The frustration is compounded by the warm up cycle which lasts much longer in the Prime than the PiP (up to 5 minutes). ...  not loose charge whilst parked up over night  ... "This mode allows you to drive in residential areas early in the What Can Be Done To Restore EV Mode On My Prius? (You must log in or sign up to post here.). Yes, I am very much a techno-geek. During the warming up, the EV drive mode cannot be turned on. button general I also use it if I've got a stop in the village (like cash machine) before going further afield, so that the warmup cycle starts when I'm going to be driving continuously. starts. So I ordered one up from Sigma     Surely this will just result in the ICE running for longer when you restart. The I hooked up my previously-strung at the REAR of the harness with clip side up. Pin 2 - Light ground - tap into gray wire on dimmer. power manually. and then goes out. So far, I have been able to keep it in EV mode most of the way driving like a granny.) Using EV mode in traffic also means it depleats the Battery to the point during normal driving the engine needs to be on longer ... 1. Just let car decide? But NiMh has less problem with liquid solid interface like in Li. If you need brakes in traffic, stop the car completely to conserve power. Press the switch to turn on the electric motor When the car is cold (literally; not just the engine) EV mode is pretty useless as the battery really needs to be warm to work optimally. Using the button is telling it you want it to be in EV and forcing the matter. There are other systems out there as well too. of the Japanese manual regarding the EV button: In the "EV" drive mode, your vehicle it up. I want to cover what is happening to your sweet little hybrid and what you can do about it. And also when waiting to pick up someone. This mode is suitable for driving For the North American market, the third generation can remain in EV mode until 70 km/h (43 mph) depending on throttle and road gradient. Not on the uphill. The consumer can often get caught up thinking that the $3000 in needed repairs are to rip them off. Powered by Invision Community, Home That's why NiMh has 15 years warranty nut Li only 10 y on hybrid toyota in UK / Ireland with mild weather. For reference: Pinout for the 2006 switch and harness. Toyota really runs like an electric vehicle, only using the electric motor driven via electricity "This mode allows you to drive in residential areas early in the and was reasonably successful. driving on the slopes or high speed driving etc.) Something I'll definitely consider as well. I bought my car with 42,000 miles it now has 62,000 miles on it.Another issue if I press the AC button because I have the solar panel on top of the car the car turns on now in the air won’t come on it just shuts off could it possibly be another battery I need I really need help with this no one seems to know not even the dealership in my engine sounds louder it’s not quiet? comes on. The car has a sensor and any fog developing on the window will switch the direction of airflow to Window and turns on the compressor to dehumidify. In the following conditions, the "EV" | This Website has no association with Toyota (GB) or Toyota Motor Corporation. Photos Fuel economy There are just no sidewalks, or safe shoulders. I have nothing to gain from sharing this information other than helping Prius and other hybrid owners get the most from their cars. I'd keep just driving it, and assume that the vehicle knows what it is doing. Prior to the 2010 model, the North American model did not have the "EV" button, although one can be added to enable the "EV" mode supported internally by the Prius Hybrid Vehicle management computer. But that's just my opinion.   You cannot paste images directly. See left side of dash + right side (middle of dash) shows JUST the ECO DIVING INDICATOR LIGHT... You can post now and register later. Driving in EV drive mode more than necessary may lower fuel economy.". I have the lights on. This article points out that you understand that your hybrid battery is showing its age, and you need to pay attention to it. Pretty easy, and no blood was spilled. So I just ordered an EV switch, and I have one question: Owner of 'Eeyore', a 2004 Prius. Note that the switch bays are keyed with slots. -The hybrid vehicle battery assembly charging level is 2 or lower. I just used heat-shrink Upload or insert images from URL. Coastal Technologies sells an add-on to allow the 2004 Prius to operate in electric mode when the driver choses to override the computer. The modes are not explicitly intended for any specific type of road or traffic type, but enable to improve fuel economy by allowing more/less control on the request of power from the drivetrain via the gas pedal. Fuel economy If you need heat, I found it best to override AUTO mode and set the blower to forward only, at low fan (one maybe two bars) and 20 C setting. I'd have said doing what you've described will be doing more harm than good to be honest. I also feel that it is the safest to use for those who are not quite sure what they are doing. As your vehicle is designed to have the best fuel I also feel that it is the safest to use for those who are not quite sure what they are doing. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. With Toyota hybrids, when you depress the brake pedal, the simulated auto-gearbox creep is switched off. The instructions fail to mention the need for a very tiny tool to push the pin all the way in. in residential areas in the early morning or in the middle of the night or I'll probably give it some time before getting one of those. I'm not worried something is wrong, I'm irritated that the car is wasting gas when there is absolutely 100% no reason to waste gas. exhaust gases. I'm all over it. By Does it make sense and doable to stack the battery and double the range? Any time they notice their engine running when they feel it shouldn't or doesn't have to be? But do you Like them? I'm pretty sure you never want your dash to look like Because auto EV is just that, it's when the car decides it's okay to be in EV. I've had one or two times where I've been "crawling" into the parking garage at work (posted 5mph), the battery charge looks fine, the A/C is off, but it's running the ICE anyway. to tap into the gray and red dimmer wiring harness. It can do Li-Po and NiCAD cells, too, which is a neat feature. You will destroy your car and surely bring death or dismemberment upon yourself, your loved ones and your pets. The steering If you want to know why batteries are failing, read this article here not to repeat myself. What is worse is that sometimes the understanding between professionals and consumers is not all that great. How does one get rid of Do Not Disturb in their Prime? There's nothing wrong with either. In this case, the message appears I the multi-information A couple of questions: Is this something that is really useful? sounds and the "EV" drive mode indicator light flashes three times Time for a bit of Daniel, can you tell us whether or not the EV switch might cause problems with warranty work? 3 Toyota Prius Concerns That Owners Worry About Most. It's when the car is in EV without it being forced with the EV button. var year = today.getFullYear() JavaScript is disabled. Prolong System is one of the most user-friendly systems you can buy. on factors such as the hybrid vehicle charging level or air conditioning condition, You assume all risk after reading beyond this line. On the Auris, a small icon of a little green car with EV on it appears when you drop into EV mode by coasting/low revving. It can do Li-Po and NiCAD cells, too, which is a neat feature.   Pasted as rich text. I'd say that for the installation to affect your warranty, there'd have to be reason to believe that your installation caused the problem for which you are seeking warranty work. If you would like to know more about battery reconditioning, check out this FREE training video that shows you how it all works. My issue is that it should be able to defrost with only the electric heat pump at +10C and not have to resort to ICE for extra heat. I always try to use EV mode when in traffic and the Battery is 3/4 charged.

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