Sales were limited by the availability of only two body styles. Designed to be either gasoline or diesel, the new five main bearing engine was torture tested to higher levels than normal to be "the strongest Four in the industry. [20] At just under 2,000 pounds (907 kg) for the base model, the Alliance was also the lightest car assembled in the U.S. in its time. George C. Scott advertised the GTA for Renault back then. 1973 Chevrolet El Camino2 hours$3,300Bid Now, 1949 International KB21 days$7,700Bid Now. "[47], In 1983, Popular Science described that, "Renault will find its reputation dramatically brightened when word of the AMC Alliance gets around. The car was produced in Turkey until 2000. The engine, gearbox, and some axle parts come from France,[43] thus qualifying it as a domestic vehicle, and making it the first car (in 1983) with a foreign nameplate to win the Motor Trend Car of the Year award. This article is about the car. In 2011, "Dodge Ram" was rebranded as "Ram". A separate model was added for the 1987 model year, the GTA that offered higher performance and its name recalled the Alpine GTA. Media related to Renault 11 at Wikimedia Commons, "1983 AMC/Renault Alliance – 10 Best Cars", "Renault Luxmore: une R9 made in Taiwan ! 38,359 miles or 61,733km The car is located in Drummondville, Quebec, Canada. MADE in U.S.A Kenosha Wi. Today, the R9 is a very popular car in the country, like in the small and the big cities. That is one tempting find, Jeff! [25] According to Jose Dedeurwaerder, a Renault executive who became AMC's president, 1984 was profitable for AMC on an annual basis for the first time since 1979 during which the automaker lost $637.6 million. I’d start with a worse one, though, there are plenty out there! After French production came to an end in 1989, Sanfu Motors had to source parts from Argentina and Colombia instead. Sanfu Motors in Taiwan assembled the Renault 9 from 1983 until 1996. mass-market. It became the quintessential family car in Colombia, reaching over 115,000 units built and sold between 1983 and 1999, a record in the automotive Colombian history up to that time.[13]. While this did allow them to lower the price, it had a negative impact on quality and thus on Renault's reputation in Taiwan. Oil Filters; Air Filters; Fuel Filters; Transmission Filters; Cabin Air Filters; Brakes. Mileage is accurate. In April 1993 the range was updated, using the Phase 2 facelift front. To add Genesis vehicles for 2017 and beyond: 1. [14] An automatic-equipped version became available in January 1985. [10], The two automakers worked closely as each design studio developed spin-offs of cars created by the other. [26], In addition to the sedan, the Alliance was now offered as a convertible for 1985 (AMC's first of this body type since the 1968 Rebel). Its last result of importance was Oreille's fourth place overall in the 1988 Rallye Monte Carlo.[10]. [35], With AMC's acquisition, Chrysler saw itself "saddled with a largely unsuccessful assortment of cars" including imports from Renault. It would have never been sold to Chrysler had it not been for the CEO of Renault being gunned down in front of his house. [50], By 1986, a Popular Science comparison with newly introduced Asian-built competing cars, the Renault Alliance was described as the oldest design, and "felt the most refined. We encountered an error while updating the page. The American-built, French-designed, Renault Alliance had a U.S. content of 72%. It was described as "dandy little sports car" and a "pocket rocket" defined as a low-priced "car based on high production economy but with emphasis placed on appearance, performance and handling." Driving performance of the vehicle included a 10.2 second mark for 0 to 60 mph and a .89 g-force cornering rating in road tests conducted by Car and Driver magazine. The Alliance and Encore derived from AMC's 1979 partnership with Renault, which held controlling stake in AMC. Would you like to sell products for this vehicle on A total of 623,573 vehicles were manufactured in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The cars featured exterior styling by Robert Opron, director of Renault Styling,[3] and interior design by AMC's Dick Teague, with both the Alliance two-door sedan and the convertible body styles uniquely developed by AMC. If a person likes unusual (oddball) cars this one is towards the top of the pile. Funny story. By the middle of 1996, SOFASA decided to experiment a much more flexible way to offer cars to the market. It just hung in there like a sports car under the most trying conditions ... Hard acceleration will usually result in spinning wheels and a good deal of torque steer."[37]. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'barnfinds_com-box-3','ezslot_0',103,'0','0'])); The Renault Alliance was a homely economy car that experienced short-lived success in the U.S. A version of the 9 was manufactured and marketed by American Motors Corporation (AMC) in the United States as the Renault Alliance and bearing a small AMC badge. I always liked these cars. "[51], In 1987, Popular Mechanics reported on the Alliance convertible in sports trim, saying "the GTA package is really excellent, transforming the bland Alliance econobox into a veritable Pocket Rocket. The newer F type engine which had been developed in collaboration with Volvo appeared from the end of 1983 on in twin carburetted 1,721 cc guise (F2N), powering the upmarket GTX, GTE, TXE, and TXE Electronic (Electronique in France) versions. Competition from the "Big Three," the rise of Asian import automobiles, new safety regulations, the 1973 oil crisis, and 1979 energy crisis left American Motors in a weak position in the U.S. marketplace. [17] The Fairway received the haedlights and various trim parts from the 11 Flash S in September 1994 but was discontinued in the first half of 1996 due to dropping sales. In 2017, "Hyundai Genesis" was rebranded as "Genesis". With 623,573 examples manufactured for model years 1982–1987, AMC offered the Alliance as a four-door sedan, two door sedan (with higher rear wheel arches than the four door) and as a convertible, beginning in 1984. 2020 - Classic cars for sale. From 1996, the 1.4-litre engine (now the only size available) received fuel injection in order to meet European emissions standards. We had two first-year [’83] Alliances, both 5-speeds, one two-door, one four. IMO, the cars just could not overcome the lack of direction at the dealer-level amid the AMC/Chrysler acquisition. The exceptions were the 9 Turbo and the 11 Turbo hot hatch, which used the turbocharged engine from the Renault 5. 1987 Renault Alliance GTA Coupe (2-doors), 1987 AMC / RENAULT ALLIANCE L 3 door hatchback 1.7 L, 5 speed manual trans. Up for bids is this 1987 RENAULT and American Motors ALLIANCE L 3 door hatchback; equipped with 1. The GTA was available in 2-door sedan or convertible versions, with a single powerplant: a 2.0 L fuel-injected 4-cylinder engine. The 11 Turbo also won the national Polish Rally Championship in 1985 and 1988, and both the Swiss and Portuguese rally championships in 1987. Called R9 Personnalité, the idea allowed customers to choose from different engines and accessories so they could assemble the car they wanted within their budget. Select Genesis in the Make menu. Unfortunately for the brand and enthusiasts alike, the hotted-up GTA didn’t become a staple of the sport compact scene, only appearing for short time before the brand shuttered operations here. I have since graduated to a real Renault GTA but still would be tempted to add one of these to the stable again. [19] Fuel economy on the highway with the 5-speed manual transmission approached 60 mpg‑US (3.9 L/100 km; 72 mpg‑imp). I had a few of these cars and was happy with all of them. Very unique and a pleasure to own. A/C Blue w/ White Top, 1987 Renault Alliance 1.7L Convertible American Motors Corp RARE Final Year AMC. Sort of the same thing that’s happening with Alfa Romeo now…. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'barnfinds_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_1',134,'0','0'])); The GTA was a manual-only model, which offers some indication as to the target buyer Renault was shooting for. 1992 Volvo 240 Sedan. Renault 9 i Renault 11 były również sprzedawane w Ameryce Północnej pod nazwami Alliance i Encore. I have a GTA Convert in my driveway right now. "[45] The engine was smooth, refined, and built tight, but difficult to "keep on cam" with the automatic transmission. AMC wasn’t on the market. In 2018, Jeep offers two different versions of the Wrangler. [33] Nevertheless, press kits were prepared for the 1988 models and early media reports of upcoming 1988 cars stated "with the buy-out of American Motors, Chrysler will continue to market the subcompact Renault Alliance..."[34], Alliance production at the Kenosha plant closed out as of Friday, June 5, 1987. [22], The Alliance was slightly smaller on the outside than the competing first-generation Ford Escort (North America), but it was somewhat bigger on the inside where it looked larger and more inviting. Interior space was good for four or occasionally five people, in part due to a cleverly engineered front seats—where each seat was mounted on a 9-inch (229 mm) wide central rail (rather than two side tracks) allowing for copious rear foot room on either side of the rail. One Owner GTA: 1987 Renault Alliance. Back in 87 I custom ordered a new Trans Am GTA with the Tuned Port 5.0 V8, 5-speed manual, and 3.45 performance axle ratio. The new top of the range TXE was launched in 1989, and introduced updated front lights, power mirrors and the TIR – An infrared remote control to operate the locks. The problem was that as Michelin XGT tires wear out their tread blocks wear unevenly and howl like bad bearings. [21] The 1984 models introduced innovative electronics that included an infrared remote power locking system, a "Systems Sentry" monitoring fluid levels, as well electronically tuned sound systems. Bill, will you come get your car please! [5] As the U.S. economy entered the early 1980s recession, AMC signed an agreement with Renault giving a share in AMC's ownership in exchange for the rights to sell Renault cars in the U.S.[6] During the time when Chrysler received US$1.5 billion in loan guarantees when Congress passed the "Chrysler Corporation Loan Guarantee Act of 1979",[7] AMC was not considered by lawmakers to be "too big to fail" and thus the smallest U.S. automaker sought assistance from the French government-owned company.

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