from the Smurfettes, but the process causes her to revert to her original form as a lump of clay. He is notable for wearing a black belt with a buckle and actually fighting Azrael (although he always comes out worse for wear). Brainy offers to give it a try and surprisingly the spell works for him as the seed instantly sprouts into a flower. Papa Smurf in the 2017 movie Smurfs: The Lost Village. According to Spirou magazine N° 1954 from 1964, there are 100 Smurfs in total; this does not take into account later additions from the Smurfs films. He is a new Smurf mentioned in the first movie. Also, he has a potion making game which players have to complete Papa's potion by shaking or adding other potions into the potion. Papa Smurf appears in The Smurfs 2 as a main character, this time leading a team of Clumsy, Grouchy, and Vanity on a journey to modern-day Paris to rescue Smurfette from Gargamel, who has kidnapped her for the purpose of revealing the spell to turn his proto-creations like the Naughties into Smurfs. ... Smurfette (voice) Rainn Wilson. Like Azrael, Scruple often sees the flaws in Gargamel's schemes and whenever he offers a suggestion, his uncle often accepts it as his own idea. Smurfette (voice) Rainn Wilson. A Smurf who stays inside his house with the shades closed. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Johan's blonde-haired, diminutive sidekick, The Smurfs and the Book that Tells Everything, Hanna-Barbera's 50th: A Yabba Dabba Doo Celebration, Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines,, Lists of characters in American television animation, Articles needing additional references from June 2009, All articles needing additional references, Articles that may contain original research from June 2009, All articles that may contain original research, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2011, Articles with French-language sources (fr), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Smurfette is a female Smurf who was created by. Anonymous. This occurs after "Team Smurf"-Smurfette, Hefty, Brainy, and Clumsy-get into trouble and are grounded by Papa Smurf for leaving the village and getting entangled with Gargamel. In fact, he first met Johan and Peewit in the original comic book story "The Smurfs And The Magic Flute" when they sought the Smurfs' help in retrieving a magic flute that the Smurfs were also looking for that fell into the hands of a thief named Oilycreep, and assisted in his eventual capture, with Papa Smurf serving as a translator to the humans for whatever the Smurfs spoke to him in Smurf. Papa's Day Off/The Smurflings Grandpa walks slightly bent over with a cane, has a long, tapering moustache and beard, and wears yellow clothing and glasses. Hefty takes pride in being tough, sometimes doing it just for attention. Another great example of this behavior is "A Gift For Papa's Day", where Papa pretends to love the bizarre new hat the Smurfs made for him. Grandpa Smurf honestly doesn't agree to Papa Smurf's assessment, saying that he is only five centuries old so he should still be in his prime. He was once a human but after a magical accident, he became so grotesque that people were horrified at the sight of his face, so he kept his hood over it. However, the two kings are related through Gerard's cousin Princess Sabina and the two kingdoms are apparently at peace. As it turns out, Papa Smurf has made Grouchy's hat specifically for gliding. Frank the Caterpillar A daydreamer who constantly fantasizes about visiting faraway lands, like other planets and meeting aliens.

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