In 2019, the middle 50% of University of California, San Diego's incoming class had weighted high school GPAs between 4.03 and 4.28.   UC system schools are unusual in that they state the established minimum requirements for admissions. Even if UCSD was your top choice, chances are, you’ll find a way to make a college that did accept you work. Broadly, UCSD defines the criteria for evaluation as: Finally, UCSD welcomes undocumented students, offering plenty of resources for these individuals. Due to COVID-19, UC San Diego will be test-optional for those applying during 2020-2021. English: 4 years   The UCSD acceptance rate for the 2019-2020 cycle was. Visual and performing arts: 1 Keep in mind that letters of recommendation are not considered, and Music, Theatre & Dance, or Visual Arts program applicants may submit an optional portfolio or audition video. That includes other University of California schools. Now, the University of California system caps enrollment for out-of-state students. can stand out and achieve your dreams of becoming a Triton! Use this information to your advantage. Some of UCSD’s top majors include: Tuition for UCSD students during the 2019-2020 academic year was $14,451 for California residents and $44,205 for nonresidents. This can come through in your extracurricular activities, such as a commitment to community service.   'template_id': '8565' You should aim to greatly exceed the minimum requirements for GPA, test scores, and coursework.   Since teacher recommendations aren’t part of your application, you will need to demonstrate this on your own. Like the other UC colleges, UCSD does not accept the Common or Coalition Application. Make sure your final list is well balanced among safety, target, and reach colleges. Like the other UC colleges, UCSD does not accept the Common or Coalition Application. These results suggest that most successful applicants to UC San Diego have primarily A grades. for high quality science by Nature. So, to be a competitive applicant, you should have — at the very least — a 1300 SAT or 28 ACT. There are numerous factors that affect your chances of admission to UCSD, but here are three steps you can take to increase them. Keep it in perspective. As the data shows, the majority of students who got into UCSD had at least a B+ average, an SAT score (ERW+M) above 1100, and an ACT composite score of 22 or higher. Maybe you speak multiple languages. You must respond to four out of eight personal insight questions. UC San Diego: Acceptance Rate and Admissions Statistics. Additionally, you should take a curriculum with plenty of honors and AP or IB courses to demonstrate that you challenge yourself. UC San Diego's Scripps Institute of Oceanography gets top marks for oceanography and the biological sciences. Excel in your coursework and standardized tests. They are: It’s often harder to get in the second time, not easier. display: block !important; All admissions data has been sourced form the National Center for Education Statistics and University of California, San Diego's Undergraduate Admissions Office. These questions are the same across all University of California undergraduate schools. Whatever it is, emphasize what makes you unique in your essay or other aspects of your application. If you do decide to go this route, make sure you have a plan for how to spend the year. These courses completed in spring 2020 with Pass (P) or Credit (CR) grades will satisfy appropriate requirements. For more advice on applying to UCSD or other schools in the UC system, read: The Ultimate Guide to Applying to the University of California, How to Write the University of California Essay Prompts 2020-2021. by Jessica Wang | Jun 17, 2020 | UC acceptance rates, UC Admissions. The university also recommends taking all AP and IB exams associated with the courses, and you must submit scores directly from the College Board to receive course credit. For non-residents, your GPA must be 3.4 or better.

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