Their team is the Lumberjacks, and he serves as their mascot.

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“Well I think, I think time takes care of all of that, Johnny.

Behind The Scenes | It Was Filmed Here | Where Was It Filmed? The curves seen in the screenshot above do not exist in the road today, and judging from satellite views of the location, it appears there are remnants of curved road here.


“Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument” the hitchhiking stranger (Luke Askew). This entry was posted by Jennifer on July 23, 2014 at 11:04 pm, and is filed under Filming Locations, Road Trips. They want to do this silly film, we’ll go along with it and then go our happy ways,” said Rose LeBlanc O’Rear. I mean, you’re talking 50 years later. Usually when Hollywood comes to a small town, it creates excitement, but for one small town in Point Coupee Parish, well, it’s been trying to shake Hollywood off itself for nearly 50 years.

No.1, 1300 Saint Louis Street at Basin Street, west of the French Quarter. As the co/owner of a small retro trailer (Serro Scotty HiLander), we actually like the scene in 1969 with the cool canned ham trailer!

Interestingly (and this could be the result of the technical differences between movie and still cameras), while the film was shot from the same location (by the railroad on Park Moabi, where an old alignment of Route 66 goes back east), our photos were taken some distance apart on Park Moabi.

A Gray Media Group, Inc. Station - © 2002-2020 Gray Television, Inc. SHOWCASING LOUISIANA: Morganza recalls when 'Easy Rider' was filmed in their town 50 years ago. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

East Bellemont Road, running alongsideI-40. Easy Rider - Filming Location (Las Vegas, New Mexico) USA / New Mexico / Las Vegas / Las Vegas, New Mexico / Bridge Street , 157

We had a screen capture of a couple others that we missed. Now if you’ve ever seen “Easy Rider,” you know it’s the story of three free-wheeling motorcyclists who strike out to find freedom in America, but their stop at Melancon’s Café proved to be deadly for them. The Route 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grill @ 11840 W. Route 66, displays the film’s original ‘No vacancies’ sign over the bar. The opening credits actually contain all of the filming locations that we currently have (we don’t have them all at this point). This scene was filmed on Route 66 (S. Milton Street, near Tuscon Avenue) in Flagstaff, Arizona.

And they’re driving from Minnesota, Arkansas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Illinois. This is the scene today, at what is now called Granny’s Closet. Copyright 2019 WAFB. However, it definitely safe to say that this is a very close approximation of the location of this scene.

July 6, 2014: Amarillo, Texas to Albuquerque, New Mexico, please see this page on, My Cannonball Fugitive – A Trip 8 Years in the Making, July 9, 2014: Route 66 – Seligman – Needles – Williams, July 8, 2014: Route 66 – Holbrook to Seligman, Arizona, July 7, 2014: Albuquerque, New Mexico to Holbrook, Arizona. In preparation of the hog rally and upcoming 50th anniversary of “Easy Rider,” the Morganza Cultural District created a to scale façade of the old Melancon’s Café and erected it in the exact location where the real one stood. Here is another view from this scene filmed from I-40, with the Red Rock Bridge first, and the Old Trails Arch Bridge more clearly visible behind it. The building in 2014. Below is Little Louie, who was not visible in Easy Rider, but has been at the Lumberjack Cafe since the 1960’s, along with the two other Bunyan-type statues. So we just thought, here they are. And y’all acted and all that, but as time went on, being part of the community, I mean, it just kinda’ fizzled on out,” Wells said. MORGANZA, LA (WAFB) - A movie that is now in the Library of Congress National Film Registry was shot, in part, in Louisiana, but for one small community, that wasn’t always a good thing. MORGANZA, LA (WAFB) - A movie that is now in the Library of Congress National Film Registry was shot, in part, in Louisiana, but for one small community, that wasn’t always a good thing.

If you do, don’t tell anyone. EASY RIDER (1969) FILMING LOCATIONS. It was like entrapment,” O’Rear said. I said, ‘This doesn’t happen in our area.’ You know, we get a lot of recognition from it, but I wouldn’t care if it was never made and I wouldn’t care if I’d never been part of it,” Hess said. where the stranger they picked up insists they don’t pay for gas, has closed.

| Comment? No one ever got out of line. The tragic death of Azariah Christien Thomas, 2, has shaken the Baton Rouge community.

This scene was filmed on the Arizona side of the Colorado River, the first exit after the I-40 crossing above.

The scene below is just a block east from the location above, also on Route 66, looking south onto S. San Francisco Street).

The local actors, though, had no idea at the time exactly what kind of film it was going to be, or that their little Village of Morganza would be portrayed as anything but a loving, friendly, welcoming community.

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This scene was taken off the first exit on the California side of the Colorado River, Exit 153, Park Moabi Road.

That’s pretty cool, to come see Morganza, Louisiana where the movie was filmed. Powered by WordPress and Mystique theme by digitalnature | RSS Feeds. Published on January 25, 2016. Several businesses are listed at this location, such as an Architectural Design Studio, Flagstaff Piano, Clock and Fine Art Gallery, and a realty company. “And they told us to ad-lib. Oddly enough (and ignore this now if you aren’t into geeky details…just enjoy the photos), in reality, this scene was filmed from the same spot as the shot above. Two bridges, which are former alignments of Route 66 are also visible. Not great quality, we know (dirty windshield!). If you watch the YouTube video, you will see that as Wyatt and Billy are riding up the hill, the camera smoothly pans across, following them as they proceed south on Park Moabi Road.

The lumberjack that was visible in Easy Rider is now located at Northern Arizona University. “Well, we really didn’t know what to expect. Your email address will not be published. Said hey man, those people in Morganza rolled out the red carpet: food, drinks, and famous Morganza cake," said Rene Thibodeaux, president of the Morganza Cultural District. Here is a video of the opening credits to set the proper mood, as well as the context of the scene, which we love, with Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild.” Classic. One is a quick cut of them at another angle in the view above (we were right there and totally spaced taking a photo…next time!). “When we saw the movie, the movie really showed Morganza in a bad light, so I think it made a lot of people angry because they misled us. In this scene, they are a bit farther east on Route 66 (near N. Leroux Street) in Flagstaff.

Some of the local men were in the film as well. They just said you know to flirt with them,” O’Rear said.

The view below is looking north on Park Moabi Road, toward what is now an RV resort called Pirates Cove Resort & Marina, near Needles, California. Keep up with my latest post.

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