For private correspondance or special situations (e.g., excused absences, DDS accomodations, etc), please email John with [CMSC320] in the email subject line. This university-level award recognizes the outstanding mentoring provided by individual faculty.Dickerson was nominated for the award by Duncan McElfresh, a fourth-year PhD student in the Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Scientific Computation (AMSC) program, and was supported This documentation must verify dates of treatment and indicate the timeframe that the student was unable to meet academic responsibilities. Send email to editor [-at-] cs [dot] umd [dot] edu. Dickerson will be formally recognized with his Graduate Faculty Mentor of the Year award during a virtual celebration in May. In addition to the tutorial to be posted publicly at the end of the semester, there will be four "mini-projects" assigned over the course of the semester (plus one simple setup assignment that will walk you through using git, Docker, and Jupyter). Course evaluations are important and the department and faculty take student feedback seriously. Policies relevant to Undergraduate Courses are found here: Dickerson’s work will connect artificial intelligence and matching market theory and practice to investigate how matching markets—systems that pair individuals to products or to other people—can be improved even as their particular goals Although every effort has been made to be complete and accurate, unforeseen circumstances arising during the semester could require the adjustment of any material given here. Such changes will be announced and prominently displayed at the top of the syllabus. The award, administered through UMD’s Graduate School, recognizes faculty that have made exceptional contributions to the graduate experience for a student or group of students. Note that simply being seen by a health care professional does not constitute an excused absence; it must be clear that you were unable to perform your academic duties. Spring 2017, © 2017–2020 Dickerson — Web Accessibility,, 4:00-6:00PM on Wednesday; Piazza on Friday, "What happens when you type into your browser's address bar? For this class, such events are the final project assessment and midterms, which will be due on the dates listed in the schedule above. Data science encapsulates the interdisciplinary activities required to create data-centric products and applications that address specific scientific, socio-political or business questions. The best way to learn is by doing, so these will largely be applied assignments that provide hands-on experience with the basic skills a data scientist needs in industry. "Romantic Partnerships and the Dispersion of Social Ties: A Network Analysis of Relationship Status on Facebook," CSCW-14. As described here (subject to change! It is the University’s policy to provide accommodations for students with religious observances conflicting with exams, but it is the your responsibility to inform the instructor in advance of intended religious observances. Later lectures will delve into statistics and machine learning and may make use of basic calculus and basic linear algebra; light mathematical maturity is preferred at roughly the level of a junior CS student. Each lecture will come with links to required reading, which should be done before that lecture, and (when appropriate) a list of links to other resources on the web. This course is aimed at junior- and senior-level Computer Science majors, but should be accessible to any student of life with some degree of mathematical and statistical maturity, reasonable experience with programming, and an interest in the topic area. There will not be a final examination; rather, in the interest of building students' public portfolios, and in the spirit of "learning by doing", students will create a self-contained online tutorial to be posted publicly. John Dickerson Assistant Professor of Computer Science, U. of Maryland | Co-founder & Chief Scientist at ArthurAI Washington D.C. Metro Area 500+ connections If in doubt, e-mail me:! Assistant Professor John Dickerson has received an NSF CAREER Award for his work entitled Scalable and Robust Dynamic Matching Market Design. In cases of extremely serious documented illness of lengthy duration or other protracted, severe emergency situations, the instructor may consider extensions on project assignments, depending upon the specific circumstances. Their educational counselors can help with time management issues, reading, note-taking, and exam preparation skills. If you experience difficulty during the semester keeping up with the academic demands of your courses, you may consider contacting the Learning Assistance Service in 2201 Shoemaker Building at (301) 314-7693. Professor Aravind Srinivasan and Assistant Professor John Dickerson are recipients of 2018 Google Faculty Research Awards. ", Derman & Wilmott's "Financial Modelers' Manifesto. A campus-wide selection committee of graduate faculty and graduate students evaluated the nominations, and 10 faculty—including Dickerson—were chosen to receive this honor in 2020. While adversarial training can improve the empirical robustness of image classifiers, a direct extension to object detection is very ex- pensive. Late assignments will not be accepted. Besides the policies in this syllabus, the University’s policies apply during the semester. John Dickerson University of Maryland Tom Goldstein University of Maryland Abstract Despite the vulnerability of object detectors to adversarial attacks, very few de-fenses are known to date. If you are an already-admitted or current PhD student at the University of Maryland, feel free to get in touch! This tutorial can be created individually or in a small group. If you have a conflict with a planned exam, you must inform the instructor prior to the end of the first two weeks of the class.

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