We stopped trying to be the next Fleetwood Mac or Chicken Shack – in other words, derivative of Elmore James – and began to take on board so many diverse musical ideas. “I was convinced that Harry Shearer (the actor who played the character in the celebrated movie) must have gotten the name from Thick As A Brick, especially as the Smalls in the film smoked a Peterson pipe – and the only three people I know in rock’n’roll who smoke such a pipe were all members of Jethro Tull! And the sand-castle virtues are all swept away in/the tidal destruction/the You are interested in: Thick as a brick cover photo. Absolutely. you make all your animal deals And the love that I feel is so far away: I'm a bad dream that I just had today - and you shake your “I was actually mildly irritated and wryly amused. But he himself is a fiction.”. However, I’m not sure our American fans understood the humour behind our live performance on the subsequent tour. “This was based in Bermondsey, a rather dreadful part of South London. Anderson’s voice becomes more severe, a classical guitar is introduced, and the music takes an Iberian turn. Bath But, when I got the chance to interview Harry for a US TV show, he denied ever hearing Thick As A Brick. The lyrics were written by Ian Anderson. I would never compare what we did back then to jazz rockers like Weather Report or the Mahavishnu Orchestra – they were really amazing musicians – but we were a little more sophisticated than the usual riff rockers you’d find on the scene.”. 1a. 1q. Privately, we all saw the silly side, we were like John Cleese in a bowler hat lampooning the bureaucrats, while revelling in it.”. You turn away from the Truth, are unrealistic, and do not learn from your mistakes. The piano plays arpeggios; Anderson overlays a jazzy flute. 1ex. God I miss covers like this. I like the story regarding the Reprise exec who has his briefcase stolen. No discussion of “Thick”” is complete without noting the legendary 12-page newspaper, “The St. Cleve Chronicle” original cover packaging. > 1q. You will receive a verification email shortly. Yet if I had to name the musical influences Thick As A Brick most strongly suggested, they would have to be classical: Anderson’s English forbears Purcell and Handel. Side two reintroduces side one’s second statement. As A Brick - Album Cover - The album cover. Everything was too serious and overblown. The exploratory eclecticism of Stand Up, followed by the stylistic homogeneity of Benefit and then the thematic unity of Aqualung, led to a work which is both stylistically homogeneous and thematically or conceptually unified.

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