Each student still covers their own costs of the camp, what ever they turn out to be. The current report card lists grades as CP (continuing progress) which is a passing mark. If you were to organize this opportunity - in the summer - and used it as part of your five unrestricted contact days, then the school could be involved and the camp could be limited if you wished, to just your students. The mem- ber is required to apply their code, as it's written, when they believe it has been violated. Q.: With a maximum number of games allowed in baseball being increased to 26 this year, is 14 still the maxi- mum number of games that can be played on school days or prior to school days if travel requires students being dismissed early from classes? It's when this happens that amateur status concerns arise. If team is made up of both pubic/private middle level students, then the solution I'd recommend is 'inviting' your public school counterparts to donate some of their time/attention to this struggling group of youngsters. 2B-2 and p.37-38 Art. Q.: I am going to run a summer basketball camp and am currently the JV boys basketball coach at our high school. Some places organize various fund raisers to help kids earn cash. If sport officials are a part of the competition, WIAA licensed sport officials must be used. Bottom line: Bats/balls, kicking T's, shot put, discus and the like, can be issued at school's discretion, anytime. A.: The members present text for teams assembling during the school year, but outside of the season provides that no assembly may resemble in any way, a schools team practicing or competing outside of the season. If there is some circumstance that prohibits this student from being treated as / held accountable as every other full-time student, perhaps we should discuss. They've requested pictures of our team playing there so that they can put them on their field website. Q.: We are looking at running a pitching clinic for local kids (I'm the HS coach). My question is this: Should they choose a date during the regular volleyball season, any high school girl that is playing on the high school team would NOT be able to participate in the four-on-four tournament, correct? Turning backs to the court or field is not allowed — directed in a taunting, disrespectful manner at an opponent. Q.: If an athlete has a code of conduct violation [drinking], is this athlete eligible for any post season all conference awards? A.: In the most strict and technical interpretation, "yes" to all your questions. V-1A-Note (p. 34). Q.: Our local recreation department is starting a men's softball league this summer and the director contacted me with a question. In addition I just hung up the phone following a conversation with a member of the organizing commit- tee. This is not by any means a new rule. My question is, is it allowable to pay them as we would an adult line judge? Additionally, the Rules of Eligibility (Art. Our coaches are not involved with this. Since it was taken after Apr. He has an under age drinking citation and broke the school code of conduct by a nonlawful act, as a matter of fact, the only reason the school dismissed him was a parent called into school, otherwise nothing would have happened. If a chiropractor's physical was accepted in the past – it was not in compliance with the provisions of membership. My question is, can middle school/high school age basketball players participate in this? A.: Art. I have heard of students getting picked up in their off season, so they sign up for another sport so their penalty does not have to be served during their regular sport. If one of the course instructors is the 9th grade vb coach, then the coaching contact restrictions would be applicable. Because of ramifications across all your schools programs, this ought to be an administrative (your) determination, not a coaches prerogative. A.: Fundamental answer to your question is yes. Since the boy did not play last year (his junior year) does he still need to sit out one game for that sophomore red card game this year as a senior? (BL – Art. There are significant differ- ences between "unrestricted" and "unlimited." 5G) Will simplify and summarize: Does this event require NFHS sanctions? coaches can have coaching contact with students who have just completed 8th grade or any preceding grade up until these 8th graders actually start their 9th grade year." The clinic is run by a former All- American from Wisconsin, and currently a director of a wrestling organization. Q.: Can a 18-year old, not living at home sign their own alternate year athletic permit card? Is there a way to get the WIAA to recognize her previous years of home school education or would she be ineligible anyway because she is a junior? Member schools can, with interest and cooperation, form co-op programs with other member schools. In addition, what you choose to do during your own school's regular season will otherwise be largely up to you. II, Sect. A.: In the Rules of Eligibility (WIAA Handbook, p. 38, # 2) the text indicates: "There are no restrictions relative to voluntary assembling (without school/coach involvement) of students during the summer (when school is not in session)." All of these have very different rules than the WIAA version of football, softball, baseball and soccer that are played at the high school level not to mention are all played indoors. ); Have a good pool; be sure the person whose name is drawn – must be the person who shoots – or draw another name; do not allow for passing opportunity to another! Our member's consecutive semester rule i.e, a student has the potential for up to eight consecutive semesters of school sport eligibility is found in the Handbook, ROE Art. In previous years, we have used the form form the WIAA (and originally from the AAFP) for recording sports physical exams, and then used the top "tear-off" piece for sending back to school with the athlete. What you will see on p. 27 is that as events grow in size and the number of participat- ing schools and schools coming from more states then just MN/WI, the potential for needing additional approvals - either from the National Federation and/or the WIAA will increase - exactly as outlined in Article II, Section 5 - F. F1 describes when National Federation sanctioning for an even is required. The only requirement would be that they were out for three sports the previous year. The WIAA approves eligibility for more than 900 foreign students each year. A.: A clinic which is open to anyone by a non-school program (a local wrestling club or booster club for example) may be held and a student may volunteer to be a demonstration partner. pic.twitter.com/Jvm1BNQX51. My question is, could our school district provide him with a ride home in a school vehicle right to his house or is the a  violation of the rules? We do understand that the point is to avoid having students appeal simply to "beat the system" and participate in a big game. We have the thought of running a football theme commercial as well as having weekly drawings for pep rallies at local high schools. A.: Article I in our members Rules of Eligibility provides that a member school may only use their own, full-time students on their interscholastic athletic teams. IJ-D-2 of Rules A/A Glance. Our member schools have the following rule: A student becomes ineligible in a sport for a maximum of one year from date of last offense for participating in an all-star game or similar activity. 3. If the fund raised money is kept in a booster club account and the booster's wished to cover the costs for all students interested in summer league play, they could cover costs associated with competition. 12-06-07 Q.: I've been getting different answers from people in our district regarding eligibility. Question:  I'm 18 and have moved out of the house. The consent of the student-athlete and the student-athlete’s parents should be required before any third party (recruiters, club teams, fitness centers, businesses and organizations) uses a student-athlete in any form of publicity. associated with this membership requirement. Q.: I have an 18-year old student in special education who could graduate but is choosing to continue her high school education as per state statute (allowed to do so through her 21st birthday). Q.: I have looked in your 2006-07 Senior High School Handbook and could not find any information regarding addressing a coach's responsibility for turning in student/athletes involved in an athletic code violation. dent and placed in our charter school for the start of his junior year. I fully understand that a var- sity coach must use their summer contact days by July 31. Transferring schools at any time may result in restrictions being imposed on eligibility, or in some cases a denial of eligibility. ); Have a good pool; be sure the person whose name is drawn – must be the person who shoots – or draw another name; do not allow for passing opportunity to another! (Same as no student may be denied access to your other school based offerings.) XI, Rules of Eligibility Art. A: Fall soccer coaches may have non-school (club) coaching contact during the summertime (last day of school to July 28, 2012). Increases in tuition or additional costs at the private school are considered foreseeable and, therefore, do not meet the criteria. What's on the site, how the photos are used is essential to know and see before being able to say. Can the coach hit ground balls? But an alternate path might deliver the results you hope to achieve, nonetheless. This has worked well in the past. Does your appeal end within your building, with the supt., or with the school board? Q: Our Varsity basketball coach would like to work with our current 7th and 8th graders during the Spring (before school is out). Q.: I am a HS head varsity volleyball coach. 4-14-05 There are a number of HS athletes who enter pro-am events – with potentials for hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, but they make it clear they are playing for fun/the experience...and will not accept, receive or direct to another – money for playing or winning. In fact, might be described and "counted" in some dis- tricts as civil/community service. We have A.: Good call. Can they help other teams (if I'm not the coach)?

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