Series list: A Travis McGee Novel (21 Books) by John D. MacDonald. The next evening McGee goes to the nightclub to see Chookie’s friend Cathy.

What a guy, just finishing TM, then starting again.

Shop Worldwide: | | The first year is way too early and the last violates Pratt’s copyright rule, leaving 1955 and 1960 as the two possibilities. In the first of the McGee novels we are introduced to this 6”4” hero, whose business card reads: Travis McGee: Salvage Consultant . From the comments posted below by an anonymous reader, it is evident that there are real problems with Pratt’s dating of two of the earlier novels. In depth research, that's for sure. However, the visit takes place during what would be performance hours at the club, as it is unlikely that there would be no show on a Thursday night. The end of Chapter 12, spoken by Meyer:"My God, don't take my hunch for reality. Such material is made available to encourage the reading and study of the literary works of author John D. MacDonald.

The series ended due to MacDonald’s death, preventing any finality to the series.

His one assumption in the dating of these books was that the action in any of them could not have begun after the novel’s actual copyright date. Cathy’s states that her sister Christine’s husband was killed in “the hurricane of sixty-one.”, So, after these changes Pratt’s dating of the early novels begins to fall apart. Eliminating conflicts, it could take place in either 1964 or 1965. was actually the third McGee attempted, but it fell apart and he had to come back to it later. One, Pratt surmises that use of hallucinogenic drugs in the story strongly suggests 1963 over 1957, as “knowledge of such drugs [in 1957] was fairly uncommon, and the use of them in a story would have been unclear to many readers.” Subsequent revelations about the CIA’s experimentation with the drug as a possible mind-controlling agent during the 1950’s put this theory in some doubt now, but it is impossible to know if MacDonald was aware of this in 1964. I’m that kind of reader and I suspect there are many of you out there who are similarly afflicted. A sortable list in … Another entry that falls way out of the publication chronology is. You can click these links and be sent to a random series or a random author. . The later books all contain dates that are easily identifiable, closely matching their publication dates, but several contain internal errors that Pratt attempts to rectify, mainly by way of a character (McGee or otherwise) making a mistake in recollecting past incidents. I, too, an rereading for the third time but I have separated them by years not months.

This leaves 1963, as it is highly unlikely that anyone “close to Batista” would have wanted to hang around the island, especially one with the collection Menterez y Cruzada owned. From what I recall the publisher wanted the public to get 'hooked' on the series which of course they did. He eliminates 1955 based on an extensive reconstruction of McGee’s life between the Korean War and, (he would have been in college in 1955) leaving 1960 as the year.

It was the third Travis McGee novel written, but that version was scrapped and another one (, Oh, and there’s another nail in the coffin of the proposed 1960 dating. The 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material that may exist on this site is provided for under U.S. It was, and it began for me a long love affair with the author’s writing. From a beloved master of crime fiction, The Lonely Silver Rain is one of many classic novels featuring Travis McGee, the hard-boiled detective who lives on a houseboat. -- have questionable dating, since there is a lack of focus points, but Pratt uses other means to attempt to date them. It took the painstaking work of a Travis McGee fan named Allan D Pratt to get it all right and place the stories in their proper order. Travis McGee has luck to thank for his reputation as a first-rate salvager of stolen boats. I’ve always felt that. . Finally. FAIR USE NOTICE: This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not been pre-authorized by the copyright owner. The next time I tackle the canon (which I do every couple of years) I think I’ll do it in the following order. The Deep Blue Goodbye takes place in or after 1962, Junior Allen was jailed in 1957 for 8 years but got out in 5, so he would have been locked up in 1960.

There is only one error Pratt identifies as being “irreconcilable,” and that is found in. Only a handful of them end in a year following the copyright. That and then some! Pratt presumed that it was quite likely that MacDonald had his own chronology, constructed “to avoid trapping himself in contradictions,” and that does seem quite likely. The same problem occurs with. In only one book, The Turquoise Lament, I didn’t find the title of the book mentioned in the story. . She tells McGee “... he will be at the convention in New York City through Tuesday the ninth.” The very next page in the book informs the reader of the specific month of the year with a classic JDM sentence: “Manhattan in August is a replay of the Great Plague of London.” So it’s August ninth. Three of the early novels --. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Using identifiable dates used in the books and references to various characters and real-world events, Pratt put together a new chronology, complete with the timelines within each novel, placing them in a new and unique context. My name is Steve Scott and I've been a reader of the works of author John D MacDonald for over 45 years. In the third book of the Travis McGee series, A Purple Place for Dying, Travis becomes a witness to the death of a wife who is trying to gain ownership of her husband’s estate. Anyone familiar with the creation of the character of Travis McGee knows that the series began with a couple of discarded attempts at Blue, a major problem with Red and earlier novels beginning out of their published order. Again, eliminating years that conflict with other books, Pratt concludes that the action takes place in early 1961. Clicking any links beside the book lists will lead you to Amazon for more details or to purchase the book. Counting back from August second (Tuesday), nine mail-delivery days brings us to Saturday, July 23. , so I wouldn’t be adverse to placing it in 1957 except for Pratt’s other reasoning: it conflicts with McGee’s biography (as surmised by Pratt) that in October of 1957 McGee would be a rookie on a never-named professional football team. Copyright Law. His prose had energy, wit and bite, his plots were humdingers, his characters talked like real people, and his knowledge of the contemporary world was -- no other word will do -- breathtaking. This leaves 1962 as the only possible candidate. At one point McGee remarks that bad guy Carlos Menterez y Cruzada fled Cuba “nearly five years ago” and Betty Borlika’s contention that he was “very close to Batista” allows one to use Castro’s ascension to power in January 1959 as a starting point. The series ended due to MacDonald’s death, preventing any finality to the series. Travis McGee has good intentions, even if he isn’t perfect. And if they’re not what you’re looking for – click again! Or did I miss it??

Travis McGee was a protector of women, weaker men and the environment and since the last novel there doesn’t seem to be anybody that comes close to him as a character in a novel. too many hours playing this game I’ve come to the conclusion that MacDonald had no secret chronology placing later books into earlier periods, despite the dating clues he gives. Also, , but not enough to quibble with the excellent research done for this article. He considers himself a beach bum and lives on a houseboat in Fort Lauderdale. I have one question which is really bugging me.

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