The murder of a child in a coastal town generated unusual media attention. Garcia Marquez felt that nothing could do justice to the fantastical, magical-realist elements that embellish the plot. But to this day, the killer hasn't be caught. Coming to Netflix: TBC. Ever since M. Night Shyamalan invented the twist ending in 1999, it's been a staple of action, thriller, and horror movies. The Baker Street Irregulars is a group of characters appearing in several of the Sherlock Holmes stories. A bit underrated and perhaps a tad slow for most, but this is a must watch for the fans of the books at least. All rights reserved. By Johnny Brayson. Don't take my word. Back in 2018, it was announced that Netflix had acquired the rights to adapt all seven of the Chronicles of Narnia books: some of which have never received an adaptation before. by Melissa Taylor Memories of Halloween in the 1980's- The Best Decade for Trick-or-Treat! Hello book lovers, and welcome to the What’s on Netflix book club! Consumed follows a French couple in their 60s as they travel around the world photographing the most interesting people they can find. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Coming to Netflix: Fall 2021. However, he also authored a horror novel, published in 2014: … This is very exciting news for fantasy lovers. Based on: Chasing Hillary by Amy Chozick A bit of a warning though, this show is not meant for the squeamish or the easily scared. Start your free trial today. This slow-burn movie reaches a conclusion that's as dark and as extreme as it gets, and forces us to watch the whole time. We’ve tried to include as much detail as we can find for each! We’ve already covered this one in detail on What’s On Netflix, as we know plenty of you are excited for the upcoming release of Anatomy of a Scandal. Coming to Netflix: 2020. Although we don’t have an exact release date yet, you shouldn’t have to wait too long for this one. There were plans for many years to produce a feature film for The Twits, but the project was abandoned around 2012. Set in a German town, this is a family saga with a supernatural twist. Here’s another adaptation coming to the small screen very soon. We don’t have much info about this Spanish adaptation just yet, but we predict is will follow the plot of the novel quite faithfully: “One night, Matt Hunter innocently tried to break up a fight—and ended up a killer. The series starts in the 1970s and is a coming-of-age drama that spans three decades. He then wakes up at the end of the film, and that's where it ends. John Moore, a newspaper illustrator meets a criminal psychologist, Dr. Laszlo Kreizler for the investigation of a serial killer in 19th century New York. They can't all be perfect genius endings, you know? It's a welcome change from Bollywood's horny-horror-bad make-up shit that they call films. Most of our subscribers receive their discs within two business days. All goes to shit when she realises that there are more people who look exactly like her! But all it will take is one shocking, inexplicable call from Olivia’s cell phone to shatter Matt’s life a second time…”, Based on: The works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle But Roy ends up being the only personality that is real, having invented the altar boy persona to get off the hook. Based on: Gone For Good by Harlan Coben Hollywood, Calif. and London, UK - November 27, 2018 - Willy Wonka and the Oompa-Loompas are joining The BFG, Matilda, The Twits, and a host of other iconic characters who have all found a brand new home together on Netflix! World of Reel describes the novel as an “exquisitely detailed, voyeuristic body-horror”. Netflix is a registered trademark of Netflix, Inc. All Rights Reserved. If you’ve already worked your way through Netflix’s extensive library of adaptations, here’s your guide to what’s coming next. This US political drama is aptly timed for a release in Fall/Winter 2020. Or what about the shocker at the climax of the 1920 German silent film, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari? Based on: Three Wishes by Lianne Moriarty Ever since M. Night Shyamalan invented the twist ending in 1999, it's been a staple of action, thriller, and horror movies. This eight-part thriller is headed up by Toni Collette (The Sixth Sense, Little Miss Sunshine, In Her Shoes) and Bella Heathcote (50 shades Darker, Pride & Prejudice and Zombies). However, a deadly incident at their local shopping mall changes Andy’s (Heathcote) perception of her mother forever. When his fiancée disappears, he must uncover buried secrets — or lose everything.”, Based on: The Innocent by Harlan Coben The brilliance of The Invitation is that it's essentially two movies: a horror movie about a cult performing an awful ritual, and a story about a man whose past sends him unraveling to the point of a complete mental breakdown. Coming to Netflix: Fall 2020. Of course, Black Mirror makes the list! James, a high-ranking Westminster politician stands accused of rape, but his wife Sophie believes he is innocent. Worth the three-hour wait, mostly. A man is released after being mysteriously imprisoned for 15 years and is given the chance to find out who locked him up. The story covers 100 years of history of the Buendia family, and all the tragedy, romance, and heartbreak that befalls them. The film's director Conrad Vernon last directed The Addams Family and Sausage Party .The film's writer John Cleese last wrote The Croods. Are Seasons 1-7 of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ on Netflix? Since you already know about this show, I am gonna keep it brief. Netflix is adapting Matilda, BFG and The Twits, among other Roald Dahl stories for a new animated series.. This anthology series is being created by Big Little Lies creator David E. Kelley and former House of Cards showrunner Melissa James Gibson. Netflix has added another feather in its cap -- the license to create a whole universe based on Roald Dahl's some of the most beloved books and characters. He is accompanied by his 'patient', a young criminal profiler for the FBI Will Graham, played by Hugh Dancy. Ever since M. Night Shyamalan invented the twist ending in 1999, it's been a staple of action, thriller, and horror movies. For the purpose of this article, we are going to assume that the said gifts are psychological thrillers. Perhaps your favorite book could be coming soon! The plot revolves around 8 kids born from different parts of the world who realise that they are psychics who can connect with each other. Enter your email address for weekly roundups of the biggest Netflix news. Your email address will not be published. If Enola Holmes has already got you craving another Sherlock fix, you’re in luck: this Sherlock Holmes spinoff is scheduled for release in 2021. Coming to Netflix: TBC. He gets a mysterious message that forces him to confront the horrors of his past. By now you almost definitely know the twist here, but it's still cool. Shortly after, he finds himself behind bars again for the murder of a 25-year-old photographer Teresa Halbach, who was last seen on his property. Now, nine years later, he’s an ex-con who takes nothing for granted. When the man finally meets his captor, he learns that everything he did was plotted out by his captor as part of a revenge plot, including the woman he slept with, who is revealed to be his own daughter. Watch it for the amazing Radhika Apte, if not anything else. Really, the twist in Killing Ground isn't so much that something unexpected happens, but more that what we're afraid will happen happens exactly as we feared, and then some. But the twist that comes at the end is another shocker, as the killer is revealed to be his neighbor's ex-husband. Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers Found after 13 Years, You Call Me A Bitch Like It’s A Bad Thing, Top 10 Most Memorable Hairstyles of the 80’s. Netflix is a gift that keeps on giving. Sir Malcolm Murray, a British explorer, Ethan Chandler, a gunslinger from America, Victor Frankenstein, and medium Vanessa Ives unite their efforts to fight against supernatural forces in Victorian London. When I first heard about the twist in The Village, when I was 13, I thought, "That's dumb, there's no way that actually happens," but it does! Collette plays Laura: a speech pathologist and a dedicated mother. Entertainment. First Published: 1980 On-Screen Adaptations: 0 Netflix Release Date: TBA. There's nothing quite like a twist ending to a movie. Which brings in two investigators whose presence disturbs the usual peace of the region as they go around unveiling the mysteries of the town. Some of these adaptations are much further ahead in their development than others. The series (and the book) tells the story of two women and one man caught up in a very ugly public scandal. Netflix continues to amaze us! Due to which she has to depend on her loved ones to tell her what happened. Coming to Netflix: 2021. This film's biggest twist happens partway through, when Daniel Craig's character suddenly remembers that his wife and kids are dead and that he was blamed for their murder. It's as fun to watch the second time once you know what's really going on. Also Donnie Wahlberg is in this movie! Do you know the twist at the end of the Korean film, Oldboy? Better known as a movie director, David Cronenberg is responsible for titles such as A Dangerous Method, A History of Violence, Crash, and Naked Lunch. Just go through the list, pick one and give it a go. These beloved children’s favorites will be turned into animated specials and limited event series by the streaming service. The adaptation of this Pulitzer prize-winning novel is being handled by Shawn Levy, and his production company 21 Laps (Stranger Things). Is your favorite book coming to Netflix? While there are plenty more rumored adaptations out there, we have only included ones with a decent amount of news available online. There are several animated Roald Dahl tales in the works, including: Check out our full article on the animated Roald Dahl content coming to Netflix here. There are some big names set to star in Anatomy of a Scandal, too. The 3-episode series is based in a dystopian future that might be too close to comfort for many. For the uninitiated, the Unabomber was a domestic terrorist, Ted Kaczynski, who was a mathematical prodigy but left all that to live a more primitive life. They make a pact that whoever dies first must visit the others from beyond the grave. Based on books written by Ken Bruen, Jack Taylor is a former detective who lost his job with the Irish police for assaulting a politician. Here’s another adaptation that’ll be arriving on Netflix very soon (you can already ‘set a reminder’ on Netflix). An adaptation of his novel, the Innocent, is also in the works for Netflix. The Twits. In the aftermath of this shattering event, secrets about Laura’s past start to unfold. So he starts working as a private investigator and reluctantly takes on cases that the police ignores. We don't get our answer as to what's really going on until it's late in the game, and it's worth the wait. This film was produced by M. Night Shyamalan, who also came up with the story, so of course there's a twist ending. The Twits; Check out our full article on the animated Roald Dahl content coming to Netflix here. We don’t have much info on this one, but based on the success of Big Little Lies, we think it’ll be a hit. The plot revolves around the life of Dr. Tom Delaney, played by Dexter's Michael C. Hall. And Netflix has a shit ton of them. There was an error with subscription attempt. John Cleese was set to write the script, along with Kirk De Micco.

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