Some say that makes me a loser because I should just the play the game as it is. Well time hits the hardest blows. Following tis method I killed $26,000 in student loan debt in 18 months and still partied hard and had a good life.. Also bought my first rental property this way borrowing $16,000 and paying back in less than a year. I’ve done this 2, going on 3 times in my life, and the first time I did it, the opportunities I turned away, were better than most people could hope for occurring at my age. Dress better, get in shape? He's neat, and precise, but his inner child grew up years ago. When you talk about a sucessful person, the loser finds one trait of the person that he finds to be poor and holds that against the person. He spent long hours in strip clubs pissing away a lot of his hard earned money and dated women who were pretty but complete losers with no direction or brains. they could not refute his polices or rhetoric, they tried and failed Cheerio son. After witnessing many situations both different and similar to those I’m recalling here, another pattern emerges:  Losers continually rely on the help of others, always anticipating that someone will bail them out, thereby enabling their behavior time and time again. A pivotal moment when my eyes became open was when I once suggested to one friend that perhaps rather than working 2 poorly paying part-time jobs he could start with a decent full-time job, enjoy more free time, and then later move to an even better/higher-paying full time job. Yeah, I was once jealous of guys who had a head start in life, and was a little negative towards them. But when it does that it loses the mental hold on even more people as a result. The thing is, people are not always honest about what they really want. Losers see others sucess as a reminder of their own personal failures. As far as recent US military operations in the Middle East, we did win in Iraq and Afghanistan. . My response: "You're God damned right I'm a douche, a douche cleans rotten cunt, like this cunt of a society we live in." I get frustrated with students who won’t learn from other folks bad experiences- the information is out there. Anyway this would be a long discussion…. But then, surely we can both think of ‘legitimate’ ways of taking something from someone with force. What is the real “genius” of Jackson Pollock? You’re extremely fortunate if they repay you, which is another topic unto itself. Wouldn’t even tell my wife I won the lottery. No response. All I know about this guy is he had a major smack habit and was a father figure for uncle Al…. Harder for folks looking for you to find you since your name doesn’t appear on the title. Then consider it an incentive to move on to bigger and better things yourself. They believe the elements of agenda 21 and much more are good things. Like souls Another friend of mine became somewhat of an alcoholic and dropped out of the community college we were attending many years ago, despite my encouragement in staying. Depending on your state, you may not be able to claim anonymously. We are discussing how people became rich. Mike will become a crucial figure in the IT sequel (if that gets made), as he is the only team member who agrees to stay in Derry, Maine and track the monster, swearing to alert the Losers if IT ever resurfaces. Is that a picture of Don Knots on the bio section of the author? My point on the corn subsidies is to say Big Gov has a history of wasting money with good intentions. I think you’re actually on to something. By this list I am not a loser. ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and ‘The Success System That Never Fails’ are both excellent on both these counts. Prov 9:8 Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you. Ask your tax experts. A big part of the reason I went into business for myself was because I was sick of the corporate bullshit. The leading “conservative thinkers” of the last 20 years have influenced hardly anyone beyond the next generation of downwardly mobile graduate students. However, the single large payout may incur a higher tax rate. His truck wouldn’t make it, he said. He’s in a way trusting to luck during this experience that he’s handling. Why They Are Important To The Group: Richie's bravado empowers the group. There is a reason why governments in the developed world don’t get overthrown like they used to in the past. And yet, so many seem content to live miserable lives, severely restricted from what is right in front of them and all the possibilities that exist. Yeah, the work was beneath him. I banged the girl 6 days later. Always wanting to improve. That’s what (in part) keeps revolution from happening. Even if a large portion of the population rose up, the US government would not just fold and give up. (Excuse the cliche). I want a group of real players at my table where our game is each other’s best interests and that when required, we are willing to go to war as one. If he didn’t exist those incentives would have still been available but to someone far less deserving I’m sure. I came to understand that these are broken men. If you have these great ideas, I want you to hit it hard. You’ve got to be there. The standard of judgement is did you apply the government’s monopoly on legal violence for your personal gain or not? Bashes other family members, puts down wife etc. Just that I got a raise at work. Sheep revolting against mutton as the famous quote goes. If I know that someone might not have the means themselves, because of how bad their personal choices are, it’s infuriating but I can deal with the reality. A very small percentage of the population is criminal and threat of punishment doesn’t stop them. This means that wealthy donors, for example, can communicate with politicians without having the public know that they’re communicating. If it got to a civil war, do you not think government would nuke the rebel-held areas if they had no other choice? Surround yourself with positive people even if your worldviews differ and see yourself become another man. Like a cunt on the rag? Let’s all try to talk like men from before the 1960s. Can ya take 30 seconds and gimme a jump? This WILL happen. There is a lot of good things out there and if you like some of it to the exclusion of others then that is absolutely fine by me. Just goes to show you can’t be too careful. But that’s okay, of course. Looking at his background, it seems that he should’ve been doing his writing from the loony bin. I know that I have to watch my own speech all the time because otherwise I occasionally slip in that regard. “Once family and friends learn of the windfall, they have expectations of what they should be entitled to, and many of these expectations are not rational,” said Charles Conrad, senior financial planner with Szarka Financial in North Olmsted. The thing is, as long as 50% of the population is willing to vote for you, you stay in power. But let's start at the top: Known For: His leadership qualities; his debilitating stutter; the loss of his brother, Georgie, which starts the Losers' Club down a path that will have them investigating the monster terrifying their small town of Derry, Maine. Ever try to discuss freedom, actual freedom with regular people? The really advanced loser, highly skilled at being a loser/parasite and nothing else, will also have the ability to feign “turning their life around” multiple times so that the enablers/suckers will again and again and again stupidly come to their rescue. I once asked if he could help me move using his van. He was definitely lucky to get in before the big corporations colonized his industry and wiped out most small traders. allow people to show you who they are. “What you are is lowly”, as the song goes…. Fears: Unlike Richie, Eddie is afraid of practically everything. I spent much time sharing personal advice about how to improve their lives and yet, not once was any of my advice taken. NEVER. Power corrupts, but powerlessness corrupts, too. “We’ve got to straighten out the country.”. Well then, if that’s the case let me go get a gun. No amount of military or informants could stop it. And how he killed his wife. americans in this day and age don’t only live at their means but well above them. Their family being on the base is an advantage right? Allow me to present several here. His quality of life at the time was very low, working above-average hours per week at a trivial pay rate. Known For: The only girl in the group, Beverly is also the collective "first crush" of every boy in the Losers' Group; she's a whizz with a slingshot; she comes from the poorest part of town; her hold on Bill is so strong that he ends up going on to marry a woman who's basically a similar version of Bev. They are unreliable, They do not truly appreciate what they are given For quantitative merchandise We don’t have to bring down successful people by pointing this out, but successful people often lack humility about their achievements, and often these achievements are questionable. Giving people money hurts them. But for those of us who've read the book, the Losers' Club is populated with special characters who we can't wait to see on screen, even if they have to endure some horrors for our benefit. Tomorrow was a 100 years in her mind. “You say ‘not willing to make short term sacrifices’. I have cables?”. The topic of this article is one that I was glad to see. So you can take the offer as a compliment. There are no honorable bargains This election season has given us many new clues. Those who pay me back in money or some other form of assistance are upgraded to my inner circle. single person who is in any way serious or educTed about these things If you excuse Musk for that reason you must also excuse all the rest who play the game as it is. HOW’D YOU KNOW ABOUT THE HASH AND THE SOFA??? I find it explains the common node of those who inexplicably cannot succeed. Though maybe there is some hope as someone who doesn’t want to be seen as a loser still has some pride left. Sure, I don’t think fedgov will go peacefully. Sure, Pennywise gets an awful lot of attention, likely because we all have an inherent distrust and fear of clowns. Many people have a delusion that it is not criminal when it is done through the state. If they weren’t ruling through the mind why is it they are so damn’d determined to get a hold of the children at younger and younger ages? Good ideas are not an excuse either. Odds of 4 guys all embezzling/stealing are less than 1. Dont be surprised if they fuck your girlfriend the moment you turn your back too. You are speaking from a place of absolute ignorance and trying to say that despite the learned opinions of literally every single person who is in any way serious or educTed about these things that the stuff you don’t like is total junk and, I say this with all sincerity, you are absolutely and non negotiable wrong. (This would even apply in socializing because much of socializing is self-restraint, which can mean restraining the impulse to sit mute like a flower pot.) . It’s the struggles and how you handle them that make you a man. Because nobody took them seriously when they said ‘I just cant. Thus, even when conservatives happen to win office, typically all that they can imagine doing is reducing their own capacity to exercise power. . Even though I am mostly a hermit and believe that mastering oneself is the best contribution you can make for your pack. Though they tire of his non-stop jokes -- they use the phrase "Beep Beep" as a means of shutting Richie up, albeit temporarily -- the Losers' Club relies on Richie's humor to break the tension in terribly frightening situations. Investors & Handymen: Wood Frame House as Primary Residence? You can’t rebel against what you don’t know. They cope with hardships using defense mechanisms and they never grow. These days I care about results – intentions don’t always mean much to me now.

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