It has an oppressive atmosphere that not only comes from its pagan Mormon worldview but that also derives from its subject matter – the search for a serial killer who invades a sleepy Mormon town in rural Utah. 4 of 5 people found this review helpful. I enjoyed the movie. I live in Mapleton, UT where it was filmed, and am LDS. The tranquil town is shaken to the core when a woman from California is found murdered near her car. When “Life Is Beautiful” was released in the United States in 1998, some critics attacked it for making light of the Holocaust. Eventually his sleuthing solves the case. How do you get to Brigham City Utah? I enjoyed the movie. It brings the film back around to its REAL point, with a spiritually profound resolution that features an achingly poignant performance from Dutcher. That point is driven home when the two find a car with California plates abandoned in a field. Brigham City is a 2001 murder mystery film written and directed by Richard Dutcher.

The state of Oklahoma is proposing a law banning cock fights. Dutcher said the songs allowed him to "experience the film through the eyes of other artists and live the story one more time. Use the HTML below. Who is the killer in Brigham City? Dutcher does fantastic work as the beleaguered Wes. (You’d look beleaguered, too, if you had to write, direct and star in the same movie.) In 2001, an album of music inspired by the motion picture was released on cd. Directed by Richard Dutcher. I’d like to have seen more examples of the townspeople’s growing mistrust of each other, for example, and a few of the smaller speaking parts are amateurishly acted. Then a Brigham resident is found dead in the park, and FBI agent Meredith Cole (Tayva Patch), already investigating the first murder, gets more deeply involved. Sheriff Wes Clayton is also a Mormon bishop in a picturesque little burg called Brigham. Most folks just call him “bishop,” though, suggesting the degree to which Brigham’s ecclesiastical and secular societies intertwine. It depicts the people of Brigham as religious but not fanatical, and it’s never preachy or heavy-handed: Small-town culture is the focus, not LDS doctrine. After having no luck from the police, she hires a ... See full summary », Sheriff Wes Clayton is a compassionate lawman and a Mormon bishop in a quiet Mormon community called Brigham. If you saw the movie Chocolat, you can see the same thing there. If you saw the movie Chocolat, you can see the same thing there. Brown, Carrie Morgan. You can say what you want about the religon and the politics but it's not much different then other places in the world. Dutcher’s skill as a writer and director lies more in characters and moral dilemmas than in whodunits, and the scene in which the killer is revealed is the worst-written moment in the movie. Clayton, his young deputy, the town's retired sheriff and his shrewd secretary work with an FBI agent sent to investigate. Terry the deputy sheriff turns out to be the killer. With Richard Dutcher, Wilford Brimley, Matthew A. If you don't understand the Church's dogma then the end of the movie may not mean that much to you.I enjoyed the suspense and liked the acting. The fact that most are returned missionaries makes them all the more adept at going door-to-door (and already acquainted with having doors slammed in their faces by uncooperative townsfolk).

Use the HTML below. Sheriff Wes Clayton is a compassionate lawman and a Mormon bishop in a quiet Mormon community called Brigham. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Taking this lesson to heart, I want to use this week’s video and DVD release of “Brigham City” as an occasion to say that I erred in my original assessment of the film — or, rather, in the way I presented that assessment. This FAQ is empty. Among the two agents sent is Meredith, who confides to Clayton that the killer is likely someone within Brigham City, a claim Clayton doesn't believe. With Richard Dutcher, Wilford Brimley, Matthew A. This FAQ is empty. A good red herring, as it’s called, makes us gasp and say, “THAT person did it?!
Clayton, his young deputy, the town's retired sheriff and his shrewd secretary work with an FBI agent sent to investigate. The subsequent investigation turns up little evidence, mostly due to Clayton's lack of resources, but tries to keep up with it as best he can. Wes is eager, at times bull-headedly so, to preserve Brigham’s quaint, unsullied lifestyle. Brigham City. Assisting Wes and Terry is their secretary, Peg (Carrie Morgan), a wonderful character with dry wit and great charisma. The final scene alone, set in an LDS sacrament meeting, is more gently instructive than a thousand sermons. What county is Clearfield Utah in → Leave a Reply Cancel reply. After having no luck from the police, she hires a ... See full summary », Sheriff Wes Clayton is a compassionate lawman and a Mormon bishop in a quiet Mormon community called Brigham. Is Brigham City a true story? Title: Richard Dutcher’s much-anticipated follow-up to “God’s Army” is two things: a very bad murder mystery and a wonderfully moving spiritual drama.
Knowing what people can lose, Peg declares, keeps Clayton at work. Because of the in-movie descriptions of geography and population, it depicts a fictional Utah town of Brigham City rather than the actual town of Brigham City. Rated PG-13 for violence and thematic material, Wilford Brimley, ‘The Natural’ and ‘Cocoon’ Star, Dies at 85, Dog shoots man in buttocks on hunting trip, Us man shot in buttocks by own dog while duck hunting - News.

Malicious prizefighter, henchman and gambler Colorado McBride's dark past is mirrored in his malevolently scarred face. As an ex-convict, Lee Ferguson's biggest desire is to leave his past behind and make a fresh start with Katie, his new love. However, the second viewing drove home a point I had not considered, which is that the quality of the murder mystery is almost irrelevant. However, the town starts to suspect there's a serial killer on the loose after the discovery of the bodies of the town's beauty pageant winner Carolyn Merrill (Jacque Gray) and Stuart "Stu" Udall (Wilford Brimley). The state of Oklahoma is proposing a law banning cock fights. Shocked, Clayton decides to deputize Stu and expands his search to within Brigham City, starting with some migrant workers working for Ralph, a local contractor for Brigham City. His only staff are the witty Peg, his receptionist, Stu (Wilford Brimley), the elderly former sheriff of Brigham City, and Terry, a young and idealistic deputy. But when it is good, it is very good. Clayton is a devout Latter-Day Saint who is one of seventeen bishops in the town. “Brigham City” is set in the fictional Utah town of Brigham (not Brigham City, which is a real place), a small suburb with tree-lined streets where nearly everyone is Mormon and absolutely everyone knows everyone else. Subverted with Clayton. Terry gives one to Wes during the film's climax. ), Movie reviews • "Snide Remarks" • general merriment. Now that it’s readily available, I recommend this film to all people with even the slightest belief in God. Mary Jane Jones. Clayton reveals that he tested Terry's fingerprints from the office and connects him to a criminal who was incarcerated for rape in Arizona several years ago. "Brigham City" (or "Being a Mormon for Beginners") has a little quiet town being stalked by a serial killer and it's sheriff (Richard Dutcher), who is also the Mormon bishop, has to solve the case in his sleepy little haven where there's never been a murder. “Brigham City,” more than any movie I have ever seen, offers penetrating insight into the nature of repentance and redemption. As a civil and spiritual leader in the frightened town, Clayton must serve both justice and mercy to uncover the town's deepest secrets, find the murderer and keep Brigham from ripping itself apart.

SHOULD it have been prevented? When a Pulitzer prize winning author of true crimes returns to his hometown in Georgia, it isn't long before he is involved in a forty year old case of a teenage girl who had been murdered.... See full summary ».

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