He wanted Beck to become his successor as protector of the Grid, emphasizing that a war was raging. Sark, dispatched to deal with the warrior on the mesa, recognized Tron, and the two duelled with their identity discs, avoiding the crevasses in the mesa while attempting to catch one another off guard. Though it appears in Legacy that Tron was defeated in the initial strike of Clu 2's coup, Tron: Uprising reveals that he initially escaped capture, at the cost of severe injury, and served as a mentor to the program Beck in inciting insurrection against Clu 2's new regime; it has yet to be shown at what point in the time between Uprising and Legacy that Tron was captured and repurposed. Directed by Steven Lisberger. Jet is also the basis for the experimental program that is the central character of Tron: The Ghost in the Machine. In TRON: Legacy, Tron was shown to still be an excellent fighter as he took on four Clu's elite Black Guards and defeated them with ease.

He is trained by Tron and looks to him as a mentor throughout his time as a games warrior. Dillinger was a worker in ENCOM before plagiarizing Kevin Flynn's original work, after which he becomes the company's senior executive. Due to the fact that he was a User, Flynn secretly had enough energy to survive while the carrier derezzed around them. He teamed with Quorra in trying to stop Clu 2 from taking over the grid but was derezzed saving her from falling debris.

What is your biggest pleasure? When originally named "Zuse", he was an ally of Flynn's and the ISOs' under his former name, but he betrays Sam and Quorra to bargain with Clu 2; he wishes to control the Grid once Clu 2 leaves for the real world. He is voiced by John Glover. The two-disc DVD edition of the original Tron revealed that in the late 1970s, Lisberger Studios had produced an early demo animation showing the character 'Tron' similarly armed with two "exploding discs", (see Tron Origins). He even has a similar closeness with Yori that Gibbs had with her user, Lora Baines. In the new Grid, Tron has expert-class privileges in Light Cycle, Light Tank, and Recognizer operation. They locate the password behind a large painting of Xehanort (thanks to Tifa moving it aside), the password being the seven names of the Princesses of Heart. Jarvis attempts at every turn to impress Clu 2 and win approval. Through most of the series, he leads a revolution against Clu 2 and his armies from within the digital realm of The Grid. Jai Nitz (w), Salvador Larroca, Andie Tong (a). This version of Jet is a digital backup of the original User, copied and stored within the system. Dillinger authorizes the MCP to tighten security controls upon learning of Flynn's seeking evidence of the theft of his work, but when he starts questioning the MCP's intent to defy his plans of capturing other programs, the MCP threatens to expose Dillinger's misdeeds. She is played by Cindy Morgan. Disney Characters introduced in Kingdom Hearts χ: Mad Hatter • March Hare • Razoul • Royal Guards • Maurice • Gaston After Flynn explained to Alan why he tried to hack into ENCOM to rightfully get back his data, Alan and his girlfriend, Lora Baines, decided to help him by using Tron to shut the MCP down and let him get the evidence that Dillinger stole Flynn's data. Deciding that he would escort Flynn to the portal, Tron ordered Anon to track down the virus, promising to return and assist him after Flynn was back in the real world. Tron shows signs of left-handedness, as the actor portraying him, Bruce Boxleitner, is left-handed. When CLU 2.0 gradually started to effect his rule over the Grid, Tron became suspicious of his friend's actions and - on at least one occasion - managed to save a program that had been defeated in the games from being derezzed on CLU's orders. During the ensuing hacking attempt, Flynn was digitized by the MCP, who ordered him thrown into the same gladiator video games that Tron was trapped in.

She is voiced by Cindy Morgan. Good. The 1982 Bally Midway coin-operated video arcade TRON's ending credits show the term: TRON, "To Run On Nothing", as the last line of the credits when the user completes all 12 levels of the game. 10. TRON is a Program and the deuteragonist of the film TRON. When the virus attacked the ceremony of peace between ISOs and Basics, Tron arrived just as Anon fended the virus off. He is physically played by John Reardon, with Jeff Bridges lending his likeness and voice to the character. During the group's return visit to the mainframe, Tron has been forced onto the Game Grid to fight for his life, while Hollow Bastion is being overrun by digitized Heartless by the corrupted town defense mechanism. While he and Ram systematically entrapped another enemy, Flynn used the hole to break out of the confines of the game, leading Tron and Ram in a wild flight from pursuing tanks and recognizers until they were able to hide out in a canyon, recharge, and locate their next destination.

His complete topographic understanding of the system makes him a master tactician and effective leader. To destroy the MCP and change the system, Tron needed data from his user, "Alan-One" (Bradley), to be encoded on his identity disc. Initially sceptical, Beck agreed and, under Tron's guidance, began the training that would set him on a path to "become the next Tron.". Some time earlier, Tron (presumably version 2.0) was called back into the fray when an mysterious and powerful virus attacked the ENCOM systems.

When Alan went to Ed Dillinger about being blocked from the system, Kleinberg asks if he could have some of his popcorn which, Alan allows. He also explains Ansem rebooted the MCP, suggesting "Ansem" to be Xehanort. If your friends could use one word to define you, what would it be? Initially skeptical, Beck agreed and began the training that would set him on a path to "become the next Tron". Tron displays a particularly high loyalty to Kevin Flynn, who is both his friend and a user. Are you evil, good, or undefined? Tron bravely stood his ground against a superior number of soldiers, including Clu, to protect Flynn. During the rule of the MCP, many programs are enslaved and forced to play games against its henchmen. Tron's presence distracted the MCP from its attempt to absorb Dumont and the other Tower Guardians. However Tron actually wanted to derezz Dyson for revenge to his treachery.

Tron is a security computer program written by Alan Bradley, and in 1982 was taken prisoner by the self-aware Master Control Program and forced to play on the Game Grid. The comic book Tron: The Ghost in the Machine further explores the Tron 2.0 characters and storyline. Crom is a timid and pudgy compound interest program, created by full branch managing savings and loan bank programmer Mr. Henderson, who was captured by the MCP and forced to play on the Game Grid. Dillinger was then fired and Flynn was rehired at ENCOM as Senior Executive V.P. Physically, the Bit was represented within the movie by a blue polyhedral shape that alternated between the compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron and the small triambic icosahedron (the first stellation of the icosahedron). In the novelization, his code number is "ES-1117821". Someone is seen dressed as him at a Halloween Costume Party in Hocus Pocus. During a meeting with ENCOM's then Senior Executive Ed Dillinger, Alan explained how Tron worked: After Dillinger asked if Tron was part of the Master Control Program, Alan said no and added that it could "watchdog the MCP as well.". The walls of the prison they were in disappeared and they escaped as the carrier turned into a wireframe. Crom and Flynn are forced to battle each other in the ring game. While Yori and Flynn were held captive (along with Dumont who was taken away for helping Tron) Sark removed all of their energy and revealed that the carrier was going to derez after he disembarked in his escape pod. Yori and Tron reunited and shared a kiss (which Tron found both pleasing and surprising, since kissing had not been customary for programs), and stood with Dumont to watch the system restore itself and all of the I/O Towers light up again.
Tron was astonished and suspicious when Flynn called him by his user's name, but Flynn gained his trust by claiming to be a program from a user who knew Alan and revealing that he too was out to destroy the MCP. Rinzler is a security program who serves as Clu 2's right-hand man, played by Anis Cheurfa, a well-known martial-arts performer cast for his abilities, stunts and acrobatic talents, with Bruce Boxleitner lending his voice and likeness for the character. As a result, he assists Flynn in exposing Dillinger. The video game Tron 2.0 was a direct sequel to Tron but is now non-canon with release of Tron: Legacy and its various related titles.
arrives, he calls him the "Renegade". Tron displays a particularly high loyalty to Kevin Flynn, who is both his friend and a user. Tron's personality is that of a determined warrior, willing to do anything for the users and for the freedom of his fellow programs. After several attempts by the MCP and Sark to stop the Solar Sailer from reaching its destination, Sark finally succeeded by ramming his carrier into the Solar Sailer in an ambush. Jarvis is an administration program who serves as Clu 2's chief bureaucrat, played by James Frain. Tron is overjoyed and shows off his "funny side" to his friends, who he hugs in a term of goodbye, before jumping into the core to take over the MCP's programming. The character of Tron was subsequently incorporated into Lisberger's vision of a heroic defender of freedom living inside a digital world.

The MCP "felt a presence" and realized that "another warrior" was on the mesa. In March 2003, Alan Bradley was given the "Digital Pal" award for Ma3a.

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